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Community Highlights: Meet Lynn Lambrecht of The Living Planner

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lynn Lambrecht.

Hi Lynn, we’d love for you to start by introducing yourself.
The Patchwork Quilt of Life Gifts come wrapped in a variety of ways. There are gift bags, boxes, wrapped, unwrapped, bows or no bows. Life too can present a variety of experiences.

The term “the patchwork quilt of life” was an analogy I used as for the second time in my life and professional career, I stepped back from “the job” to care for a parent as they were in the final dissent of their life. Years earlier, I returned from working and living in Asia to assist with a parent. Now, I returned from working and living in Canada for my remaining parent.

As the youngest child born 13+ years after the oldest child in my family, I had a different perspective than my older siblings, as I arrived well after my parents’ youth. My perspective and my life experiences were shaped differently than theirs. No longer were my parents in the “we have all of life ahead of us” stage of life; instead, the older middle-age stage of life, there was less enthusiasm, more worry and angst.

Responsibility and independence came easily to me. As the youngest, I could stand out with my resourcefulness, zest, inquisitiveness and congenial personality and form the “oldest of the second generation” persona.

Watching, listening and “sensing” what others said (and didn’t say) and did (and didn’t do) was a guide for me to learn what may “work” for me. Experiencing life, illness, accidents and death came early in my life. It seemed “normal” and “natural” for the polarity of life/death and everything in between. Conversations were framed from the “medical/health care perspective” with a family of those professions surrounding me. Yet… how we felt about these things was avoided.

Having learned a combined focus from my educational choices, residence hall living and RA/Head Res experiences, business experiences, service and relational inclination, I embarked on quite a journey in aviation. My career choice was different from my family.

Selecting a career in aviation brought joy to me. Interacting with businesses and government agencies in the travel sector fits me! Reading about people and places far different from my life experience from the time I was four – I was ready for the freedom, experiences and exploration of the world.

Being relational mattered most to me; transactions seemed so impersonal to me. We all matter. We wish as humans to be seen, heard and valued. Leading with a “service heart” is who I am. When I was asked to volunteer to be an emergency team responder, as I started my 1st airline job, I said yes.

What I hadn’t known then that I do know is that working two airplane crashes in my 20’s and 9/11 in my early 40’s would be instrumental in doing what I do today. I understand deeply how people: a) would prefer not to discuss or think about “it” – that “it” being subject to personal or family accident or mortality issues; and b) how lives are forever changed when “something” happens to forever change life as it was known.

Instantaneous loss or change is so hard for anyone. Adding a component of having no idea how to conduct day to day life adds a component of fear that disallows people from their grief and propels them into overwhelm, freeze, pain and confusion. This is what makes me sad.

In my fifth decade armed with global business experience, experience working amidst personal and professional tragedy, and familiarity with the various professionals who can assist us with implementing ways to protect ourselves, I embarked on a new journey. It was important for me to participate in something meaningful, fulfilling and measurable. Taking time to evaluate, dream and vision it all out (even when I didn’t find anyone else doing this!), I formed The Living Planner®. The Living Planner® was created to fill a gap in the US.

The gap exists for the 60% of Americans who’ve yet to complete a will/trust, assign medical powers of attorney, document their advanced directives, name guardianship for their children, understand what protection policies would help them, establish contingency plans for their businesses/employees and document the important stuff for home/work.

There are excellent professionals who address a segment of life (accounting, financial planning, insurance, law, medical, funerals, etc.). Yet I hadn’t found the “free agent” who helped people and businesses strategize about the “whole” impact of the if/then’s… so I became that person!

This journey of advocacy and consulting frees me to use all of my experiences gained in life and provide this “free agent” view of strategies for their unique situations. No, I’m not receiving commissions for sold policies or plans. It’s important for me that people understand the basic premise behind each of the professions and services offered in terms they understand.

Talking about and covering things people would prefer not to hear is my proactive work and services to help them in advance of the “emergency”. People deserve to know what’s at stake and what’s in risk by not preparing for what I’ve seen and been through from the many emergency situations I’ve experienced. Becoming ready to be ready is freeing, empowering and provides such relief to those responding to when it’s all needed.

The deep appreciation I have received from clients drives me forward to find new ways to help them take care of planning for anything life hands them. Stay well all, know yourself and you’ll know your way moving forward!

I’ll conclude with the quote I formed for my book is this, “Live life fully every day, love with all your heart and always be prepared – we don’t know when our time here is finished” – Lynn

Would you say it’s been a smooth road, and if not what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced along the way?
Being the first has its challenges 🙂 My desire for people to take proactive actions is an uphill hike. Often people resist until something happens. We face so many “important issues” that it seems easier to wait.

While my heart is with those who face the challenge in the moment, I reserve that reactive aspect for my family and friends and work proactively using the experiences from my days working in crisis situations.

Because I don’t sell financial/insurance products with residual commissions, my consulting services are charged upfront, thus working in partnership with those who concentrate on selling products with residuals tend to ask me to sell products 🙂

I love what I do. Educating and advocating matters to me.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
The Living Planner is an evolution of my life – personally and professionally. During my aviation career, I was a volunteer emergency team responder. I worked two crashes in my 20’s and later, 9/11. These experiences have taught me valuable lessons about living and about being practically prepared for life at all times.

Preventative strategies are my passion. Tough topics are tough. How do you prepare and cope with a sudden diagnosis, an accident or loss of life? OR cope with business impact due to natural disaster, regulatory, technological, and/or human factors?

Life changes and evolves as we grow through it! We encounter new experiences through transitions like job changes, moves, new relationships, babies, all the way to retirement – so many factors to consider along the way.

“What do I do NOW?” We seem programmed to react to life. What if we considered a proactive stance? Each transition is a time when we stretch beyond what we’ve known to take a new step life’s journey. After years in the reactive space, I’m a believer in up-front action to allow us to feel what we deserve to feel in times of loss.

Life administration begins at 18! Stay tuned for upcoming information about a new Adulting Adventures Ahead Series for Young Adults and Young Professionals covering GenZ Life Hacks!

Products and Services offered include The Living Planner© print book USD $23.95 plus tax/shipping, covering Pre-Planning; At a Loss; and ongoing follow-up topics designed to get you into action.

Available directly are: Personalized Hourly Consulting Packages and/or The Wellbeing Check-up (an individualized session with me to explore personal/family readiness and gaps in planning to prepare people to meet with accounting, tax, financial, legal, medical and end of life planning professionals).

Other offerings include: Workshops; Legacy Training for home business teams and franchises; Consultancy Services for C-Suite, Department Heads and Employees (focus on sustainable operations, transferable operations and resiliency action plans) and continuity planning in advance of illness, accident, or loss of family members, partners and/or key employees.

My work with The Living Planner honors and remembers the victims, families and survivors of NW255, NW1482 and UA175.

Giving back is important to me. I mentor young women as they enter college and serve as a business mentor for Veterans transitioning into civilian life and young professionals in various industry sectors.

Is there any advice you’d like to share with our readers who might just be starting out?
Find your purpose, this will sustain you through the ups and downs of running a business. Shore up your business model. Learn about marketing. Take advantage of technology while always concentrating on those you serve. Form business relationships. Learn something new everyday! Know your skills and your gaps. Ask for help 🙂

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