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It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find interviews from our community members and content partners – the folks who’ve been heavily involved with us, collaborating with us on content, sponsoring our mission and spreading the word about the work we do.

Jennifer Anderson | Real Estate Agent

I am a real estate professional in the San Diego area, working to help buyers and sellers make their next move. My business is built upon the belief of educating and empowering my clients to ultimately assist them in achieving their residential real estate goals. I was named one of Realtor® Magazine’s National “30 under 30” and was recognized in 2019 as one of the top 100 agents in the county. I am also a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council where I contribute my professional expertise in real estate articles published in Forbes.Com. Read more>>

Sandra Nnaji | Publicist

I am Sandra, founder of Just1PR, LLC, an Entertainment & Lifestyle Public Relations Company. We are a Full-Service PR company where we do everything from Media relations, social media/image branding, sponsorships, consulting and event planning. Read more>>

Jennifer Burns | Crystal Resin Artist

I am Jen! Mom, Wife, Sister, Artist and Motivational Healer! And that is not even all of it. As women we wear so many hats and try to do every role to the best of our ability. Doing all of this requires strength, courage, determination, patience and a lot of other things. But for me I have to add Therapist to my hats. I have quite a complicated story and like a lot of other people I struggle in my adult life with balance. A balance to put myself as a priority. This is completely against my nature. Being abused we are taught at such a young age that we don’t matter. Read more>>

Sydney Park | Artist

Hi! My name is Sydney, otherwise known as Squid Ink. I am a drawer (and sometimes painter) of ‘goddesses’ and all things colorful. I love to let my imagination and inner child run free, and sometimes that results in fun artwork! I’ve been doodling pretty much my whole life, but in the last few years I have really found my own style that I am passionate about. Read more>>

Emma Loizides | Artist

I am a cityscape artist from London, England. I’ve always enjoyed being creative and making things from a small age, but also love to travel so I studied Spanish and Business at university. When I finished my studies I went on to do a 2 year internship in Las Vegas, I loved travelling the west coast of America, and it’s inspired many of my paintings. Read more>>

Michael Pierce | Actor | Writer | Producer

I am a Second Generation Native San Diegan. I have lived in Southern California my whole life. I am an actor first. And now a Writer and Producer. Acting is something that I have been doing since my teens. I have been acting in Theater, TV Shows’ Soap Operas, Reality Recreation Crime shows, Short Films, Feature Films, Music Videos and Commercials. This past year I started writing again and completed two short films and a Web Series. Read more>>

Andrea Miller | Dating App Creator, Date Coach & Matchmaker

I’m a native New Yorker & competitive swimmer who loves to travel and is passionate about helping people find love. I worked in the Marketing Industry for 12 years, lived in Sydney Australia for 10 years, and now enjoy my newest home in San Diego. I did every sport growing up, from soccer to softball to gymnastics to basketball to waterskiing to snowskiing. And even to this day, I still want to do it all. My most recent achievement has been completing a FULL IRONMAN. I LOVE being active and meeting someone like-minded was extremely important to me. That’s why I created GoGetter, because it brings my two passions together, fitness & love. Read more>>

Mary and Heather Yoga Your Way | Virtual and Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga for Every Body

Heather MacKay CEO and MaryRose Reaston are the founders of Yoga Your Way. We are dedicated female entrepreneurs and mentors who bring passion health fitness and fun to all our endeavors at Yoga Your Way. We are native Californians and have lived in North County for years. We support local business in every way we can. Read more>>

Shannon Tidwell | Independent Market Partner (Monat) and Makeup Artist

Hello, I am Shannon a 26 year old certified makeup artist and independent Market Partner with Monat. I am a Marine Corps wife and a dog mama of three. I am originally from California and we are currently stationed in Syracuse, NY. I have a passion for helping people and supporting other women. I believe a strong supportive community is important to help everyone have a better chance at success. I believe that with a community strong in support will take on the world and inspire many people. I have a strong passion for leading and guiding people in the right direction so they have better outcomes in life. Read more>>

Cristy Joy | Pop Artist

I got “bit by the art bug” in 2018, when I had my first public exhibition at a private art gallery, with several local artists. Although I have been creating these designs for many years, it wasn’t until this event that I realized the impact they could have on others. I received very positive feedback from the other exhibitors, as well as the buyers. I believe this is what created that “initial spark” for me, and what inspired this entire trajectory. Read more>>

Angelica Navarra | Hair Stylist and Beauty Artist

My name is Angelica and I am a hairstylist and beauty artist in San Diego. I work out of June and Rae salon in Del Cerro. I have been in the beauty industry for 6 years. Before that I was in the military. I am currently in nursing school pursuing a degree in cosmetic nursing. I am a mom to a beautiful little girl. I am a total home body. I live curling up in the couch either with a good book or some kind of crime series. I consider myself a movie buff also. Read more>>

Candace Hoegemeier | Celebrity Lash Designer

Candace Hoegemeier is a published 8 year licensed Esthetician, full-time healer and founder of Tenderoni Lashes based in West Hollywood, CA. Serving her community and offering mentorship, guidance and support to other artists, helping them realize and harvest their full potential in LA’s ever-growing lash industry, is what truly brings meaning to her life. She uses her artistry to bring forth self-assurance, confidence, and peace within her clients. Since the pandemic, she has stepped back in an effort to re-align her salon and focus on supporting the artists operating from within it. Read more>>

Alexandria Elliott | Fragrance Advisor and WaxBoss

Hey everyone. My name is Alexandria Elliott. I am a mom to 4 kids and 1 bonus. Yes, it is like a Frat House every day over here… Happily married to my husband Shannon. We are a blended Hot Mess Family. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. My 11-year-old son is on the Autism Spectrum, he has Asperger’s. I have Stage 4 Endometriosis. Every day, I am dealing with Chronic Pain. Every day always has a surprise for me. Lol. I live life to the best of my ability. Read more>>

Lu Ross | Fine Art Photographer and Digital Artist Focused on the Healing Power of Nature

Lu Ross Photography Inc. is a fine art business with a primary emphasis on nature and its healing power. My art is representational as well as abstract and it’s meant to preserve fleeting moments of peace, serenity, and beauty found in nature. The artistic process is a fusion of photography and digital art painting techniques. My mission is to inspire the audience to become more connected to nature. I provide fine art that will improve their surroundings and emotional quality of life. I create peaceful environments with images of nature that will calm, reduce stress, and improve health. As a company, I promote nature conservation by collaborating with organizations such us GIVE BACK TO NATURE by planting trees through my art sales. I also partner with NATURE FIRST and promote their 7 core principles on how to enjoy nature photography responsibly. Read more>>

Fabrizio Scippa | Website and Identity Designer

Fabrizio Scippa has been using his creativity and branding expertise hand-in-hand with digital design for 24 years. He has been described as the ideal combination between Italian sophistication and American efficiency. Fabrizio’s design approach is always based on a strong foundation of reason; he is a strong believer that every design decision begins with a why. Fabrizio has served as Creative Director at various organizations before forming Fabrizio Scippa Grafica in 2011 to better serve his clients directly and more efficiently. Born and raised in Rome, he was influenced by the clean and minimalistic elements of modern Italian design. Read more>>

Brise Birdsong | Painter/Muralist

I’m an artist based in San Diego focusing on pet portraits, murals, and other painting commissions of all sizes. I would describe my style as clean and colorful, with my main tool being acrylic paint for my indoor and outdoor work. I like to use bright colors, smooth color transitions, patterns, and outlines. I’ve been painting for 10 years and creating ‘Derpy Pet Portraits’ since 2016 where I create custom pet paintings in a unique and humorous style. I also donate 10% of my earnings from these portraits to animal shelters and rescues. Read more>>

Nichole McDaniel | Artist

My name is Nichole McDaniel. I am a mixed media artist located in south Orange County, California. Originally from Indiana, I have enjoyed the beautiful beaches and weather in southern California for the last fifteen years. I love experimenting with art and pushing myself to learn new things as an outlet for my creative nature. I have worked with a variety of mediums and completed numerous series, most of which involve a process-oriented approach. In particular, the use of intricate stenciling. It is not uncommon for me to spend sixty or more hours cutting out pieces by hand in order to achieve the work I desire. Read more>>

Richard Henderson’ | Clothing Designer

I’m a clothing designer mainly focused on Resort Wear simply because of my background where I grew up in the Caribbean. I’ve worked many years in the fashion industry for some of America’s well-known clothing companies. This led me to start doing my own brand. Winning San Diego Fashion Week was one of my greatest accomplishment and a positive start to introducing my brand. It’s not an easy career to be in especially in the times of COVID-19. But because of my passion, determination, support from my fans, family and my business partner. I will continue doing this while adapting to the trends and changes in our lives. Read more>>

Ciera Vida | Artist

Hello everyone! My name is Ciera Vida and I am an artist that currently creates stickers and tattoo designs. I occasionally get commissioned to create other artwork as well, such as paintings. Read more>>

Catalina Andrade | Holistic Health Practitioner

Hi, I’m Catalina Andrade, a Holistic Health Practitioner with a global practice based out of San Diego, CA and owner of Whole Bella. I love supporting and guiding working moms create a healthier and more relaxing lifestyle with one-minute meditations, essential oils and breathwork. With a background in education and a Masters in Organizational Leadership, I love to teach working moms practical and easy, but very effective stress relief techniques that can be incorporated into a self-care routine. With me moms learn that adding self-care to their busy lifestyle is easier than what they think. After more than 20 years’ experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner, it’s time for me to share with you my knowledge in creating a relaxing lifestyle that brings great benefits to you and your family. Read more>>

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