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Art Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad 04.23.2018

Christine Borkhuis

My two passions in life are photography, and helping animals. I would love to adventure into owning my own animal sanctuary someday. The name Pawgraphy is because 5% of our annual income gets donated to a no-kill shelter to help homeless animals in need until I can finally reach my goal of opening my own sanctuary. Read more>>

Laura Cunningham

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. Growing up, art supplies were always available in my Mom’s home art studio. I also remember watching a lot of Jacques Cousteau with my Dad. As a marine biology teacher, my Dad instilled in me a respect for the ocean and marine life. Read more>>

Brooke Modifica

My name is Loni Brooke, but you can call me Brooke. I am married to my best friend and we have two beautiful children. I have had a passion for photography since I was a child, I was always saving up my allowance money to buy film and setting up photo shoots for my friends. Read more>>

Chelsea Rae

Ever since I can remember art has been at the forefront of my mind. All I have ever wanted in life was to live,breathe, and create art. I love art in all of its forms and guises and what it can offer not only for the viewer but for the one who has created the work. Read more>>

Jessica Raymond

Growing up, I did not have dreams of becoming a photographer. In fact, I graduated college with a BA in Liberal Studies and began teaching shortly thereafter. It all changed when I had my first daughter. I did not want to miss a second of her childhood so I began documenting her every moment. Read more>>

Darryl Garcia

I ended up in California because I joined the Marine Corps. Once I got out I had no idea what I wanted to do. I played around with the idea of being a cop, firefighter or even re-enlisting. Ive always loved drawing and taking photos so i decided to go with one of those options. Read more>>

Rachel Matonis

I guess you could say that photography found me. My love for it began after I had my first child. I began wanting to document all those precious moments with my baby, because I knew they were fleeting. So I got my first dslr and learned everything I possibly could. Read more>>

Heather Sprague

I started training in gymnastics, ballet, and jazz when I was 5, and I discovered partner dancing in the form of Latin Ballroom at age 17. I fell in love with the passion, sensuality, and connectivity of the Latin dances. Read more>>

Neha Assar

Art is a huge part of my life. I was destined to live and breathe art. Combining my limitless creativity and talent, I have been adorning brides across the nation with bespoke ornate mehndi and body art since 1994. Read more>>

Sandra Villasenor

Photography has always been my passion! One of the best gifts I received as a little girl was my Kodak camera that I would take everywhere. Fast forward 20 years and I received a Canon from a friend who felt I should pursue my passion. Read more>>

Cassandra Estifanos

I fell into photography by mistake. I was a fiber artist and ran a pretty successful business hand knitting and designing newborn photography props. I took a photography class in college after buying a new camera so I could learn how to use it properly. I had bought it to take better photos of my props to list online. Before I knew it, I loved taking photos! Read more>>

Sabrina Epton

Like most artists, I spent a lot of time creating as a child, but I never considered pursuing an art career. Instead, I studied psychology at the University of California San Diego. Eventually I realized a job in the psychology field wasn’t right for me, so after graduating in 2015, I decided to focus my attention on creating art. Read more>>

Alyonka Owen

I was fortunate to grow up traveling and through travel, I fell in love with photographing the sights around me. I wanted to capture those memories. Travel photography will always be near and dear to my heart and I love to adventure to try to get the perfect shot. Read more>>

Marie Monforte

In the months after my son was born I was struggling with Post-Partum depression, and also just sort of struggling in general. Our lives had been kind of a whirlwind. After dating “long distance” (I was living in Los Angeles) for a couple years, I moved down to San Diego to be with my then-boyfriend, and we got pregnant a month later, then married 3 months after that, and had our baby just a few months later! Read more>>

Patrick Butler

I grew up in a west suburb of Chicago and I studied multimedia at a local university before moving out to San Diego for grad school in 2010. I studied Film Producing at John Paul the Great in Scripps Ranch (which is now in Escondido) and met my wife here and decided to stick around. Read more>>

Cheryl Schoen

I have had a lifelong love affair with photography. I think it began in 6th grade and just continued over the years. I am self taught and have had the opportunity to hone my skills with friends, family and through my world travels. Read more>>

Lee Smith

I specialize in realistic figurative painting and illustration in a variety of media with an emphasis on ink, pastel, and oil paint. I studied art in North Carolina, Georgia, and California, and have a BFA in painting and a MFA in Sequential art. Read more>>

Jessica Hurteau

I have always loved art. when I was little I had wanted to create clothing as I got older I found that I loved to paint in high school and kept on the paining more than I was sewing. I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life creating pieces of art that are each different and unique just like how there’s different and unique people all around. Read more>>

Eden Tremayne

For as long as I can remember I have always loved singing. Throughout my youth I attended a fine arts school through which I experienced different forms of artist expression, especially music. During my exploration of music I found myself gravitating towards classical music generally. Read more>>

Kelly Johnson

Alright, so I’m a San Diego native. I grew up here, and only left to go to art school at the Laguna College of Art and Design. Came right on back after school, and have planted my roots here both in my personal life and my career. Read more>>

Anita Lewis

In her decades spanning exploration of the traditional art of oil painting, ANITA LEWIS has created her style out of textural exploration of themes, having a certain “ethereal” earthiness to it. Born in Los Angeles, yet influenced by her European life abroad, she has managed to fuse the modern with the ancient and the reclaimed with the sparkle in her abstractions. Read more>>

Joe Kim

The moment that I really started taking photos was in photography class at a local community college. It was for an art elective and for some reason I decided after the first day in class that I didn’t want to take this class, so I dropped the class. A year passed and somehow I managed to take the same photo class again. Read more>>

Jaslyn Hutchinson

From scribbles to masterpieces, I was a child prodigy in a matter of months! Not really… but I have loved drawing and painting ever since I was a child and this was heavily influenced by both my artist mother and paternal grandmother. Read more>>

Traci Sally

I grew up outside the suburbs of Philadelphia and spent my youth taking as many art classes as I possibly could. I finally convinced my parents to let me attend art college for design. I ended up studying design, illustration and printmaking at Tyler School of Art. Read more>>

Mac Hillenbrand

I was lucky enough to grew up in what the 80’s / 90’s Del Mar surf and skate milieu had to offer and than migrated north to study Film at UC Santa Cruz. Eventually I learned the rock and rollers were more my type ilk and then all of a sudden found my self in Oakland at the age of 23 starting an underground warehouse venue that would infamously become known as French Fry Factory(03′-05′). Read more>>

Alex Lopez

I’m Alex Lopez, a 27 year old Mexican- American self- taught artist from Encinitas California. After a life changing event I found healing with in art and it was then when I realized that art was my purpose. Read more>>

Devon Walz

Was always very creative and imaginative as a child. As a teen and through community college my creative outlets consisted of dancing and writing. I did some drawing and doodling growing up, but I never thought much of it. Read more>>

Crystal Powell

My name is Crystal Powell and I am a local San Diego Artist. I specialize in Surrealist oil paintings and I am currently apprenticing to be a tattoo artist. Over the last 10+ years I have been involved in over 150 art shows ranging from one-night production companies to 30-day gallery commissions to 30-90 day solo shows. Read more>>

Nancy Gunther

Art has always been my life long passion. Throughout my journey as an artist, I have constantly been refining my art. I now consider myself an emerging modern representational mixed media artist. Through my art, I am attempting to bring joy to your soul with unique imagery paintings that evoke soulful moments of awe. Read more>>

Nashelle Brown

Photography has always been a hobby that I have gravitated towards. I remember thinking that one of the main reasons I wanted an iPhone was because it had a quality camera, unlike my Blackberry wannabe GoPhone. Read more>>

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