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ART South San Diego 4.30.2018

Michelle D. Ferrera-Lubin

I’ve been creating in some sort of way since childhood, Writing was my first outlet. I continue to fill up notebooks and journals. As a kid I thought I’d be a cartoonist. I dabbled in art of all kinds during high-school and college (painting murals, some graphic design, Wedding & School Photography)but it was my first Life Drawing class that hooked me on capturing the story behind the figure. Read more>>

Adrian Burlaza

My name is Adrian Burlaza, I was first introduced into photography in 2008 when I took an intro black & white photo course. I instantly fell in love with taking images with my camera and seeing them come to life by my own hands (literally, in the dark room). Read more>>

Joy Mazon

I was always “that girl with the camera.” Whether it was a point-and-shoot camera in high school, a camera phone or an old school Fuji disposable, I was always fond of taking pictures of everyone at parties and events and seeing them use my photo of them as their social media default picture. That excited me. Read more>>

Sajda Sims

I am the youngest out of 7 . My parents are both artist . My father had 7 kids my mom had 2 but she raised 7. I grew up at balboa park vending my art while my dad played the drums. I was in alot of parade and art camps when I was younger. I went to a art junior high and high school. I sold my first painting when I was 7 years old. Read more>>

Daniel armenta

For me being born and growing in Tijuana has been a great personal and professional opportunity, as a child I did not give importance to the fact of growing on the border, then I understood that Tijuana presented the best of many places in Mexico, since being the busiest border It was impossible not to notice the mixture of traditions, food, art, fashion etc. Read more>>

Pablo Llana

At 24 years of age, I turned away from the arts; I stopped painting with oil, acrylics and pastels; I stopped showing my work, I was in a comfort zone and I wanted to get out of it. It may seem risky to erase from one day to the next your desire to produce pieces with these traditional materials, but I like to be risky, so I took some time to do a research field which took me many years. Read more>>

Hannah Bernabe

I knew about photography through stories of my grandfather being a photographer in his own right. But I never truly envisioned following his footsteps. I started with an interest in travel and landscape photography. My first camera was a Sony Cybershot camera. Read more>>

Attiba Royster

I grew up in Philadelphia in 80’s. I was obsessed with the popular cartoons of the day, especially G.I. Joe and Transformers. I would make up my own stories and characters and make action figures out of cardboard to bring these stories to life. I have always been creative. Read more>>

Cliff Davis

I studied Cinematography at University of Central Florida. Since then, I deviated into design for web and mobile apps, all the while still shooting still pictures. Through design, and missing my passion of creating looks with light and textures, I got into 3D art. Now I have taken a full circle back to cinematography–in full pursuit. Read more>>

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