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ART Downtown & Little Italy 3.26.2018

Teresa LoJacono

My story starts in Templeton, CA, where I was born and raised. The Central Coast is beyond beautiful and an immensely inspirational place to live. You can’t complain when Big Sur is within your reach at all times. I grew up in a family of 8 and they made me the artist I am today. I had the chance to be close with each of them at different points of my life and those pockets of intimacy are moments I still carry with me everyday. Read more>>

Mark Mrowka

As a visual artist, I’ve been creating all my life across several mediums; and many themes have always been centered around mystery, introspection and thought-provoking imagery. I best describe my work as conceptual surrealism, but more simplistically, for me, it is storytelling by using both real and imagined elements occurring in my everyday life experience — via interactions, thoughts, memories and emotions — all of which become interwoven to convey ideas and meaning.  Read more>>

Adam Disbrow

I had a very artistic upbringing. In college, I studied Art History and English. I did not begin my career as an expressionist painter until early 2014, when some life changes put me in a place where my art became a therapeutic tool. Very quickly, a photographer I knew expressed appreciation for the work and offered to photo-document, everything for me — he still does to this day — Thanks Dan! Another friend of mine offered to manage my work and share it.  Read more>>

Angelica Padilla

I grew up and currently reside in Logan Heights. I’m the product of two proud Mexican immigrants with strong roots in music and art. Growing up, my mother encouraged my love for the arts and has been my biggest supporter. Because of that support, my culture has had a huge impact on the way I choose colors and make art. Last year, my older brother had a stroke and became disabled, I’ve been his main caregiver since.  Read more>>

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