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An Artistic Voyage: exploring local creative and artistic works

Raw, unfiltered creative expression – from stories and photographs to illustrations and paintings – is at the heart of the SDVoyager. In the coming weeks you’ll find in-depth conversations with many of the artists and creatives we’ve been introduced to lately, but below you’ll find a sneak peak of some of the art and artists that we’ve been most excited about recently.


Big Sur, CA

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Happily ever after… @almirastoieva ✨ #weddingdress

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Wynn family roll call. #summer

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The Innocence between Fire and Flood. Oil and acrylic on linen. 42×68 Inches.. . ~ “The mythology that material equated bliss, that hollowing the earth would fill their voids. The illusion that this land is for the taking, for the mighty, let the surviving conquered dwell in obscurity. The conviction that the other animals were theirs to be enslaved, for their breakfasts, sneakers, labs, entertainment, their cages. The new prevailing culture was of depletion, distraction, and a true friend of none. Ecosystems imbalanced would collapse to endure. The triumphs and failures of their technology became evident when they were obsolete in the flames of a warming world. Between great fire and flood were the innocent but from the ravages new life and realisations bud.” . ~ Painting is currently on display at @firstamendment Gallery in the @templechildren group show LESS IS MORE. DM me for purchase info:) #yearofthedog

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there’s something about those phones

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