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Balboa Park-Hillcrest 05.10.2018

Christopher Stavros

Babycakes has conceived 10 years ago in an old Craftsman Home in the heart of Hillcrest. We started as a coffee house and bakery and over the years added the restaurant and bar to our concept. We have been known to be one of the first bakeries in San Diego to specialize in cupcakes and have been riding the Cupcake Wave since 2007! Read more>>

Gary Ware

I got into an improvisation on accident. It was a suggestion from a mentor since I wasn’t a fan of Toastmaster. At the time, I was a director of Paid Search for one of the largest independent search agencies in the nation. The idea was that improv would help me become a better presenter. Read more>>

Morgan Webb

Well, growing up, I was adopted into a very “Christian-based” household which took a turn for a series of unfortunate events. I was forced into a lot of extracurricular activities in church such as ushering, dance, audio-visual ministry, the church magazine team and choir. Read more>>

Rachel Moore

I started as a poet — my undergraduate degree is in Creative Writing. I chose to focus on writing and literature in college because I knew it probably would be the only time in my life I could dedicate myself to those two things I loved. Read more>>

Albert Asmussen and Jen Moore

Jen and I have been best friends for many years. We both have a passion for creating things, especially food things. Every holiday, birthday, and event we both were making amazing desserts. Then one day, we decided together, let’s make a dessert business. Read more>>

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