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Conversations with the Inspiring Lauren Peter

Today we’d like to introduce you to Lauren Peter.

Lauren, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
In the summer of 2015, I found out I was pregnant. It was a good surprise, but definitely a surprise. When I was younger, I imagined myself as a corporate working mom. The idea of staying home all day every day with a baby just never resonated with me. Toward the end of my pregnancy, I started researching childcare and became a little antsy and uncertain about the timeline of returning to work after having our daughter but powered on. However, as soon as she arrived it was clear that I was going to have trouble leaving that tiny perfect baby in the care of a stranger five days a week.

Well, seven weeks into my maternity leave, my company underwent layoffs and my safe, secure and coveted corporate position was eliminated. I had a decision to make that I was not prepared for in the slightest. Do I rally my frazzled freshly postpartum self and hit the job application train? I basically was still wearing the mesh undies they send you home from the hospital in. Or did we have another option?

Rewind a minute – back in 2014, I was struggling with insomnia and fairly debilitating anxiety. I was desperate for relief and the people closest to me were urging me to find a solution. A former coworker shared about essential oils on Pinterest and I was intrigued. It seemed totally crazy. I was wary, but also didn’t really have anything to lose. I figured if they didn’t work at least they’d make my house smell good, right?

I went out on a limb and bought a kit of oils and a diffuser through my friend. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I had nearly instant success! I was obsessed and couldn’t wait to see what else these little bottles could do. Through trial and error, a little research, help from fellow oilers and consistency I learned what the heck I was doing. I found that there’s an oil for pretty much every issue under the sun and was introduced to a whole new way of living. What I came to learn is that essential oils are just a part of the picture. My eyes were opened to the sad truths that many of the companies I was buying from didn’t always have my back. Young Living makes it so simple to ditch the products that are keeping us sick and swap them for something safer.

I felt it would be selfish to keep this information to myself so I started sharing my story and people responded. There was clearly a need for these natural remedies and I was driven to help anyone who needed it. I had absolutely zero intention of starting my own business and in network marketing of all things but was into the idea of a side-hustle. Never ever did I expect it to turn into anything.

When my corporate job was eliminated during my maternity leave two years later, we had a decision to make. I sat down with my husband and crunched the numbers and we were shocked (and relieved) that my check from Young Living was enough to bridge the gap in our expenses. It was scary, uncharted territory, but we were gonna do the thing! Turns out it was the best decision ever.

From a single box of oils, my team has grown to nearly 700 families who are on a path to better their lives through wellness, purpose, and abundance. I get so much joy being able to empower other moms and teach them simple yet powerful ways to care for their families and help them do the same. My Young Living team has become a second family – a community that I never knew that I even needed but would be entirely lost without.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
More pregnancy woes. Summer of 2018, I found out I was pregnant with our second daughter. I was quickly diagnosed with a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) a potentially life-threatening pregnancy disease that causes chronic malnutrition, dehydration & debility due to severe nausea & vomiting, and may cause long-term health issues for mom and baby estimated to affect less than 2% of pregnancies. It hit me like a brick wall. One day I was traveling to Salt Lake City for the Young Living International Convention and the next thing I knew I was bedridden, had lost 20 pounds because of all the vomiting and was on two different prescription medications. Working from home while taking care of a toddler and having HG seemed impossible. I had to take a step back because at this point it was pure survival mode. Again, the business I built with Young Living saved the day. During my season of rest growing a new human and feeling truly awful, I am again overcome with gratitude that this is the path, I’ve chosen to invest my time and energy into. See when most would be panicking having to request time off or go out on medical leave, I am able to take a step back, worry-free and give my body exactly what it needed (rest) because of what I’ve built.

Of course, there are ups and downs just like any business. Working for yourself presents a ton of incredible pros – freedom of time, working from anywhere on your smartphone, financial freedom, being your own boss – but also the struggle is real sometimes! Working from home (now with 2 kids) is hard. The season is a lot more challenging than I anticipated (not really sure what I was expecting!) but setting aside time to work is really important but also really hard. It’s awesome that you have no boss – no one riding you or micromanaging, but then there’s the fact that there’s no one riding you.. so it’s on you to make it happen!

I’ve found that finding a community (or building one) that is going to run with you and support you through times when you want to quit is worth everything. Find your people who you can vent to on the hard days and who will celebrate all your wins along the way.

Invest in yourself and really figure out what you bring to the table, what makes you stand out. Identify who you’re targeting and who you’re NOT. Don’t waste time or energy on those who aren’t on your bus. Then, figure out how you can put their needs above yourself always.

Be willing to reevaluate how you do things. Sometimes, what used to work wonderfully, won’t anymore so being able to notice that, take a step back and look at what we’re doing with fresh eyes and being ok with the fact that you might have to start back at square one. That doesn’t mean it’s time to quit.

What else should our readers know?
They say it takes a village. ⁣We’ve all heard it. Except no one tells you where or how to find the said village. It was a total shock to me how hard it is to make mom friends. Let’s be real. That sense of community, belonging and just knowing you’re not alone in the dredges (and joys) of motherhood is SO important. So, we’ve created it. ⁣

I feel sad when I hear people say, “Those oils are incredible! But I don’t want to sell them or anything,” because this is what I want them to know. This is so much more than “selling oils.” In fact, I don’t really consider myself to be a salesperson because so very little of what we do can be summed up like that. Instead, it’s friendship, camaraderie, a sisterhood. It’s personal growth so big and DOING LIFE with genuine, like-minded people who are making huge impacts and bettering the world one bottle of plant juice at a time. ⁣

When I started using oils five years ago, I thought MAYBE I’d sleep a little better and be calmer, but I’m so proud that what I got in addition to my box of oils was a community – a business that provides my family with freedom – for me to stay at home with my daughters and more, plus a super village of amazing people with gigantic hearts. People who just want to do better for their families. People who want to do better for this world. Being able to teach other families (like our own) to be empowered by their own wellness journey is incredible, and we continue to watch it grow month after month, more and more families are joining us and it’s the best. ⁣It really does matter who you sign up with.

It would be great to hear about any apps, books, podcasts or other resources that you’ve used and would recommend to others.
You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
Anything and everything by Berné Brown
The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon
Soup by Jon Gordon
Anything from Seth Godin
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind – T. Harv Eker

Over – for designing sleek graphics from your phone
Unfold – classy Instagram story formatting
The Calm App – meditation and mindfulness (a must!)

Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield
Goal Digger – Jenna Kutcher
Boss Up – Lindsay Teague Moreno

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