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Balboa Park-Hillcrest 03.29.2018

Cecelia Moreno

I learned the Restaurant Business from my Father Luis who had been in the restaurant industry since 1961. After graduating from University Of California Irvine I began learning how to manage and operate the Crest Cafe. I loved working side by side with my father and greatly appreciate the values he instilled in me, particularly his work ethic. Read more>>

Ana Valderrama

I have traveled a winding road, on a few continents, before getting to where I am today. From a preschool teacher as my first adventure, I climbed the steep mountains of the corporate world, walked the path of the restaurant business and took some short cuts here and there trying to make a happy living. Read more>>

Adolfo Lopez

I started working for a high end furniture store right after high school because my father bailed out on the family. So for the past 17 1/2 years I assemble and delivered furniture. Threw doing that I was educated on what high end leather looked, felt , and smelled like. Read more>>

Mark Thorsen

As a punky little skater kid in grade school I would consistently get in trouble for drawing in my notebooks, on my desk, and whatever I could get one of my yellow graphite mechanical pencils on. I wouldn’t say I knew I wanted to “do art” as a career but I did know I couldn’t stop doing it. Read more>>

Christian Dauz

I’ve always had a passion in all things beauty. After years of working at MAC Cosmetics and took a leap of faith and leave the company to pursue my dream in the eyebrow industry. Perfect eyebrows was my signature statement. Read more>>

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