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Coronado Island 11.9.2017

Will Holder

San Diego born photographer who is addicted to the feels that the ocean brings us. Whether it’s the waves, people, rolling tides or landscapes, I love the way the ocean makes me feel. It’s the most humbling experience to be in the sea and I can’t get away from it. Read more>>

Kelley Dykes

I started getting into photography to document our crazy military life where we get to see a lot of different places, and where pictures are so important when loved ones go away for long periods of time. Friends started asking me to do their pictures more and more, so I decided I wanted to take the leap and go to school for professional photography. Read more>>

Doug Wylie, Ashlee Wylie

Doug and Ashlee Wylie have been teaming together in their photography business for over nine years. Doug studied photography in school and Ashlee a hobbiest turned professional, they compliment each other well. Read more>>

Michael Moreira

I grew up in Brazil, where sports are life. When I was a kid, I always saw my father being active, staying fit and leading a healthy lifestyle. He played soccer, went mountain biking, and practiced martial arts. Read more>>

Jamie Monroe

I got into event management- primarily in endurance sports because of my background as an Athlete and former Navy SEAL. After the Navy, my dream was to be a professional athlete. I was a good distance runner and endurance athlete in the sport of adventure racing and participated in 3 Eco-Challenge Races in Borneo, New Zealand, and Fiji (5-10 day ultra endurance competitions). Read more>>

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