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ART East San Diego 05.14.2018

Patrizha Va-Ra

Has there ever been something you wanted so badly, but could not get it done the way you want? Seeing a painter touch the tip of a brush to a canvas and stroke the emotional strength of a woman… Read more>>

Jennifer Derg

Originally, I did not start out behind the lens. I first came to photography as a studio manager and writer for Haute Living Magazine. I ran the studio, wrote the blog, organized their events, and began learning to shoot… Read more>>

Norm Daniels

Seeing perspective and design always came fairly comfortably for me, so once I took up painting with Oil Paint, it seemed natural to paint buildings and broad sweeping vistas. I still enjoy the cartoon world, as well. I love to paint the wacky worlds of whimsy and mirth. Read more>>

Manuela Durson

Surrounded by such beautiful nature, photography has always played an important role in my life. I also spent a lot of time in the Mediterranean, especially Italy, Southern France and Spain and came to love the ocean. No wonder that many of my favorite photos are of the ocean. Read more>>

Gustavo Munoz

My photography story began with the loss of my best friend; my bulldog Odoyle Rules. After he passed away I sorted through a few old photos of him and it made me realize that I had to capture amazing memories for people to look back on and enjoy as well. Read more>>

Lucy Lopez

As a child I’ve always been drawn to entertainment and role playing I’d make up dance routines and record my singing on cassette, Disney was always my influence too. Read more>>

Penelope Quirk

Art was taken out of the schools and I vowed to put it back in! There’s a definite thirst for art in young children. We teach kids to think “outside the box”, and are always uplifting and encouraging them to enhance their artistic skills. Read more>>

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