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Conversations with the Inspiring Kate Dorsey

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kate Dorsey.

Kate, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I remember the moment I realized I had a choice. I was sobbing on the floor of my bedroom. My boyfriend had just dumped me. The truth was we’d been miserable for months. The break up was inevitable. I’d refused to admit it. I remember thinking I have no idea what to do next. But I have to do something different.

I’d had enough of living this way. I believed I was unworthy. I remember thinking when I was going to stop twisting myself into a pretzel to get love. I had lost myself in him and now that he wasn’t there, I didn’t know what to do. I never wanted this to happen again. I wanted to feel like I was solid in who I was and had my own life going for me.

Out of incredible heartache came an awareness and a desire to heal. To change and reach for more. I was done with these BELIEFS. I refused to let my life continue to be a rollercoaster ride of unhappiness. I committed to new healthy beliefs and found myself creating an incredible life. As a result, I experienced shifts in every area of my life. I let go of fear and boldly pursued my DREAMS. Created deeply connected relationships with friends and family. Expanded spiritually and tapped into intuitive gifts. Felt true life fulfillment.

Once you do the inner work and marry it with inspired action, you really can create the life of your dreams after a break-up. This is what is possible for you. You are worthy of everything your heart desires. You are capable of great things. Break free from everything that holds you back, tap into your strengths, and LIVE the life you were meant for. Or add this in as it gives more background information on me:

I always knew I wanted to help people. I was fascinated by them growing up. I wanted to understand them how they operated. And I wanted to make a difference for them. I wanted to help them create the changes they desired in their life. A lot of this was influenced by my grandma. She suffered from tremendous anxiety and it was painful to watch her suffer so much. As a result of that anxiety, she pushed loved ones away when all she wanted to do was to feel close to them and protect them.

I found myself studying psychology in college and then pursuing a Master’s in Art Therapy. I worked in a variety of settings over the years with lots of different people. From psychiatric hospitals to drug and alcohol treatment to college students. All of this experience was tremendously helpful in learning how to support clients in getting the results they desire.

But, I noticed a theme. I loved working with clients that were motivated for change. They were in tough positions, dealing with major life transitions like grief, divorce, and breakups. I found I resonated so deeply with healing your heart, re-discovering who you are, and creating the life you desire.

I decided to close my private practice in Charleston, SC and relocate to San Diego, CA. Living in California was a childhood dream of mine. Along the way to making that move, I transitioned into coaching. It gave me the opportunity to hone in on the clients I was working with.

Has it been a smooth road?
You have these ideas about how you want things to look. Things rarely turn out that way or go as planned. Learning to roll with challenges is one of the greatest lessons in life. You see, it’s in the challenges that you are built that you develop resilience and grit. That you get clear on what really matters to you.

Realize that you will have doubts. It will be your companion, but it is never the reason not to do something. Choose to be the person that believes in yourself. Stop trying to get it right. To be perfect. To look good. Let it be messy. Let yourself explore. Say “yes” to the experiences you want to have. Allow yourself to figure out who you are as you put yourself in new situations.

Love yourself. Embrace every inch of who you are. What don’t you like about yourself? Are you stubborn, prone to complaining, or emotional. Love that. Learn to love not just the things you like but also the things you can’t stand. Loving yourself is the greatest gift you can give to yourself.

You won’t regret what you pursue, you’ll only regret the times you didn’t go after what you wanted. The times you settled. Seek the growth opportunities. See your fears and move towards them. Don’t let fear rob you of the life you want. Keep evaluating. Keep asking yourself what you want. Keep taking the risks and leaps of faith. Once you’re where you want to be, you get to re-set goals and ask yourself what is next for you.

I used to be so mean to myself, beat myself up, judge and criticize myself. I’ve made mistakes. Those mistakes were learning opportunities. You cannot fail. You can only learn. Always look to learn. Having a growth mindset, loving yourself, and having the courage to take the risks are the keys to living an incredible and fulfilling life.

If I could go back now, I’d tell myself to look at what I had. To appreciate it. To feel gratitude. To trust that more is coming. That everything I go through contains a valuable lesson. A nugget that will transform my life. Start to look for those. They are there. When you look for them, you’ll find them amongst the pain. Learn to treasure your life. The relationships you have. Slow down and take the time to just be.

We’d love to hear more about your work.
Women often come to me when they’ve gone through a massive break up or divorce and they find themselves in a place where they feel lost and want to find love again. I love helping women heal and re-discover who they are. While I do have a proprietary process that I take my coaching clients through, I have found that being able to adjust to their needs is the most critical part of them experiencing success. The process I guide clients through includes emotional freedom, re-defining & reinventing, and finally re-building & re-igniting.

As you develop emotional freedom, you feel happy again. You learn the skills that allow you to navigate life’s ups and downs with ease. You gain confidence in yourself. In redefining & re-inventing, you rediscover the core of who you are and what really matters to you. You gain clarity on your deepest desires. As you re-build and re-ignite, your passions come alive as you boldly pursue the incredible life you are meant to live. When you live your life this way, you unlock loving yourself fully. In this space, you become a magnet to attracting the love you desire.

I’m deeply committed to the clients I work with. I like to be accessible to them. I love knowing what they want to create and partnering with them so that that becomes their reality. I’m a big fan of gifts, personal touches, and going the extra mile for my clients. I most often work with clients 1:1 as I really enjoy being connected to them. I find that this allows me to personalize and tailor my coaching to meet their specific needs.

Who do you look up to? How have they inspired you?
So many! I’ve got countless coaching friends who inspire me on a daily basis. I’d also say the women in my family, especially my mom. I’m an avid reader and life long learner. Some of my biggest sources of inspiration include Oprah, Brene Brown, Alison Armstrong, Marianne Williamson, Maya Aneglou, Gabby Bernstein, to name just a few. I am truly inspired by women who show up powerfully and are committed to making a difference in this world. They are reminders to be a source of love and inspiration to others.

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