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Art & Life with Robin Bigge

Today we’d like to introduce you to Robin Bigge.

Robin, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
Mine starts by accident. If you asked me three years ago what I planned on doing with my life I would’ve replied with “no idea”, and definitely not Photography.

My father had an early Olympus digital camera that was collecting dust so I started to bring it with me when I’d go surfing with my friends. Usually, after a session, there would be some amazing sunsets. I would take those pictures, put them on my phone and edit them with this little app (at the time) called VSCO. I’d post them on my humble little Instagram and a few people really liked them, and more importantly, I really enjoyed taking them. Fast forward a few months later and I find myself working at Starbucks and making new friends among my coworkers. One of whom had a real passion and talent already established with photography and kindly showed me a few pointers to help me on my photo journey.

There on, I started to shoot as much as possible, slowly start upgrading my camera equipment, and I started to see development and growth in my own work. I fell in love with lifestyle photography because it opened me up to meeting new people and learning from people in the community here in San Diego. Things shifted when I took an annual surf trip up north with a buddy of mine. I brought some of the clothes from the company I worked for, Everyday California, and took some photos while on our journey. When I got back and showed them a few of the pics, they loved them and asked if I would like to be promoted to their in-house photographer to which I blindly said yes to, not even knowing what that would entail.

That moment was pivotal in my life, for the first time it showed me a career path doing something I love without going to college, something I was struggling finding the motivation to continue with at the time.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
This is actually a concept I’ve been struggling with recently, for I don’t really see myself as an artist. I don’t hold myself in the same regard as let’s say a painter or musician, for they create while I simply capture. That being said, I’ve tried talking about this with friends and its been pretty unanimous that their opinion (quite aggressively) is that I am an artist.

As far as what I capture, my two favorite things are beautiful moments between significant others and people enjoying beautiful destinations. My how is with my camera, Sony A7rii at the moment if that’s important, and often, collaborations from the people I’m taking pictures of.

My why is because ever since I’ve started, I haven’t done anything else as rewarding and fun. My message, if any is what I hope people take away from the pictures. A drive to explore, a sense of awe, or simply, happiness.

Artists rarely, if ever pursue art for the money. Nonetheless, we all have bills and responsibilities and many aspiring artists are discouraged from pursuing art due to financial reasons. Any advice or thoughts you’d like to share with prospective artists?
My advice would be to really hone your craft to a level where you and others see it as a career and no longer a hobby.

Getting there can be tough, as often hobbies don’t necessarily come cheap. Often they cost money you might not yet have or, perhaps more valuable, time. That’s where putting in the work really comes in. Whether it be working jobs to save for gear or taking time away from other things to really test and see if you have a knack for whatever your passion may be. You simply won’t know unless you take that first dive.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
Most of my work either gets posted on my Instagram or on my site.

To support a little “artist” such as myself, follow along, tell your friends if you like my work, or if you’re feeling particularly generous, buy a print or canvas from my site!

I also accept donations in the form of Chipotle and Jamba Juice gift cards haha.

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