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Conversations with the Inspiring Andrea Mutascio Mills

Today we’d like to introduce you to Andrea Mutascio Mills.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Andrea Mutascio. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from the beginning.
At the age of 5 years old, I knew my path was determined already for me.   I was going to be a Nurse and make a difference in the world.  I knew I would be a healing presence, much like the way my grandmother Lillian was to all who met her.  She was not a nurse, but she cured people with the simple touch of her hands and love in her heart.  She brushed away headaches with a gentle wave of her hands and I was in awe when I watched her.  I never knew that what she was doing was considered Energy Healing and that one day I would follow in her footsteps.

My enthusiasm for nursing and aspirations to succeed helped me to graduate at the top of my class as Valedictorian at Boston College School of Nursing in May 2003.  This prestigious honor granted me a highly coveted position in a New Graduate ICU training program at a Level 1 Trauma Center in Boston, Massachusetts.  My career as an Intensive Care Unit nurse took me to many different hospitals over the past 16 years where I have specialized in Surgical, Cardiac, Pulmonary, Neurosurgical, and Oncology Nursing.  I eventually moved to San Diego in 2007 as a travel nurse where I fell in love with the beautiful weather, the laid back atmosphere, and friendly people I met.

In April of 2011, a twist of fate occurred.  I woke up one afternoon in a hospital room with no memory of how I arrived there.  I was told I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and had been unconscious for the past 12 hours. I spent the next few months fighting horrendous, severe ice-pick headaches and migraines, extreme fatigue, visual disturbances, dizziness, and severe depression and anxiety.  I was suffering from Post Concussive Syndrome for 6 months with debilitating symptoms.  As a nurse, I thought the only way to get better from an injury like this was listen to the doctor and take every medicine they prescribe. Except, none of those medicines were helping.  I was on disability and was quickly deteriorating with my mental health. I was even beginning to contemplate suicide as I couldn’t suffer with the unbearable pain much longer.   I was urged to take an energy healing class called Healing Touch by a coworker of mine to help “heal myself.” I thought it was crazy to think I could heal myself when I could barely get out of bed most days.

Barbara Brennan, a well known author and Energy healer said “If you wish to become a healer, you can.  Your first challenge is to heal yourself.  Focus on that, then focus on finding ways to help others heal themselves.  This will lead to your development as a healer.  No one can bestow healership upon another.  It is something that grows from the inside.”  In October 2011, I took my first Healing Touch Level 1 class which propelled me into a life of Love and Healing that was more amazing than I could ever imagine.  I realized the same qualities my grandmother possessed as an Energy Healer, were awakened inside of me.  “From chaos comes clarity”.

After receiving multiple treatments from others in that weekend-long class, the majority of my symptoms, just disappeared, including my depression and anxiety. It was mind-blowing that this technique could have such a profound impact on such severe symptoms.  My healing began immediately.  I started living my life in perfect harmony, treating myself daily with self-chakra treatments, repeating positive affirmations, and reading anything I could find on Energy Medicine.   My headaches quickly faded while my energy grew.  I aligned my physical, mental, emotional well-being and realized all along I had the innate ability to heal myself.  I soon began treating friends and family, sharing this wonderful gift of healing energy with miraculous results.  I progressed quickly along the Healing Beyond Borders Certificate Program and became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner within two years in 2013.  That same month, I started my private practice, Healing Nurses,  My Traumatic Brain Injury became a blessing in disguise as I found my true calling in life as a nurse and as an energy healer, along with finding balance and wellness in the process.

In September of 2014, I traveled to mystical Sedona, Arizona to begin my journey in Reiki.  I became an Usui Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and later became an Usui Reiki Master in 2016.  I had felt a calling to further expand my knowledge of Reiki and to tap into a higher vibrational energy.   In March of 2018, I took advanced traning with the President of the International Center for Reiki Training, William Lee Rand, and became a Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Master.  Karuna Reiki is a much deeper, divine power of energy.  Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means compassionate action.

Since I started my practice, Healing Nurses, I have been helping people heal from illnesses, injuries, side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, chronic pain, depression, anxiety, and more. Helping others find their path to healing has been the most amazing blessing in my life.  I recently partnered with Seva Holistic Health in Mission Valley to provide a space where clients can receive all of their holistic medicine needs in one location.  My partner Mili Shah, provides acupuncture, visceral manipulation, chinese herbal consultation, and craniosacral therapy.   On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I provide Healing Touch and Reiki.  My clients love our calm, peaceful healing environment.  I also use these same relaxation and pain techniques at Sharp Memorial Hospital where I am a Surgical Intensive Care Unit Nurse.  Healing Touch and Reiki have become regular treatments for my patients.  I find that my patients exhibit less pain, less anxiety, and have an overall sense of well-being after they receive my energy treatments.  I regularly teach my patients family members simple Healing Touch techniques that they can do for their loved ones.  This empowers them to feel like they are making a difference in their hospital stay.

My mission is to provide heart centered, Holistic care to others through Healing Touch and Reiki by addressing the four levels of well-being; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, while empowering my clients to use their innate abilities to find optimal health and wellness.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It has been a challenging journey to be in a field that is not well known, especially in the medical profession. As an ICU nurse, I rely on research studies, clinical data, and tangible evidence that medicine or procedures work to help patients. But what happens when conventional medicine fails? It’s hard for scientific minds to understand something they can’t see. Until someone experiences a treatment, most are skeptical and don’t believe that Healing Touch or Reiki can help with pain, depression, anxiety, and more.   For example, years ago, a neurosurgeon was about to go into the Operating Room, but had a terrible migraine. He was about to cancel his surgery until someone suggested I do Healing Touch on him. I worked for 15 minutes on his headache and felt his headache disappear.   When I was done, the doctor was in shock. How could I take away his pain and nausea with just my hands?!?! I explained how our bodies energy system works and how opening the energy centers in our body and balancing them, I was creating harmony in the body and allowing it to heal.  The doctor was able to complete his surgery and often came to me for treatments when he was not feeling well many times after that.  This same type of scenario has played out hundreds of times in the past eight years since I started doing Healing Touch. The woman who created Healing Touch, Janet Mentgen had the motto, “Just do the work.” So, that’s what I have done. Whether I have skeptics, naysayers or doubters, I just do the work and let the results speak for themselves. I’ve grown a pretty thick skin and realize not everyone will understand or believe in its effectiveness. I don’t lose track of what’s most important and that is helping others heal and live pain-free lives. Fortunately, Healing Touch and Reiki have now been documented in hundreds of research studies over the years that have proven its effectiveness in a wide variety of settings and situations.  My advice for young women entering this type of profession is to keep going despite skeptics or critics. Be true to yourself and what you know to be true.  And…”Just do the work”.

What should we know about Healing Nurses? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
My style of energy healing are a combination of 2 techniques, Healing Touch and Reiki. Healing Touch is comprised of 33 different techniques compiled into a 5 level program designed for nurses, by a nurse, to help patients heal. It also consists of a 1-year apprenticeship with numerous guidelines to prepare you to become certified and an expert in the techniques.   This vigorous training and extensive requirements have prepared me to run a successful practice and help clients in their journey.  Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that uses different symbols to help one heal. Both use a gentle touch on or above the body and work with the bodies energy system and energy centers in the body, called Chakras. When energy gets congested, depleted, or imbalanced, we feel unwell. The opening, clearing, and balancing of these energy centers and energy pathways creates a response in the parasympathetic nervous system to release endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, all feel good hormones that put our body in a deeply relaxed state. This creates more blood flow, more oxygen delivery, more nutrient absorption, better toxin removal, and more so that healing is achieved, balance is created, and harmony restored. After a treatment, patients often say they feel less pain, more peaceful, calm, free from anxiety, happier, and lighter. Energy healing not only works on the physical body, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually as well. It is the true mind-body-spirit connection that energy healing is working on.

My specialty is helping people to navigate pain, depression, and anxiety. I teach all my clients how to work on their own energy field in between treatments so they can help themselves heal as well. All healing is self-healing… I’m just a channel to help ignite that process for each client. I believe people come to see me because I’m also an ICU nurse. I believe in the medical side of things as well and truly understand what my clients are suffering through. Nurses are a very trusted profession and if one can find an energy healer who is also a nurse, they feel safer turning to complementary therapies. I believe in both Western and Eastern medicines merging together to create and maintain health.  One truly cannot exist without the other.

For good reason, society often focuses more on the problems rather than the opportunities that exist, because the problems need to be solved. However, we’d probably also benefit from looking for and recognizing the opportunities that women are better positioned to capitalize on. Have you discovered such opportunities?
I think women are poised to create whatever opportunities their heart desires. I think women are so resilient, creative, intuitive, and compassionate. And those are qualities that are suitable for any type of successful business or venture. I respect all the trailblazers before me who stood up for what they believed in as well as defining their worth. This has helped me to believe I could open my own small business and be successful.


  • Initial Treatment and Consultation $120 $
  • Follow up treatments $90
  • Gift certificates $120

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