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Conversations with the Inspiring Erin McInerney

Today we’d like to introduce you to Erin McInerney.

Erin, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I am a born and raised Brooklyn girl who moved to San Diego nine years ago on the pursuit of happiness and better weather. I was 24, I had nothing to my name – not a dollar in my pocket, no savings, no car and in the height of an economic crisis – no job lined up! At the time, it may have seemed like a bold move but looking back it was kind of reckless. But if you’re going to do something like that; do it in your 20s when you have nothing but time and no commitments. San Diego is the place to be for fun and sun.

I spent my 20s really enjoying myself; lots of life experiences. I became pregnant with my first son when I was 30 and had him March 20, 2017. Motherhood was a whole new world for me. I felt so unprepared and like everything was trial and error. I had a very unfortunate experience upon attempting to return to my job of three plus years after maternity leave. But like all things in life, everything happens for a reason and that turned out to be one of the biggest blessings I could ever receive.

Never one to be stagnant, I made plans and set goals for where I saw my career going. I wanted to be come certified to teach yoga and pilates, get a certification in nutritional coaching and start educating people on wellness. These plans all got paused because I became pregnant again and they were just not feasible. But the more I learned about being a mother, the more I realized I needed a platform to share my experiences so other new moms wouldn’t feel as lost as I did. I took to my Instagram to start blogging and eventually caught the eye of some local groups that were interested in my work. I started networking with a group called Moms On Maternity. Through them, I have been able to not only network myself and get out there as a writer and wellness consultant, but also advocate for mothers and help them.

Slowly, things have come together. My boyfriend and I welcomed our second son on October 19, 2018. Somewhere along the way, I rediscovered my passion for writing. I decided to just go for it, without a website or anything like that and let everything come together when it was ready. And alignment has very much been on my side.

I am now writing and blogging for multiple sites with my own website and e-commerce store dropping very soon, taking clients as a wellness consultant and advocating for/educating moms and moms to be.

Every day, I thank the universe to be so lucky to have my boyfriend and two sons. They support and love me in every way and I am so thankful I was blessed with all three of them. They define the terms “unconditional love” and “ride or die.”

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
My road has had its bumps for sure. But I have learned everything is happening to you so you can have a greater takeaway and learn/grow from it. Trying to make a business happen out of nothing and raise two babies has many challenges. I do not sleep. At night is the only time I can work and my babies still wake up frequently. But I am doing this for them, not only to help our family, but so they see a mindful, working mom.

I read some good advice before I decided to start blogging, it was something along the lines of don’t wait until everything is perfect because it might never be, go for it, people love to watch your journey, your evolution, your blossoming. So, I took it from there.

If I could offer advice to young women it would be to value and respect yourself, whatever you are passionate about finding a way to make that your career and never care what anyone else thinks. Other people aren’t living your life or paying your bills, your happiness is what matters. People who judge are too scared to do what you are doing. Always remember there is a light within you that isn’t in anyone else, it’s what makes YOU shine.

What should we know about The Urban Mermaid? What do you do best?
I am at a point where I consider what I do for work a reflection of my inner light. I always wanted to be a writer and was an avid reader growing up. Somehow I lost that. Now that blogging is so mainstream, a platform for writers to share their thoughts is more available.

I am a writer and blogger. I contribute monthly with San Diego Moms Blog and I have been featured on Red Tric, The BK Reader, MiniFix makeup, Thrive Mommas Blog and many more. My own blog will be launching very soon and I cannot wait for that!

I am also a wellness consultant. I’ve been on my own wellness journey for at least six years and I am constantly discovering new things. I believe wellness is a balance within the mind, body, and soul. When these are aligned, you vibe at your highest capacity and that energy goes out there. I custom make wellness plans that include recipes, schedules, holistic advice, dieting needs and I cater them individually. I can even help you with introducing your baby to foods or trick your picky toddler into eating well. I also encourage using essential oils, meditation, certain supplements and adaptogens, yoga… it all depends on the client!

Advocating for mothers is also something that lights me up energetically. I want to help them, be a voice, educate them, connect them… Moms On Maternity is such a wonderful group for providing this for pregnant and new moms.

Do you have a lesson or advice you’d like to share with young women just starting out?
Hmmmm… I don’t think I have one answer for that:

1. Know your worth and add text. Do not let someone undermine, underpay or overwork you. Do not let them make you feel replaceable.

2. Never let other people’s opinions stop you from doing something. Even if you don’t always feel 100% confident, project that image and you will align with it.

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