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ART North Park, South Park, Kensington & Normal Heights 3.26.2018

Kim Nguyen

I have always been a creative person. Even as a child, I liked to draw still life on whiteboards, using fruit baskets as inspiration. Despite my love for art and painting, I didn’t pursue anything in the creative field as a career, at first. I earned a marketing degree at SDSU and focused on my career growth in the digital marketing. Read more>>

Jacki Geary

My journey as an artist began when I was very young. I loved to draw people, so you could always find me sketching a portrait. I also loved being creative with my clothing. I was a shy person, so my art and creativity let me express myself in ways words could not. I would sew beads on my jeans in different patterns, attach a ton of my mom’s earrings to a jacket, wear any color shoe I could find, always experimented with different hairstyles and raided my dad’s closet before school so, I could wear his big sweaters or suit vests.  Read more>>

Vinny Dee

I was born and raised in Boston, MA but moved out here for work. I literally drove from Massachusetts to California by myself. I’ve been working in San Diego for a year now and have been pursuing music professionally ever since then, even though, I have been involved in music since the 6th grade. Read more>>

Eric Wixon

I had a bitchin’ atari jacket when I was a kid that I often wore while riding my dirt bike. One day, I got lost on my way home from some stripper cuts back in hick-town Ohio and my monstrous fifty ran outta fuel so, I had to leave it in this random field. I pushed it for a while but for a seven year old, that little fu*ker was heavy. Anyways, I’m all cryin’ and shit because I loved my mini bike and I was lost as… eventually, I found a house and they called my folks, then we went out on four wheelers with some extra petrol and rescued my little Honda. Read more>>

We Are One

The members of our band all come from different corners of San Diego. We started out with our lead guitarist, Josiah and our front man, Will, meeting in their home school group and connecting over music. Will and Josiah continued to play music together until the idea for a more concrete band came about.  Read more>>

Adrienne Hulme

I’ve been doing art for as long as I can remember. It started with drawings when I was super little, as kids do. I tried a bunch of different mediums through various art classes as I got older, but my introduction to photography was through my aunt, who loved photography. I was about 9 years old and she had just purchased a new camera, so she gave me her old camera. Read more>>

Coco Jeannine

I don’t remember when I started taking pictures. It was before smartphones, before I had wireless internet and definitely, before I could operate a motor vehicle. It was maybe around the time, I had my training wheels taken off and I stole my grandma’s old Minolta and begged my mom for film on special occasions. Many photos were taken those days, like a close-up shot of my own thumb.  Read more>>

Dustan Vassar

In 2009, while I enrolled at Grossmont College, I took my first photography class, which was dark room photography. When I transferred to San Diego State University to pursue a degree in Graphic Design, I took two more photography classes. Once I graduated in 2013, I concentrated more on Graphic Design and drawing. Read more>>

Kevin Melim

Other artists inspire me. So, I try to make work that, hopefully, inspires others to go out and make art of their own. I have a speech that I put on every post of mine, I call the speech “Art is Everywhere.” The point to it is that, I know what it’s like to be a new photographer and I know it can get discouraging at times, seeing other work that is so much better than your own. Read more>>


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