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Conversations with the Inspiring Christine Howard

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christine Howard.

Christine, please share your story with us.
I have been a life success coach since 2002. In addition to pursuing and achieving my own goals, I loved to help my clients achieve their most important goals. As I grew and expanded in my life, so has the focus of my coaching. In the latter part of 2016, my brand began to transform. I shifted my focus from “taking clients from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow”, to be a coach, consultant, and mentor who is a passionate guide for women to wholeheartedly love themselves, pursue their soul-centered calling and live their most radiant life.

I had come to realize that while we can feel wonderful for achieving a goal we have, it’s those deeper callings from our soul and our heart that are the seeds of our true potential and our true radiance. I experienced this first hand in my life shortly after turning 50. In working through cancer, a divorce and facing an empty nest, I drew a line in the sand to never again feel like I’m not enough.

I knew I was not alone in my experience and feelings of unworthiness and disconnect from my deeper desires. Out of this commitment, my new brand was born. In loving myself and pursuing my callings I became more connected to my true essence – my true Radiance. I discovered the core powers that I was using and desired to share this with other women. My Radiance Awakened coaching program and retreat was born!

Committed to teaching the powers of Radiant Achievement, my work guides and inspires women to live a life using both their feminine and masculine energies in a balanced and blended way. Women now have a new paradigm for achievement – one that brings joy and fulfillment and brings out their true Radiance!

A bit about my products:
The Mantra Makeup Mat™ (and ultimately the Mantra Mindset Moment™ t-shirts) was created during a tough time in my life. Right before her 52nd birthday I was diagnosed with non-invasive breast cancer and was in the process of receiving naturopathic treatments. During this time, near the end of my treatments, I experienced another major life event – my marriage of over 21 years unexpectedly ended. Not only was I faced with life-impacting health decisions, now I have also immersed in the pain of an impending divorce.

Rather than retreat, I put myself in what I now call a “self-care bubble.” I spent many hours reading, taking yoga classes, in meditation, journaling and in conversations with friends that gave me the vital space to mourn, to cry, and to dig deep into my beliefs about my life. This time of self-reflection created the space for rekindling my creativity.

Always a creative person, I have had numerous product ideas over the years; but, as typical of many, I simply gave dream of them with little or no action. Not this time! Somewhere after my first surgery and before my divorce was finalized, one of my dear friends encouraged me to pursue the creation of a very special product she often spoke about: The Mantra Makeup Mat™. Along with the product, I created a Mindful Moment Radiance Ritual that was inspired out of my own mirror work and morning ritual.

This product is the perfect blend of function and inspiration to guide women to connect with their true essence every day, to love themselves fully, and to let their natural beauty and radiance shine! I will continue to create and launch products that support empowerment and transformation as this is part of my essence!

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It definitely has not been a smooth road for me, but I will say that each bump in my road has been a gift! Many of the bumps came in the form of limiting beliefs about myself and others. It’s taken me years to shift my perspective to see obstacles and challenges as gifts and I am so grateful I’ve made this shift. The perspective of something happening “for” me and not “to” me has created a life that is full of learning and growing vs. struggle and strife. I have come to learn that if you are struggling then you have a great opportunity to learn something (which may be related to letting go of a limiting belief) and shift to a more empowered belief or perspective. I love the quote “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.” I believe that wholeheartedly!

In the years before my awakenings (which I affectionately call the periods after my cancer and separation), I had given up on many of my dreams and desires to support my family. At the time I couldn’t see a way to honor my desires and the desires of my family. As a result, I did a lot of struggling and suffering in an attempt to get things the way I wanted them to be. Not only did I not get the result I wanted, my health took a toll from it. I am grateful for my wakeup calls and lessons learned that are now allowing me to live a more loving, empowered and joyful life.

I encourage young women today to stay connected to their inner wisdom (they have a lot of it) and to their intuition (they go hand in hand). Own your worth, love yourself for who you are. You are an amazing one-of-a-kind beautiful soul put here for a reason. Take a stand for you and your passions. Bring your passions and desires to live without worrying about how people with receiving them or if you will be judged. It is the journey of pursuing these passions that will bring you your greatest joy and fulfillment. You don’t have to have it all figured out. The path will unfold as you begin to step forward. There are so much fun and joy in not knowing all the answers! Know that you are not alone – the universe truly has your back. Trust this! Your words, your beliefs, and your mindset matter! You are constantly creating and attracting things into your life that are in alignment with your thoughts and beliefs. Every moment counts. Spend more time feeling things and less time thinking about things. There is wisdom in feeling! And finally, there are no mistakes. Your path, your journey, is perfect and you are in exactly the right place. Stay curious and grateful and remember to truly and deeply love yourself!

What should we know about Mantra Makeup Mat (products) and Christine Howard Coaching (coaching biz)? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
Overall, my brands are poised to help women of all ages who might be feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, living less-than their potential and desire to bring more of themselves and their radiance to life by listening to and pursuing their inner callings. I listened to (and continue to listen to) my soul callings in creating my products and coaching programs. What I have created and built as a brand has been a very inside-out process, that has created not only a positive impact in women’s lives but also a great joy and sense of fulfillment in my life! I am living my work!

My products have a purpose – to support women in wholeheartedly accepting and loving themselves and giving them the support and courage to step forward to pursue their soul-centered calling. The makeup mats are themed around beauty, empowerment, faith, and dance. I’ll be releasing a uni-sex mat later this year!

My coaching work, workshops, speaking, and media are also centered around women owning their worth and pursuing their soul calling. I guide women to bring their callings to life, but rather than approach your calling with relentless achievement, I teach Radiant Achievement! This new way to approach achievement that creates joy, flow, growth, and empowerment along the path to manifesting your desires. I am excited to continue to bring this new paradigm to more and more women. Women need it, the world needs it!

Who do you look up to? How have they inspired you?
There are so many women that have inspired me in my life, in different ways, and to different degrees. I continue to be inspired by women every day, whether I’m reading a blog post, on a phone call, or scrolling through one of the social media sites. My inspiration is truly ongoing. If I had to name a few people, here’s who I’d name:

My late great-aunt Barbara was a huge inspiration to me. She was fearless! She knew what was important to her and she pursued it. From trips to Africa to support a charity, she was involved in, to playing golf, to entertaining, to giving someone a heartfelt compliment. She lived life deeply and with passion and vigor, whether she was healthy or facing one of her three rounds of cancer. She taught me so much about gratitude, doing things you love, and making a difference in the world.

Oprah has been a huge inspiration to me. It’s not just about where and how her life started out, but more so, the fact that her reach and impact in this world continues to grow and grow. I see how one event, one commitment, one yes lead to yet another opportunity and another. Her legacy continues to unfold and that excites me for my life and what is infinitely possible!

I have also been greatly inspired by Ellen DeGeneres. I love her authenticity! I went to one of her shows and the energy she brought to her show and the energy she stirred up in us in the audience was amazing to watch! It was one big fun party and she did it by being herself! She has definitely inspired me to be creative, to dance and just be me!

There are numerous female authors and through leaders whose books and programs I have devoured! They each have inspired me to live my life from a higher place, to connect with and use my gifts, as well as to shed my limiting beliefs, so that I can live my fullest life. These women include Marsh Engle, Claire Zammit, Debbie Ford, Barbara DiAngeles, Louise Hay, Brene Brown, and Marianne Williamson.


  • Various Coaching Packages are available – prices based on package selected
  • Radiance Awakened Workshop Retreat $399
  • Mantra Makeup Mat $23.95
  • Mantra Mindset Moments T-shirt $37.95 – $38.95

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