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Balboa Park-Hillcrest 05.17.2018

Dr. Steven Albinder

Our business started as mission between myself and Dr. Kamran Jahangiri in January 2016 to provide non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive solutions for people suffering from concussions, migraines, and vertigo. Read more>>

Kristen Mihalko

After graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in December 2009, I moved back to San Diego and volunteered at the San Diego Zoo while searching for a full-time job. In fact, I remember telling my supervisor at the Zoo that my goal was to work in Balboa Park. Read more>>

Kellie McCormick

I moved to San Diego to go to design school. I met my mentor and former business partner when he was my instructor in college. I started working at the firm and things grew from there. It has been an amazing process of learning, growing and building of a business that is a true passion for me and all our team members. Read more>>

Diana Agostini

I was born and raised in Varese, a small town in Northern Italy 30 miles north west of Milan. I grew up in a very international environment, travelled a lot, worked for international NGOs in Europe and Africa, and always knew that I would one day leave my hometown. While working in Mozambique during my graduate studies I found out I had won the Green Card through the DV lottery. Read more>>

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