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Art & Life with Lis Viegas

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lis Viegas.

Born and raised in Vancouver, Lis began her music career as a drummer after a sports-related injury and ACL reconstruction surgery left her looking for something to provide the exercise, discipline, and teamwork she’d always found in athletics. In addition to providing the activity, she craved, drumming appealed to her because of the physical coordination and mental presence that it demands. Since buying her first drum set in 2004, Lis has had opportunities to play and tour in different bands across the US and internationally (Canada, India, Tanzania, South Africa, and Mexico).

After touring heavily for five years, Lis needed a break from the hustle. She took a full year off from music and delved into other creative and expressive outlets. In addition to focusing on her yoga practice and teaching in San Diego, Lis deleted her social media accounts, signed up for Spanish language classes, surfed a lot, traveled, and reconnected with other aspects of life, art, and music around the world.

Jamming with other travelers at a full moon party in Spain reignited Lis’ appetite for music, and when another injury shortly after her return to San Diego sidelined her from other physical pursuits, drumming once again become both a form of exercise and a space for healing. She picked up the sticks, got back behind the kit with an even more purposeful intention, and started frequenting local blues, funk, and soul jams as well as playing outdoors all over San Diego(literally setting up her kit and playing at Sunset Cliffs!)

Lis also remains committed to her work with the Sharda Yoga Center, which began during her one-year sabbatical from music. Sharda is a karma yoga project/non-profit organization in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico that brings kids from local orphanages to the center to teach them mindfulness, yoga, art, music, and breathing techniques.

When Lis recently found out about a video contest to play with Beats Antique at the Lightning in a Bottle festival in May 2018, she figured it would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate her return to music and start sharing content online. She quickly got a video team together, learned the song, and has been enjoying the ride!

Lis is also a full-time yoga teacher at CorePower Yoga in San Diego and has been teaching there since 2012. Lis just found out that last week she was chosen to plays with Beats Antique at the Festival May 26th!

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
I play drums and percussion. 🙂 Drumming challenges my physical body and all my limbs to play different things together as one groove. And When I find that perfect unison of all limbs it turns into mediation, I become very present, alive and focused in a way that allows me to express my truth and authentic self and my purpose. If anything I’ve learned in the past month releasing my first ever drum cover (after 12 years) it’s to not hold back.

Allow your human, your soul, and your spirit to express and share more. You have no idea who you will reach. 🙂 I get inspired when I see people dancing and expressing when I play and I hope that continues to encourage expression beyond that moment. We are creative beings and music/art/dance are all important outlets to let out energy in a positive way.

In your view, what is the biggest issue artists have to deal with?
With the music industry changing everyday, musicians have to be on all forms and outlets in order to share content. From Vinyl, CDs, digital, Spotify, we have to me in all mediums. However, I believe that in the end, it all comes down the live show. A live performance can never be replaced by its digital form. 🙂

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