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Daily Inspiration: Meet Helen Plehn

Today we’d like to introduce you to Helen Plehn. Them and their team share their story with us below:

Helen Ye Plehn is an intuitive painter, crystal grid energy artist, third-generation Fengshui master, certified crystal healer, certified Yoga and meditation instructor, and spiritual teacher. She is also an Ayurveda practitioner, Vedic astrologer, Theta healer, angelic channeler, and passionate Flamenco dancer. 

Helen’s spiritual awakening happened in 2010 after a psychiatric ER visit due to severe anxiety and depression. Through her 12 years of daily meditation practice, spiritual wisdom learning, and a deep quest for her soul’s purpose and happiness, she founded Helen Creates Beauty LLC. to offer her soul’s gifts. She is highly clairvoyant and sees colors as energy. As a professional artist working with colors on a daily basis, combining colorful art, Fengshui interior design, and different holistic healing modalities, Helen helps her clients to find and live their purposes with joy and fulfillment. 

Helen was born in Guangzhou, China, raised in Hong Kong, and now calls Huntington Beach, California home. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology and social work from Nanjing University in China, a master’s degree in interior architecture and design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, and has published three academic peer-review articles and four conference proceedings during her Ph.D. studies in tourism and hospitality management at Temple University in Philadelphia. At the time her research area was human sensory experience design. 

Her artwork has been exhibited in the Huntington Beach Art Center and the Orange County Fine Arts Showcase Gallery. Her paintings are also for sale at the SoCal Etsy Guide at the Shops at Mission Viejo. She is an acrylic painting teacher at the Sherman Library and Gardens in Newport Beach and an acrylic painting and meditation teacher at Huntington Beach Art Center and the Zen Den HB. 

Most of us at some point in our lives will ask these three questions: Who am I? Why am I here? And how can I be happy? I did in 2010 after a psychiatric ER visit due to severe anxiety and depression. At the time I was a Ph.D. student who had 7 academic publications and onset to be a professor. I was engaged to my husband and our wedding was near. Everything seemed perfect from outsiders’ eyes and society’s standards. Apparently, I wasn’t happy. I was lost and confused. All my life I worked hard to achieve what society and my family want for me: a high-paying stable job, a nice husband, and a family. 

My wake-up call led me on to a deep spiritual self-discovery and self-healing journey since 2011. As a “professional” student of spiritual wisdom for more than a decade, I became a certified Yoga and meditation teacher, Ayurveda practitioner, Vedic astrologer, certified crystal healer, Theta healer, and angelic channeler. I picked up my lost connections with my father who was a second-generation Fengshui master and traditional Chinese painter and calligrapher and became a third-generation Fengshui master and professional intuitive painter. 

Professionally, I founded See Beauty Design LLC. in 2013 to offer Fengshui interior design after I obtained my second master’s degree in interior architecture and design. I was able to read the energies of a room or a building and the people who reside in it. Due to popular requests, I began to create custom surface pattern designs for clients to complement their Fengshui Birth Element and Kua Number. In 2018 See Beauty Design has become Helen Creates Beauty LLC. and began to offer four areas of my expertise: original intuitive painting and crystal grid art, Fengshui interior design, holistic healing synchronizing different modalities, and spiritual teaching. 

I’m sure you wouldn’t say it’s been obstacle free, but so far would you say the journey has been a fairly smooth road?
The main obstacle to being a creative soul-led entrepreneur is to let go of all the expectations society and your parents have of me. We were all born and raised in a certain way, full of images of what success should look like and our family’s expectations of us. If that fits what you really want to become, that’s great. However, most of the time, it takes time and courage for us to be ourselves. I knew I love art since I was a kid, however, the cliche of being an artist won’t make any money prevents me from being one. After all the years of doing what my family and society think is “successful”, I finally reclaimed myself as an artist and intuitive. 

Once I’ve found myself and what I truly want to do in my life, the next thing to work on is my mindset or any limiting beliefs I hold about myself. It is interesting that building a soul-led business is in a way almost like my self-healing journey. Only when I set myself free from all the limiting beliefs I have on abundance and success, then I realize the universe is full of opportunities for everyone who wants to share their gifts. 

The last but pivotal challenge is finding that match between what you want to offer and what your audience wants from you. It is a delicate but beautiful dance of me soul searching for what I am really passionate about and really good at and what brings my clients value in their lives. It takes faith, patience, and perseverance. But if what you offer is really so good, you will be discovered, and your audience will show up for you to support your business. It takes about 3-4 years of growth period to really nail down your product offerings and what your clients buy from you. 

Thanks for sharing that. So, maybe next you can tell us a bit more about your work?
My business Helen Creates Beauty offers four areas of my expertise: original intuitive painting and crystal grid art, Fengshui interior design, holistic healing synchronizing different modalities, and spiritual teaching. 

I’ve always loved coloring and making special gifts for friends and family since I was a child. I am still like this today. My friends call me the “Color Queen.” 

I draw inspiration from all the beauties in life. Nature, light and shadow, scale and proportion, flowers, trees, crystals, garden, music, and all the memories of traveling, delicious meals, and dancing under the moon and stars. Life is about living it to its fullness, “C’est la vie”! 

Meditation is another never-failing source of inspiration for my work, I am highly clairvoyant and intuitive. Often times I paint what I see in my third eye. I believe creatives are channelers of the divine. 

Because of my spiritual journey, I see colors as energies, in fact, everything is energy. All my art is about JOY and BEAUTY. This is the truest expression of my soul. You can feel it in my use of vibrant and saturated colors, joyful objects of life, and expressive, energetic brushstrokes. 

Synchronizing color, crystal, and symbols energies to manifest a piece is my expertise. If you want to find a piece of art that has deep cosmic meaning and healing energy, you are in the right place. 

I have also self-published a Flowing with My Rainbow Chakra Affirmation Deck with all my original paintings and channeled messages through my meditation. It is available for sale on Amazon. 

As a professional painter and interior designer working with colors, and a crystal healer working with energies and aura on a daily basis, I become more clairvoyant and sensitive to energies and aura colors. I use the aura color system I developed to heal my clients and some cancer patients are now cancer free. I also teach a signature online spiritual course Flowing with Your Rainbow and Rainbow Soul Family monthly membership which has brought major transformations to my students. 

I am currently writing a book on aura colors synchronizing all the channeled spiritual wisdom. The working title is The Rainbow Aura Color Wheel: What Your Soul Aura Color Says About Your Soul Gifts, Wounds, and Lessons. 

How do you define success?
Success is having the freedom to do what you what to do every day! To be is the create more beauty in the world and inspire people to find and live their souls’ purposes with joy and fulfillment! 

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