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Art & Life with Jean Pierre Marques

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jean Pierre Marques.

Jean Pierre, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
French-born in North Africa (Algeria) to a poor and uneducated family at a very young age I realized that all of us receive at birth many gifts. Besides life and others, one is the gift of creativity, and I instinctively used the gift of creativity in anything I did and continue now to this present day. Looking back I can see I was very curious, very active, always interested in how to use my creativity to survive the emotion of the way I was raised and to survive the fear and hurt of 7 years of civil war. My creativity was my escape, my meditation, my survival, my saving grace. After the independence of Algeria, with my parents, we were refugees and immigrated to France when I was just 17 years old. I used my artistic gift and got involved in the mind, body, spirit of Martial arts, yoga, tai chi, and meditation, which to this day I continue to teach.  On the side, I used to draw and paint and sold some of them for extra money. Now more than 55 years later, after immigrating to France and then to America in 1972, I had, over the years, owned Wellness and Retreat Centers in France, Los Angeles, Arizona, Hawaii and presently for 20 years in Coronado, California (Coronado Yoga & Wellness Center. I continue to teach workshops, seminars, retreats and work with private clients and students from around the world. I teach people to make a positive change in their lives and to be in complete harmony physically, mentally and spiritually and to use their creativity God-given power in anything they do in their life if they believe in it. I am also an author and Behavioral Therapist. I continue to have deep passion for my art. Every day for me, my life is an empty canvas that I have to finish and do my best for it. Every day starts a new canvas, and I learn from my mistakes to make it better. It is a constant, beautiful, creative discovery and learning. A passionate love story with creativity – My Art is My Life & My Life is My Art.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
Many of your good questions are already answered in the first one. I experience with all media; watercolor, oil, acrylic, sculpture. Everything for me is exploration, experimentation, play, meditation using all my senses and creative intuition using different tools, media – experimenting all the time – always pushing the limitations that we give ourselves, our beliefs, and our creative power. I have always been drawn to color, combining bright colors with dark ones, warm with cool, and to the beauty and wonder of nature. Before I start any project I do a special ritual, I breathe and meditate to empty my mind. When I paint, draw and do my arts, I am in a deep state of awareness, in another world, another dimension. I am guided from an invisible, beautiful force. My mind and body are totally relaxed, focused with an open heart and as one. Coming from that guided invisible force my creativity flows like a rushing river reaching her goal towards a calming sea. Some of my art comes instantly, some take a few hours to a few days, and some take months depending on when I receive the inspiration of what the art tells me to do. When I finish a project successfully, I have a wonderful feeling of bliss, peace, an amazing, beautiful, peaceful silence within me and then an exciting desire to share it into the world.

When you first look on the surface of my paintings, you will be struck by the layers of the many deep, rich colors – hues that could clash or contradict each other but are in perfect and beautiful harmony. Some of my art looks three dimensional. The colors rejoice and dance with each other, symbolizing for me how human beings, even with our differences, form the beautiful canvas called life. Sometimes using mixed medium, I am able to capture deep pigment and very vibrant colors. My art evokes for me, playfulness, spirituality, life power, freedom of expression and beauty. My painting shows us how it is possible for the world, with all its different races, religions, colors and beliefs, to be in perfect harmony with each other and the universe. The vibrations are many times so powerful that the art invites more than a visual experience. They awake a strong feeling of giving and receiving; they awake all the senses on my heart and soul level like hugging your baby or a loved one.

I realize I am just a vehicle and trust that inner guidance. The result is meditative, soul-reaching power art, which can be applied even to improve our lives. The essence of my creativity is for me like a beautiful rose unfolding according to the plan of greater than myself, a creative intelligence unfolding inside/outside of ourselves, a miraculous, mystical experience that guides me to move happily with the flow of that invisible creative energy that we, humans, call God, cosmic intelligence, chi, prana, life force, or any other name that satisfies us. For me the evidence of that creativity is everywhere; in everything, we have to just open the heart to see it and use it. Therefore I am able to integrate creativity, my life, through my meditative art.

Sometimes I create with peaceful music, sounds, prayers or silent meditation. I set up my space like a sanctuary with incense, candles, breathing. I have my own rituals to help to receive my inspiration.

As an artist, how do you define success and what quality or characteristic do you feel is essential to success as an artist?
One of my main advice to new artists is not to define success not by monetary, but how people react and are touched by my artistic expression. The qualities essential for success as an artist is to believe in yourself by taking action and risk to improve and explore how to develop your own unique individual style. You need to accept critique and learn from it to come out of the box to develop individual artistic expression. You can never please everyone at the same time so there should be no worry to follow what other people want you to do to please them. Therefore it is important to be who you are and not be what someone else wants you to be and that, in my opinion, is the freedom of individual artistic expression. You have to love and have a passion for your artistic expression and your life, think positively, feel grateful for your gifts and your life and automatically what you want will follow.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
I live in awe and feel blessed and grateful to have the privilege to create and make in m life any ordinary moment extraordinary for me. Each painting is one of a kind and impossible, even for me, to reproduce. For many years I sell to private clients in the US and all over the world. They can see my work on my website I live in Coronado, California and my art is displayed at the Coronado Historical Museum and at my wellness center, Coronado Yoga & Wellness Center. I am a juried member of the Spanish Village Art Center, Coronado Art Association and San Diego County Art Mart Association. I exhibit in the Art in the Park in Balboa Park twice a month, in Coronado’s Art in the Park once a month and occasionally in Spanish Village.

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Jean Pierre Marques

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