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Coronado Island 01.18.2018

Ashlee Hayden

I started my journey as a professional photographer in 2010. I took a beginner black and white film class at San Diego City Collage as an elective. At the time I was working on my degree in business, but I fell in love with photography and knew that thats where my focus needed to be. Read more>>

Barron Henzel

Coronado Playhouse is celebrating our continuous 72nd year of entertaining San Diego. Since 1946, Coronado Playhouse, the oldest, longest-running community theatre in San Diego County, has been dedicated to serving the community and providing top-quality entertainment. Read more>>

Andrea Bugawisan

Started the bakery while on disability, after having a kidney transplant. Wanted to pass the time, so I began to experiment with Hawaiian Desserts, knowing there are not much offered in San Diego. Started off with family taste testers and loved to co-workers once I returned to work. Read more>>

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