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Art & Life with Aria Serpa

Today we’d like to introduce you to Aria Serpa.

Aria, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
I am a first generation American born in 1982 and am the middle child of three. My parents are Azorean (An Island chain off the coast of Portugal) and they emigrated to Massachusetts when my Mom was expecting me. I moved to California at age five, which is around the same time I realized I wanted to be an artist. Our family moved around a lot as I grew up which meant I always felt like we were in transition. I yearned for structure, control, and identity and I found this in my art. I found that through art I could develop and express my own identify which while rooted in my Portuguese heritage is also influenced by my American upbringing. Once I had the opportunity to more formally study art, I became consumed by the influence art has in cultures around the world. This pushed me to explore the history of art and how world history is impacted by the voice of artists.

My art practice began in the form of illustration and progressed into oil pastels and other drawing mediums, then acrylic and oil painting. Later on, I experimented with digital media, photography, and jewelry. My artistic influences early on were Salvador Dali, Edvard Munch, and I was also heavily influenced by American cinema, for example, the films Blade Runner, Clash of the Titans and other arthouse films that focused heavily on their imagery.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
Over the years,my art has definitely been shaped by my interests which include the occult specifically, spiritual alchemy, tarot, and astrology as well as psychology and arthouse film for example Blade Runner and V for Vendetta. I use many mediums to express myself, but most recently I created a line of jewelry inspired by my love of art and the occult. I also still paint in oils and acrylics as well as draw. I hope that people take away inspiration, I believe we all have the capacity to awaken our creatorship both through art and in life, and I try not to invest too much emotion or egoism in the response people have to my work because for me the focus is on the process. Art is deeply healing and transformative to me. Once it’s finished, in a way, it is no longer mine I express my authenticity through my art.

In your view, what is the biggest issue artists have to deal with?
Artists put too much pressure on themselves because they are overexposed to what they consider competition. part of it is mindset, I think a lot of artists are also reluctant to invest in proper training because they feel a pressure to start at the top. It really doesn’t work like that. For the first part of my art journey, I taught myself, but I could not have developed an understanding of composition, color theory, anatomy, scale, and discipline, without putting myself in a setting with other people.

If you are struggling to grow as an artist, I highly recommend that you surround yourselves with people that are more knowledgeable than you, because you are always going to grow when you do this. When you are frustrated as an artist you are likely on the cusp of growth, so don’t quit, take a breath, take a break and then keep going. Getting mastery of your skillset is really not about the end because it never ends, you are always learning, so it’s best to make peace with that early on if possible.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
My website is, and my jewelry line can be purchased at Gypsy Magic 4962 El Cajon Blvd, 92115
You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook by searching for Aria Serpa

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