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ART Point Loma & Shelter Island 3.26.2018

Billy Economou

Ever since I was a little kid, I was drawn to photography and taking photos. The mere fact of being able to freeze a moment in time has always been fascinating to me. My love for photography has evolved to telling stories and showing people and places in a unique perspective. Read more>>

Amy Pachowicz

In 1986, I had my first painting class at Columbia University. I finished college in 1996 with a minor in Studio Painting from UCSD. My first solo show in San Diego was in 1999 and my last solo show was in 2010, in Joshua Tree (with about 20 shows in between). After college, I worked as a decorative painter and a yoga instructor. Read more>>

Noriko Zaragoza

I grew up in a very strict Japanese household and my parents believed that success meant going to college, getting a degree and working for a big corporation. They wanted to me to make a decent amount of money in order to support myself then eventually, find a husband that could take over the financial responsibilities so that I could become a full time housewife.  Read more>>

Jarred Roberts

I grew up in a family of gospel singers. My mom plays guitar and taught me how to play when I was about 12. When I was about 18, I was able to coerce a bunch of my best friends at the time to play in a band with me and we called our music WOOD & STONE (a quote from Plato’s Allegory Of A Cave).  Read more>>


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