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Art & Life with Brett Charles Rose

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brett Charles Rose.

Brett Charles, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
My passion for photography began at a very early age. As a child of two professional photographers, I had a camera in my hands very early on. My parents had a photography studio and a photo lab in the San Francisco Bay Area which was our family business. So I grew up immersed in the medium. Cut to Junior High and High School where I was a yearbook photographer and always had a camera at parties and social gatherings at the ready.

Upon moving to Santa Cruz for college I began photographing my friends at local Northern California surf spots and surf trips to Southern California and into Mexico. When a good friend who had attended film school at San Francisco State approached me about making a surf film, I jumped at the chance and together we made “The Defiant”, a surf and snowboard film. After making my second film, “Nuthin’ But Nuts” I decided I wanted to learn more about the film making process so I attended The New York Film Academy. We shot film and edited on old flatbed Steenbeck editing machines.

It was an awesome experience and I learned a ton about storytelling, the dramatic arch, lighting and composition. Which then parlayed into my still photography as well. I moved to San Diego soon after and opened my photography studio in the heart of Old Town San Diego after photographing a friend’s wedding and falling in love with it. Now 12 years and 500 weddings later I am still passionate about it and am now moving into more fine art photography which has become a focus.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
My wedding photography is driven by the love my clients have for each other. When photographing them we talk prior to the shoot about how their love for each other comes across in the imagery. I am also looking for the best lighting and backdrops in my locales. In my new passion for fine art photography which I call “Neo Surf” art, I am delving in to what I know and am passionate about, surf, beach, rock n roll, and good vibes. I hope people see in my work my passion. I hope my work can help to feed their soul with love and positive inspiration.

Any advice for aspiring or new artists?
When I started in my photography career I would try to emulate magazine covers because the best photo in a magazine is most often the cover, so when recreating the look I would emulate the cover but add my own twist to it. My advice to others is to find your inspiration, find what appeals to you, and practice. Change your lighting up, change your depth of field up, change your shutter speed up, and just mix it up. Sometimes there are happy accidents in photography.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
People can view my work on my website, They can follow me on Facebook at Brett Charles Rose Photography and on Instagram BrettCharlesRosePhotography. Also I will be doing upcoming art shows including the La Jolla Art and Wine Festival October 6th and 7th in La Jolla amongst other smaller shows and anyone is always welcome to pop into our beautiful rooftop studio/gallery in Old Town San Diego at 2470 San Diego Ave, #200 upstairs above Fred’s Mexican Cafe.

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