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Community Highlights: Meet Linda Wolf of Lavender Lotus Center for Healing & Awakening

Today we’d like to introduce you to Linda Wolf.

Hi Linda, thanks for joining us today. We’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
I am an intuitive and spiritual counselor, healer and teacher, working in Encinitas. To tell my story, I need to go back in time. I lived in Denver before moving to San Diego. I had been educating myself across the country. I finished high school in New Jersey, traveled to Washington (state) where I received my bachelor’s degree (in speech & language pathology), then off to Denver for my master’s degree (same area of study). After I graduated, and while still in Denver, I started my first job in my field of study. I worked for about three years at a private clinic. Then I had to make a big decision – whether to move to San Diego with my significant other at the time or stay in Denver. During this time of decision making, I was walking around the lake one day, as usual, during my lunch hour and I began to have trouble breathing. It felt like it might be asthma. Well, it did turn out to be asthma and accompanying it was bronchitis and sinusitis. I became very sick and was prescribed 6 or 7 medications. The meds seemed to completely heal the problems I was having, but about one and a half months later, the symptoms returned. This happened again and again and again (ugh!) until I decided that there had to be a better way than taking that many medications so frequently. I began to look at alternative healing methods. I finally healed up the problems, but it took a while and many amazing alternative practitioners; nutritionists, emotional healers, great books, self-healing, connecting with my spirituality and more. I stopped taking the meds except the inhaler at first, and then finally was able to stop using the inhaler as well. I am so thankful for that healing, and it led me to continue to use alternative methods, which worked so much better and without the side effects. I also realized, along the way, how very, very important emotional healing is to the physical body. I tell you all this because it is essential to understanding why I am doing the work I do today.

I did decide to move to San Diego and worked in my field for a few years for both Children’s and Pomerado hospitals. However, I realized, at some fateful point, that this career was not right for me. Eventually, I quit my profession and went to work elsewhere, realizing later that it wasn’t right for me either. During this time, I became very sick (was still working on healing the asthma, et al, at this point) and was in bed for a week and ended up browsing the business opportunities section of the local newspaper. There was a store for sale, a metaphysical book and gift store, so I called about it and eventually, through a series of very fortunate events, was able to buy it, with the owner holding the loan for me. This was truly miraculous! I did not have the money to buy a business any other way, so I was on cloud nine, pinching myself to confirm that I wasn’t dreaming. As a part of my healing process, I had begun my spiritual journey, so this store was perfect! Owning and managing the store was the foundation for all that was to come. I was surrounded every day by spiritual books, crystals, metaphysical tools, oracle decks, spiritual people (healers, astrologers, psychics and intuitives, etc.). I found my niche there in that store and I was enthralled with it. It was fun, meaningful and educational for me, and because of my learning and experiences there, I began to awaken to my own spiritual gifts of healing and intuition. Then, the sad news, I had to give up the store. It was not doing well financially for multiple reasons, one being the recession at the time. After that, I started a private healing practice with a friend and when that dissolved, I opened my own private healing practice and have stayed with it ever since. And, I have to say that I truly believe everything happens for a reason and that in (seeming) catastrophes, gifts are usually hidden. If I hadn’t gotten sick and started my path of alternative healing & spirituality, I wouldn’t be where I am today, doing healing, intuitive counseling and spiritual work (more on that later).

To bring this to current times, I was very fortunate recently to be able to re-launch my private practice with a new name and an online metaphysical shop. I had shut down my business almost completely for a couple of years to prepare for a new future. The money came just about the time Covid-19 restrictions began and this hit me and my business hard, but I am affirming that business will begin to pick up soon.

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey have been a fairly smooth road?
My path has not been an easy one, first letting go my career, which was tough to do and then trying to decide where I was headed. The struggles have been basically four:

1. Financial. By the time I got to the point where I opened a private practice of my own, I didn’t have enough money to run it without having another job. I eventually ended up in a chiropractic office, running the front desk and administering therapies for patients. It was not your average mom-and-pop office. We had multiple doctors, massage therapists and an acupuncturist. It was stressful to say the least. This was full-time employment and so by the end of any given day, I rarely had the energy to work toward building my business, which included managing and marketing it, working on client cases, creating and teaching classes and facilitating groups. When I recently received a loan from a family member (so very grateful) to re-launch my private practice and start my online metaphysical shop, I was able to hire a website designer to create a wonderful new website for both Lavender Lotuses (private practice and shop) and have everything set up beautifully. I was able to fill my shop with products and rent an office/store here in Encinitas. I quit my j.o.b – yay! But then Covid hit, so I was paying for my office and other services but wasn’t able to use them. This, again, hit me hard financially.

2. Time and Energy needed to do both was huge and it was a real challenge. My job was 40 hours per week and I had to schedule my private practice sessions on weekends and evenings. Then I needed time to work on workshops and groups (and actually teach or facilitate them) and, oh, yeah, my actual other life – laundry, bills, grocery shopping, etc. I was one exhausted woman.

3. Marketing. Let’s just say marketing isn’t my forte, especially nowadays, with all the tech and social media stuff. I am definitely not tech savvy – I only have basic skills. And as I would read and try to learn everything about it, there would be more questions, more articles to read and all with a variety of differing opinions. I get overwhelmed with how much info is out there and how much I still need to learn – wow!! Back in the day, you just put flyers up on bulletin boards, put an ad in the local metaphysical publication and emailed people. Now, it is so much more complicated and someday, I hope to have a manager.

4. Coming Out of the Spiritual Closet: Because of my chosen purpose and path, I am no longer working in mainstream society. Although what I do involving healing and spirituality is becoming much more popular, it hasn’t always been easy to tell people what I do unless I know they are open to it. So, I have had a long process of self-healing, a lot of work on becoming who I am and doing what I love. It’s been a big transformation. Not everyone is open to healing work using alternative healing techniques, intuitive counseling, connecting with spirit guides, crystal healing, table tipping, etc. My whole life before this was “normal.” I followed my path from elementary school to high school, to college and then to a job in my chosen career. I was always nice and good and minded my p’s and q’s. I wanted to fit in. Moving from that to becoming an Intuitive counselor and healer is the BEST move I ever made – this is my passion, this is what I love to do, but it has been very challenging along the way.

Appreciate you sharing that. What should we know about Lavender Lotus Center for Healing & Awakening?
I gave a lot of background as to how I ended up where I am today, so now let me tell you more about what I do. I no longer have a second job, so I devote all of my work time to my business. I am an intuitive and spiritual counselor/coach, healer, channel, Shaman, medium, empath, teacher and writer with 28 years of experience in the healing arts. I am an intuitive guide and healer who helps people to be authentic, to be who they truly are. To open up to their personal magic and live from their hearts and souls. What this entails is assisting them in healing any obstacles in the way of that. And, separately, or as a part of this kind of healing, I help people to connect with their spirituality and spiritual allies (Spirit, guides, angels) to help them realize that they are not alone and always have support. This is generally what I do.

More specifically, I help people to move through old, unhealthy patterns that no longer serve them, open to (and follow) their soul’s purpose, have healthy and balanced relationships, learn to manifest what they want to bring into their lives, to connect with themselves and Spirit and more – whatever they need to live a joyful, balanced life doing what they love and loving what they do. And all of these things help tremendously with their physical well-being. I show them ways to self-heal as well. Anything I do in sessions, my clients can also learn to do and experience – there are no secret, mysterious techniques. I have a “signature” healing process I created called “Essence Healing,” originally as a kind of distance energy healing, but I now offer it in-person as well. I also tend to work with many clients who have their own spiritual gifts and want to do the kind of work that I do, or something similar. I help support their journey by doing all the typical things I do and also by assisting with some of the more business-oriented parts of starting their own practice. I am not into cookie cutter client sessions. Each client is a unique individual and sessions vary depending on each person.

The tools I use to work with people include intuitive and spiritual guidance/coaching, healing tools and techniques, guided meditations/journeys, table tipping, channeling, empathic gifts, oracle cards and more, including the massive amount of experience I have had healing myself through almost every conceivable issue. And this is what really makes me the healer and teacher I am. I have been there, done that, and that allows me to really be there for people. I am fully present with my clients and offer a safe, nonjudgmental, nurturing and sacred space in which to heal and awaken. I am very casual and comfortable – you won’t find me in typical business garb – and I encourage the same of my clients. This work can be challenging and being comfortable during sessions is important. And though I take my clients’ issues very seriously, I do use humor, when appropriate, because we all tend to take ourselves and our stuff so seriously that we forget to lighten up and have some fun. I have had training in energy healing with masters in the field, hypnotherapy, Resonance Repatterning, channeling and more. I am a certified life coach, a Shaman (in the Pachakuti Mesa tradition), and a (new thought) minister.

I am also very excited about teaching, and I offer workshops and classes in various areas of spirituality, healing and awakening, such as: intuition, vision boarding, spirit animals, oracle cards for everyday living, meeting and connecting with spirit guides and angels, life/soul purpose, meditation, creating personal altars, authenticity, divination, self-nurturing and more. Below, you will find a link, under contact info for YouTube, where you will find a podcast of me as a guest on “Multidimensional Health,” talking and being interviewed about authenticity and how it transforms your life. With open arms, I welcome ALL people – any and every color, race, culture, age, sexual orientation, gender.

What matters most to you?
What Matters Most to Me: Love is what matters most to me. I infuse everything I do with it. Love is a necessary and essential part of my personal life and core to the work I do with my clients at Lavender Lotus. Tools and techniques are secondary to coming from your heart with people. And following your heart and soul, instead of the endless chatter of the mind, leads you on the path toward your highest good. So, I always come with a loving heart, fully present, and this makes it easy for people to feel that they are in good hands – hands (and heart) that create a loving, safe, open, non-judgmental, nurturing place for them to express who they are, feel their emotions, connect with their spiritual helpers, make big changes, and to feel supported while doing it. By the way, loving includes being honest with my clients about what I see, feel and intuit from them. It doesn’t help anyone’s healing to say only what they want to hear. That’s what usually keeps people from healing. So, it’s important to be honest, lovingly honest. The healing process will most likely consist of some discomfort because typically you are talking about issues that are hurting you in some way. And changing old patterns, transforming yourself, moving out of your comfort zone…well, that, of course, will include times of uneasiness. But, like the butterfly who came from a very confining cocoon, the freedom of flight is amazing and so worth the effort to get there!

And, right beside you, you have someone who is experienced and who you can trust to take care of your feelings, your heart, your soul and the part of you that is in pain – that longs for joy, freedom, connection and to be that transformed butterfly, taking flight and living a wonderful life, as the person you truly are. That makes the transformation process easier and you find that self-discovery and healing can be fun, exciting and wonderful to experience as you see and feel the changes happen. This is the other thing that really matters to me – being a part of a person’s healing process. I have had a challenging life and been through so much and I know what it is like to be in pain, emotional and physical, which is why I chose this path of work and purpose. And to watch people open, heal, awaken and become their true selves, well that is incredibly good for my heart and soul to see and to be a part of it. And, just to be clear, the client is the true healer – I facilitate that healing, support it; I teach/educate and lend my experience, but the healer is within each person.

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