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Art South San Diego 04.23.2018

Amanda Giddens

2013 my second child was born and I instantly became a momtograopher. Every moment of my child’s life was being taken where I was quickly trying to delete a photo to make room for another “cute” moment. Read more>>

Michael (Fugs) Fugoso

Born and raised here in San Diego as a Filipino-American through the best parents ever. Family always comes first with me… So the big decisions I have made throughout life always had family in mind. I was always academically challenged as a kid; I tend to have a very short attention span to very logical and dry subjects. Read more>>

Jorge Torres

My name is Jorge Torres, I am currently living in the city of Tijuana, Mexico, I studied computer systems engineering but I was always with the restlessness of doing graphic design and art things, since I was very influenced by my mom who was a painter in a Some time of his life. Read more>>

Vanessa Flores

I grew up in Santa Ana with a passion for animation. I dreamed of getting into the industry ever since I saw “Fantasia 2000” when I was in the fourth grade and never stopped since. I went to the Art Institute of Orange County and earned a BS degree. Read more>>

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