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Conversations with Kristina Zemlanikina

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kristina Zemlanikina.

Hi Kristina, so excited to have you with us today. What can you tell us about your story?
(I’m originally from Latvia and been in the US for almost 18 years.) I rediscovered my creativity by simply buying a box of crayons to mess around during the quarantine of 2020. When I was a kid, I always loved to draw, but when I grew up, I got busy trying to find my place & fit in a box that made me forget my true essence. Quitting drinking right before Covid hit the world helped tremendously, as knowing my old self, I’d be drowning in alcohol & depression living in isolation of quarantine. Covid time was a culmination of my growth & time for deleting old beliefs & patterns.

In 2018, I started a journey of rediscovering myself through breaking down all of the walls that I built around myself staying in a comfort zone & avoiding the pain and insecurities stemming from childhood traumas, dysfunctional relationship with my parents and partners, living in the victim mode blaming the world and surroundings for my misfortunes. Last three years, I have been reading lots of self-help literature, listening thousands of podcasts, learned to meditate practicing yoga, breathwork, tapping, etc. I was doing everything that would make me feel better.

The shift happened when I took responsibility for my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. When I stopped lying to myself by facing all of the shadows & accepting all of the emotions (including bad & ugly.) Joe Dispenza’s series “Rewired” on Gaia TV helped me to understand how we humans are build & wired. We don’t even realize that we are a supercomputer, we just never read the manual how to operate this complex spaceship that we call human body.

In June of 2020, I finally bought acrylic paints & canvas. Being in quarantine gave me so much time & freedom that I didn’t not want to waste it on binge-watching Netflix. I realized that this is “Now or Never.” It was a big surprise how much light & joy painting brought out. No schooling in art, just letting the creative force to come out & do its job. Tapping into the deeper layers of my soul, I started painting.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
In the beginning, I was just enjoying the painting process for my own pleasure. Whomever saw my paintings were giving me great feedback, so I decided to start selling them. I set up my art stand in OB and on my first day, I sold four pieces. I was expanding asking people for advice How? and Where? Learning from other artists on Instagram and in person. I learned that I need to say “Yes” to all invitations & opportunities that would help me to share my art with the world. I created stickers, business cards, a website, and Instagram page helping to feature my art. Going to art galleries & art events gathering more information, talking to people and sharing my story inspired me to move forward. I learned to go everywhere with an open mind, an open heart, no judgment of self & others, following my intuition. If I receive an impulse to do something, I take action right away, as we have only 5 seconds before our brains kills the idea of wanting to keep us in the comfort zone (self-survival mode).

The biggest struggle for me was & still is self-doubt. Will anyone like my paintings? Will anyone want to buy them? I strongly believe in vibrations, energy & frequencies and that we create our own reality. That by redirecting our thoughts, we mold the world around us. Therefore, when I feel self-doubt (it comes from our Egos btw), I start boosting my self-esteem by projecting self-love into my heart center.

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and what you think sets you apart from others?
I paint mostly abstract art using acrylic paints & other mixed media. All of my paintings are finished with glitter as it adds more light and shine to the painting. In the beginning, I never know what I’ll be painting. I sit down and tune in. I look at paints and choose whatever feels good at the moment. Then I let the creative process to flow. Sometimes I don’t like what I see after 3 hours of painting overanalyzing everything, I end up painting over something completely different. I realized that in the painting process, it is very important to turn off the mind & tune into the heart. Go by the feeling, not by thinking. Let the hand & the heart to guide you, not the other way around. The only thought I have that at the end, it will look magnificent. I cannot replicate paintings. Each of them are one of a kind.

When the painting is ready, I sit down, tune in, look at it, and come up with the name. Then I channel the message and write it in the back of the painting. Every message is very unique. Sometimes I don’t even remember what I wrote, the information just flows.

When creating custom paintings, I gather information about the person to whom the painting will be dedicated to and paint through the feeling & information that comes to me about the person. Very often, it is pure channeling. Writing message is the same: everything is through feeling, not thinking.

I know that my purpose in life is to raise vibration of the planet through helping people to discover their true essence.

We’d love to hear about any fond memories you have from when you were growing up?
Going foraging mushrooms & berries in the woods at my grandma’s in Russia. It was a whole adventure. Waking up early, making cheese sandwiches for us to eat along with fresh apples from the garden. Putting everything in the basket, making sure each of us had a knife to cut the wild mushrooms. We had to wear long pants, headscarf, and rain boots making sure we don’t get any ticks from the trees. The long walk through the fields approaching the unknown. The divine smell of the woods. Interchanging layers of moss, pinetrees, mushrooms, and the morning dew holding the mystery and magnificence of the rich life hiding behind the bushes & the trees. The feeling was like stepping into a fairytale.

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