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Balboa Park-Hillcrest 01.04.2018

Dane Drobny

I started as a client. Coming every single day, sometimes two times a day. I loved the actual workout itself, the community and the brand. The manager at the time approached me about becoming a trainer. I had very little experience at the time but gave it a shot. Feel in love with the process and the rest is history. Read more>>

Briana Robinson

I was born in Boston, and raised in Mystic, CT. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I completed a tattoo apprenticeship in Connecticut. About a year later, I found my home away from home in sunny San Diego. Read more>>

Ashley Madden

My father is also a Chiropractor, so, being raised in a holistic environment, I literally have been adjusted since the day I was born! All of my life we used Chiropractic for my healthcare and I was always the healthiest person among my friends and classmates. Even with growing up around it, Chiropractic was never considered by me as a career until college. Read more>>

Kiran Shelat, Dana Zimbric

Founded in 1994, Classics 4 Kids inspires children through the experience of music, generating creativity, academic success and cultural understanding. In the first year, Classics 4 Kids reached 600 students by presenting a professional piano recital, soon after more grades, schools, and districts began asking for access to quality classical music concerts. Read more>>

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