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An Artistic Voyage: exploring local creative and artistic works

Raw, unfiltered creative expression – from stories and photographs to illustrations and paintings – is at the heart of the SDVoyager. In the coming weeks you’ll find in-depth conversations with many of the artists and creatives we’ve been introduced to lately, but below you’ll find a sneak peak of some of the art and artists that we’ve been most excited about recently.

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THIS FRIDAY (11/23) I’ll be launching my long time coming #GetBossyShop!! I am SO excited to share with you guys what I’ve been cooking up for you: Templates, guides, systems and more for artists and creative entrepreneurs because I want to HELP you. ✨ Ive been there you guys. Over the past FIVE years I’ve gone from barely being able to pay rent in the first couple years to creating a business that’s given me a six figure income…YES. I’m talking about money. Yes it’s awkward, but I’m wanting to move forward into this new direction with my business being completely transparent with you guys. I want to help YOU with the answers to pricing, contracts as an artist, how to present your brand, social media and more. So many creative business owners struggle with these things because it feels dirty or sleazy or just down right unfamiliar! But I’m soooo looking forward to helping you guys get a dose of some BOSSY SAUUUCE and to start creating a dream career and a dream LIFE. ⚡️ You with me? If you sign up for my newsletter (, you’ll have access to a discount code when the shop launches! Only subscribers will get this code, so make sure you sign up NOW!#jennarainey #getbossy #getbossyshop

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Magnum P.I. #bringbackthe80s

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Amy + Alfredo 🔥❤️😍 . Thank you both for exploring this beach hand in hand, running through the waves, and endless snuggling oceanside! I had the BEST time with you! . . . #explorecalifornia #exploremore #getoutside #lajolla #lajollabeach #letsgosomewherenow #sandiegowedding #sandiegoweddingphotographer #sandiegoweddingphotography #socallove #socalwedding #socalweddingphotographer #socalweddingphotography #sdweddings #sdbride #sandiegobride #meaningfulweddding #socalbride #apwedding #thknot #theknotrings #sandiegoengagement #sandiegoengagementphotographer #californiawedding #californiaweddingphotographer #elopement #elopementphotography #elopementphotographer #californiaelopement #californiaelopementphotographer

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👋🏽 Happy small business Saturday from my humble studio to you 😘. I toggle between calling myself a freelancer and small business owner because truth is – I get to be both, which is fun because I love hats so getting to wear all of them makes for an interesting day-to-day 😆🎩🧢👒👑 But truly, Im fortunate to be here, for the past 9 years, thanks to the incredible clients who hire me, collaborators I get to work with, vendors I trust to produce quality goods, businesses I’m fortunate to partner with, amazing students I‘m humbled to teach, wonderful teachers who share their knowledge with me, all my fellow boss babes who are hustling and killin it, who help develop a positive community, and who know living this dream is hard work 😘😘😘 and of course – YOU for your support, encouragement, purchases, and just being here to enjoy – a deep, heartfelt THANK YOU. Tagging some of my fellow boss babes and small businesses I 🧡! #smallbusinesssaturday

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