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ART North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights 05.21.2018

Sarah McAllister

I have always been an empathetic artist type and been drawn to pretty much anything creative or imaginative. I bought my first tarot deck in 2013 after a series of life challenges lead me to seek deeper answers and guidance. Read more>>

Patric Stillman

I’m a self taught visual artist working mainly on figurative works in the medium of acrylics. Though I’ve lived a creative life, it wasn’t until about a decade ago that I became truly focused on my artistic expression. Read more>>

Philip James

I’ve been a musician since my older brother gave me my first guitar in 2006. When I picked up my first acoustic guitar I played until my fingers bled, and then I played some more. Read more>>

Ann Golumbuk

As I got older I dabbled in art from time to time but never really had the desire to be an artist. The closest I got to the arts was when I attended the University of Oklahoma and graduated with a degree in Interior Design. Read more>>

James Supercave

LA-based James Supercave combines psych aesthetics, pop, and dance to create a groove-hugging sound that’s dark but inviting. Read more>>

Roxanne Barba

I was a latch-key kid from a broken home being raised by my amazing single father. I needed something to fill my time, what started as a hobby soon became an addiction and it consumed all my time. Read more>>

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