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Art East San Diego 04.10.2018

Rocio Venegas

I think cities can host more exhibits promoting local art, partnering with restaurants, shops, involving the community as a whole can help educate people. I believe art has the ability to bring freedom to many people! Read more>>

Mollie Kellogg

I see my art as a way to promote self-acceptance, laughter, play, healing, community and personal possibility. The inner magic message resonates with like-minded individuals, participants, and organizations that support a mission to change the world through art. Read more>>

Paul Douda

My art is photography. Crystal, videography. We both have the approach that the moments we capture are once-in-a-lifetime occasions, and we feel strongly that those moments should look the best they can under any circumstances. These images will be cherished for generations, and that is what inspires us to do the best we can at all times. Read more>>

Matt Snyder

There are endless possibilities in that subject matter and I find that incredibly liberating. I generally try to set a mood in my work and through that extract simple emotions from the viewer whether it’s the danger of a seedy dark alley, or the beautiful reflections of crowed crosswalk. Cities really, for better or worse are the apex of human achievement and culture. There is always a feeling or mood to be conveyed there. Read more>>

Danny Heller

Upon returning home, I realized that the stereotypical bland suburbs were actually quite exceptional. There was a culture to these clusters of tract homes, this American dream. I would then notice this quintessential suburban imagery pop up in films like Edward Scissor Hands and shows like The Brady Bunch, among others. After focusing on the token suburbs, I transitioned to the more sleek midcentury Modern homes – it was a natural progression. Read more>>

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