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Art & Life with Pablo Llana

Today we’d like to introduce you to Pablo Llana.

Pablo, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
At 24 years of age, I turned away from the arts; I stopped painting with oil, acrylics and pastels; I stopped showing my work, I was in a comfort zone and I wanted to get out of it. It may seem risky to erase from one day to the next your desire to produce pieces with these traditional materials, but I like to be risky, so I took some time to do a research field which took me many years. This investigation consisted of focusing on the power that advertising has over us, mainly that of the trick products, called scrap, which bombard all our senses with their advertising campaigns. Then I get the intrigue of how many of these products are consumed by Mexicans and by Americans.

Since I am form Tijuana Mexico, I have the advantage of noticing what happens in my city and in San Diego, California; I have the opportunity to know which brands have more demand, so I started my artist career from scratch, collecting what is now my raw material [packaging, labels and junk food packaging].

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
With my work I show what the population buys and eats. I do not invent anything in my work. The wrappers are donated to me, I do not buy them, and so for me it is an important factor as an artist to literally expose how much junk food the community buys daily to satisfy their artificial desires.

Capitalism has a series of consequences that mark the life of societies. The framework of consumer capitalism is based on the idea that the value of a product is determined by the desire of the individual, regardless of their real need. For example, the consumer may think that he wants or needs a product, and as long as this desire is maintained, the value will continue to increase. Consumer capitalism works under the basic economic paradigm of supply and demand, without taking into account the intrinsic value of a product. Many have argued, including the outstanding Naomi Klein, author of the book, “No Logo,” that the trend of consumer capitalism has led to a discontented public that has been virtually separated from itself as an individual and as an identity and as a society.

In general. Being bombarded by the culture of consumption, some estimates indicate that individuals are exposed to an average of 2,000 advertisements per day, people can lose sight of their own value in the search for material possessions and fill the spiritual gaps in their lives with products instead of real connections with other human beings. Therefore, the life of these subjects becomes sedentary, not productive, they lose their identity and replace it with secondary effects such as obesity due to the result of being active participants in the consumption of these products and easy prey to the constant bombardment of advertising.

How do you think about success, as an artist, and what do quality do you feel is most helpful?
I think that success in the field of art comes when you least think about it, the important thing is to focus on the work, to believe in what you do, if the others do not like your artistic proposal but if you are passionate that is the most important thing , if you are in the art career looking for immediate success, the better things is for you to change career, this will not happen, I have 19 years of career in the arts, and I still have a lot to create and say.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
My work can be appreciated in galleries and museums in Mexico, the United States and Europe. On May 12 I will participate in the Imperial Conquests of the Palate exhibition (Shut up & Eat) in the CM Curatorial gallery located in Barrio Logan. After this exhibition I will participate in another entitled

Cruel Summer
JUL 14 – AUG 4
Eternal Sunshine of the Socal Mind. California Dreaming ‘in the age of rising sea levels, polluted beaches, global warming, income inequality and through-the-roof cost of living. Those endless summers leave to hell of a sunburn, in the same gallery.
Also people can see my work online, my website is or on my Instagram: pablo.llana

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Pablo Llana

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