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Balboa Park-Hillcrest 11.9.2017

Carly Lodkey and Jill Hansen

At the young age of 18, Lavish co-founder Carly Lodkey became interested in essential oils, aromatherapy and clean, green beauty. She had a passion for healthy beauty products and decided to make her own natural concoctions at home. Read more>>

Iris Mata

After graduating college, I started my professional career in sales, where I worked my way through companies like: ADP and Johnson & Johnson. I did extremely well for myself throughout my 20’s, but something was missing. Read more>>

Andrew Clarke

After suffering a herniated disc in May 2007, my road to recovery was slow and arduous. For years, I searched for someone who could help alleviate my pain in a nontraditional method. I opted out of surgery and not to depend on medications (legal or illicit). Read more>>

Lesleigh Kent

As a child I was a total “make*a*holic.” I was hooked on the freedom and satisfaction of creating, as well as thrived on the exercise of problem solving to make it all happen. I had believed that, in life, you get a grown up job and do art for fun. Read more>>

Catheliya Suwanakrit

Starting at 10 years old I remember that my mother would get migraines. So I would massage all the time. I did this for many years growing up. My brother would even bring his football team mates over for a massage. As an adult I would give my friends massages. Read more>>

Samantha Mecklenburg Clemente

I founded Journey to Joy Healing because of a deep calling in my life to be a facilitator of healing and to help myself and others to find joy, which is why I am so passionate about my work as a Holistic Health Practitioner My professional career had its start in Early Childhood Education. Read more>>

Tara Mooney

I’ve wanted to be a healer since day 1. Honestly, if it was more of a mainstream career path, I probably would have joined the holistic health community a decade ago. I remember going to the local massage school in High School because that was all I could afford and I became hooked. Read more>>

Whitney Yarnall

My wellness journey started after a personal tragedy during high school nudged me off my tracks into several heavy years of depression and self-destruction. I slowly began the process of self-healing at age 19, for the first time really beginning to explore and understand my intuitive gifts and became interested in a variety of healing modalities such as; Ayurveda, Meditation, Reiki and Yoga. Read more>>

Jenn Edwards

Hello, my name is Mike Edwards and I am a portrait and wedding photographer based out of sunny Southern California. Together with my wife, Jenn, who also shares in this passion, specialize in creating memories. Our passion grew so much that we decided that we wanted more than a hobby. Read more>>

Michael Stoll

I got interested in CrossFit while I was stationed overseas for the US Navy in Bahrain. My job included working closely with US Navy SEALS, and they talked me into working out with them a few times – I was instantly addicted. Read more>>

Deb Davies

Deb is a mother of two girls. Her first born, Mia Belle was born still at term from a cord accident in March of 2001. Deb had her second daughter Lauryn a year later, and her girls are the inspiration and passion for her work with pregnant and laboring women. Read more>>

Mark Lueck

I started my own business painting in 1973. I painted vans, motorcycles, and hot rods. I’m still painting today, but my business has branched out into a lot of different directions. I do fine art, oil paintings on canvas and I do airbrush work on almost anything. Read more>>

Leslie Weinstein

We have been working together at another salon for 6 years.
We weren’t as happy as we thought we could be, so we wondered what it would look like if we created our own business. Within 3 months we were up and running as The Loving Owl. It all fell in to place very quickly and organically. Read more>>

Erin Brant

I originally started my business in Buffalo, NY and I did all kinds of photography from weddings + events to senior portraits + families. When I moved to San Diego in 2011 I used the opportunity to specialize and rebrand as a family and child photographer. Read more>>

Eric Saline

This all started 12 years ago, during my freshman year of college. I fell in love with a girl who was heading a student-run organization at our school called the Baobab Initiative. Read more>>

Lisa Langstone

I had a medical emergency, my appendix burst and it was so severe I was told there was a good chance I would not make it. My recovery took almost a year and It was then I decided to change careers and take charge of my future. Read more>>

Kathleen Owens

In June 1873 Mrs. Lydia Horton (with husband Alonzo) started a Sunday school in downtown for the education of liberal values for San Diego’s children. A fully functioning church building was establish 1883 offering worship services at 10th and F Streets. Read more>>

Michaela Zanello

Writing started out as just a hobby. In 2008, web content writing was relatively uncharted territory for me. So I freelanced for free for a long time (mostly for entertainment and film review websites), not thinking it would amount to much. Read more>>

Kathi Burns

Living My Life With Freedom. I feel like the first half of my life was spent looking for a sense of purpose. After college, I tried several careers but never quite felt like I was doing what I was put on this planet to do. My mind was constantly on the quest to find my dharma / life purpose. Read more>>

Dianne Sheridan

My creative passion has always been drawn to the use, style, feel and appearance of space which is not just the literal physical arena of the four walls around us, but also the emotive arena created by the environments we create, be it our home, our gardens, or our places of business. Read more>>

Brenda Goodell

In 2003 I was pregnant with my son and already a certified massage therapist. I wanted to recieve pregnancy massage for hip discomfort I was experiencing and noticed it wasn’t eay finding a pregnancy massage therapist. Read more>>

Chantal Davis

I have always been interested in alternative forms of healing since I was a teenager. Growing up watching my family members age and be prescribed ridiculous amounts of pharmaceuticals but never educated on proper diet and lifestyle led me to Chinese Medicine. Read more>>

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