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Balboa Park-Hillcrest 04.19.2018

Whitney Gookenbarger

After a stint in the business world that left me asking myself, “What is truly going to make me happy?” What really matters in life? What fulfills ME?” I decided to switch my focus to the thing’s that make me feel like I’m truly living. Read more>>

Kristine Angell

When I was working in graphic design I saw the challenges clients had developing creative content to communicate with their target audience. Many knew nothing of their customers, which meant the designers charged with developing meaningful interactions had to make educated guesses. Read more>>

Husam Mattia, Sarah Mattia

I (Sam) have been in the restaurant business over 30 years. My family owns Mazara’s in South Park-since the early 1980’s. Last year I made the decision to follow my desire to branch out on my own and get my own restaurant. Read more>>

Meredith Castin

I started out as a physical therapist. I attended University of St. Augustine in San Marcos, and got my doctorate in physical therapy (DPT.) I was SO excited to use my skills in a clinical setting and make a difference in my patients’ lives. Within five years, however, I was feeling pretty burned out. Read more>>

David O’Connor

For me, it started early. I grew up in the countryside of southeast Ireland, and I was always out in the wild. I think it began when I discovered a fox den in a hedgerow near my house when I was small, and I spent a lot of time that summer watching the vixen care for her cubs, and them playing and learning outside their den. Read more>>

Alberto Morreale

I grew up in Palermo, Sicily. I never would have even thought that I would become a master chef and restaurant owner. When I was 14, I began cooking for my whole family as a chore however it quickly turned into my passion to explore all the different cuisine and I enjoyed experimenting. Read more>>

Ron and Suzie Tripiano

It all began on one Christmas season with Suzie, the co-owner of Joybrewed, giving away baked Christmas gifts to family members. As she baked yummy flavors of popcorn for them, her family continued affirming her and Ron, her husband, with, “you should sell this, it’s so good!” Over time, they began opening their minds to the idea of starting a company in their home kitchen in Sunnyvale, California. Read more>>

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