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Our Favorite #MadeInSD Finds

Our team comes across so many incredible local creations everyday – from one of kind furniture and unique dresses to art, photography and a world of handmade goods. In depth, personal stories are at the heart of the SDVoyager, but we also want to take time to highlight and celebrate individual creations that have the power to inspire. Below, you’ll find a collection of local creations that our editorial team is in love with.


Gibson Memphis ES 335 retrofitted with Towner down tension bar and hinge plate adaptor with a Bigsby B6 vibrato tailpiece 👊⚡️⚡️⚡️ . . Hi Christian, I've just got round to installing a Bigsby B6 to my 2015 Gibson Memphis ES335 with the help of your excellent Down Tension Bar and B3/B7 hinge assembly. It's worked a treat despite a little trouble initially in fitting the bar to the locking stoptail studs which come with this model. These are a little tight and it seems the upper stud diameter is a little greater than standard Gibson stoptail studs, and they don't allow fine adjustment of the tension bar, as the studs don't turn easily with the tension bar installed. Luckily I seemed to get it right first time. and I'm hoping that the screw-on stud caps will stay in place. So far, so good, and the guitar plays perfectly and stays in tune, even with heavy vibrato use. I just wanted to thank you for a great product. Please let me know if you'd like some pics. Thanks for the info on the studs. They’re a great price, until I factor in shipping plus import tax. I’ll see how it goes with the locking studs for the moment, and if they fail I can get standard studs this side of the Pond, albeit for a lot more than you are asking, but still less than with shipping costs. added. I’ve attached some pics, which you are welcome to use. Best regards, Robbie 🙃🧐🤩😌🤣🙃😜😝🧐😎🤪 . . . . #towner #bigsby #gibson #es335 #gibsones #gibsones335 #gibsonmemphis #semihollowsunday #guitars #retrofit #guitarmods #screwless #integrity #usmade @gibsunday @gibsonguitarco @bigsby

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Oh my goodness, i finally have some Kalanchoe grandiflora!!! They really are this colorful & beautiful. Serious squeeeeeeeeee going on here (as @thisdoesntsucculent says). . . UPDATE – ALL ARE SOLD . These are available for purchase. They’re in 4” pots. $7 + $5 shipping. Heat packs $3. . . . . #kalanchoe #grandiflora #succulentlove #succulentgarden #succugram #succulentgram #succulentoftheday #instasucculents #purplesucculent #succulentjunkie #succulentcollection #succulentsforsale #fortheloveofsucculents #mysucculents #mysucculentgarden #urbangardener #succies #succulents_only #succulentsofinsta #succurotica #succulentofinstagram #pottedsucculents #ilovesucculents #succulentlife #beautifulsucculents #succulentphotography #succulentfreak #succulenthoarder #succulentpropagation

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  1. Renee

    March 24, 2018 at 3:39 pm

    Love these!

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