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Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad 01.04.2018

Maya Li

Throughout my lifetime practicing art, I have found my interests in painting, and teaching art. I was born and raised in China, where I got my BA in design from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, which is the top one art university in Beijing, China. Read more>>

Jonathan Hanwit

My partner and I started thinkPARALLAX from our garage in Ocean Beach back in 2004. Our plan was to build brands that would make a positive impact on the world. Like all businesses, we’ve gone through several evolutions, starting more as a design agency, to a branding and interactive firm and now we are a full service strategic communications agency. Read more>>

Ronald Bratt

I was actively involved in competitive debate throughout my high school and college years, up until my graduation. It was during this time that I witnessed firsthand, not only the tremendous advantages from debate, but how my peers have prospered from this form of public speaking. Read more>>

Angela Klein

Centered Ground started as a vision about 20 years ago… At the time, I was approaching high school graduation, taking college courses at the local university branch campus. I was majoring in journalism and wanted to be an international correspondent for The New York Times. Then I took General Psych. Read more>>

Allison Sepesy

After decades of helping small businesses and taxpayers Kathy DeMonte and Linda Beckett merged to form Sterling Tax Group, Inc. These two professional women have been advocates for the people in the area of tax as enrolled agents. They both specialize in tax preparation, and tax planning. Read more>>

Wayne Rand

I started roofing in early 2000’s in Chico, CA. The same time I met my wife Stephanie, then girlfriend. There was an add in the local paper, with tear-off/roofers needed. I initially started working with the tear-off crews & worked my way up to installing roofing various roofing systems on projects throughout Northern California. Read more>>

Bobbi Cecio

For 15 years prior to arriving in California 8 years ago, I ran Montessori Schools in NJ and my husband, Larry, taught. In 2009, after many years of both wanting to start our own school and my friend, Susie Walton, asking me to start a school in Southern California, we moved our family across the country to start Village Gate. Read more>>

Shelley Sloane, Theresa Ormsby

Theresa started Wonder Dog through a need she saw in her own rescue dogs. She had multiple elder Golden Retrievers that had health issues that caused pain, inflammation, etc. The dogs were on pharmaceuticals but with limited success and some side effects as well. Read more>>

Erik Marquis

Founded in 2001, we began providing full service billing to healthcare providers in San Diego. Our goal was to embrace all of the technologies available in order to be more efficient than our competition. Healthcare administration was, and still is, slow to adapt to new technologies. Read more>>

Kristian Rauhala

H2O Audio was founded in 2003 in San Diego, California just as a new era of digital music and portable MP3 players began to give people outstanding audio quality on the move. As avid watersports lovers, we wanted to extend that use to the pool and ocean. Read more>>

Brad Wilson

As the son of a small-town dentist in Wisconsin, I grew up seeing the impact a great dentist could have on his patients and the community. This has motivated me to this day to not only provide the best quality dentistry to my patients, but also to explain procedures in terms the patients can understand and be available for patients if they have an after-hours emergency. Read more>>

Lauren Sayegh

In 1976 Wayne Stone had a vision to create a business that would support his family. Wayne’s daughter Debbie joined the company part time in 1978 and then became one of the earliest female pest control technician’s in 1980. A few years latter her husband, Mark Tammariello joined the business. Read more>>

Kalim Owens, Oliver Storm

Oliver is originally from Germany and came to the states on an internship. First in North Carolina at Metrolina Greenhouses and then Weidner’s. I cut my teeth in the nursery business at a nursery named Robert Hall Greenhouses and then came to Weidner’s Gardens. Read more>>

Amanda Freeman

Headway Therapy is the realization of a dream I’ve had since first starting my career in psychology 15 years ago. During the course of my career, I’ve worked internationally, on the east coast and here in San Diego, and I’ve worked at some great organizations, but it’s always been more fulfilling for me to work in private practice. Read more>>

Brian Greenwald

I was always interested in photography and my wife and I were moving to San Diego, so I figured I would add to our new adventure and combine my interest in photography with a business venture. That was in 2014 and it’s been great ever since. Read more>>

Jacqueline Andrews

Andrews Speech and Language is a home-based, pediatric speech therapy company that provides speech and language therapy services to the children in the North County San Diego area. My company has originated from the desire to be independent and to provide the quality services that my clients and their families deserve. Read more>>

Shara Reiner

I started painting in the seventies and it was all consuming for me! I was a stay at home mom of two boys with a husband who traveled a lot…. to stay sane I found a job in a crafts shop. I taught needle point, off loam weaving and macrame. Oh My does that date me!! Read more>>

Julie Thomas

Amid leadership transitions at Gartner, I was laid off along with other senior leadership. I was at the top of my game with proven wins and a 16-year sales career that had been on a fast-moving, positive trajectory. I’d been perceived as a top performer in every role and was well-liked and well-respected. Read more>>

Rob Martinez

Helmed by the company’s two Cofounders — Rob Martinez and Trevor Outman — Shipware solves the problem of high shipping costs (parcel and LTL) through its unique services, which include the following: Contract Optimization – Ensures you have the lowest possible contract rates by improving discounts and terms with companies like FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service, DHL and many others. Read more>>

Suzy Korn-Keefe

I’ve always had a passion for animals.. from the time I was a little girl. I used to search through the classified ads in newspapers, begging my parents for any animal that needed a home. My one goal was a career to live my life long passion. After graduating with a BS in biology from St. lawrence University in upstate New York, I moved to San Diego, where I began a career training service dogs for people with disabilities. Read more>>

Danielle Podlesny

From a young age, I knew had a unique connection with children. That love and passion for children is what led me to start Munchkin Minders. As a young stay at home mom raising our two toddlers, I wanted to contribute to our household income, So, I started brainstorming. Read more>>

Randy Lazar, Michael Grudek

After sreet riding and doing many long road trips around the USA for a few years, then roadracing for a couple years, I realized I wanted more, and roadracing was costing me a lot of money. I had wanted to trail ride all my life, but was never able to. Read more>>

Mary Stapleton

Started business in 2010, during recession after being laid off. I began in the trade in 1997 at 37 years of age! Had a child to support and wanted to earn a decent living. When I got my C-10 Electrical License the business started to take off and grow through mostly word of mouth and referrals from people I knew in my neighborhood. Read more>>

Jeanine Albert

I’ve always been a compassionate soul, caring for kids as a Pediatric Emergency Nurse for 15 years, but I never anticipated my life to grow as it has today. I had an incredible awakening, that literally shook me to my knees, but I guess that’s just what some of us need. Read more>>

Robert Harman

By training, I am a veterinarian. I practiced dairy cattle medicine for 4 years before founding a company to assist companies with the development new veterinary and human health care products. Over 15 years, we conducted over 500 studies that were submitted to FDA to support the further development of new and innovative products like vaccines, antibodies, cell therapy and medical devices. Read more>>

Michael Herrera

I had already been working in restaurants for 10 years when I decided to go all in. After watching restaurants for so long I just felt I could do it better. Maybe it’s the entrepreneurial spirit in me. In 2005 I bought into a little cafe in San Marcos It was known as Grandpa Allen’s. Read more>>

Ellen Speert

In the 1970s, as a young art therapist, I dreamed of creating a playground for adults, observing that kids were able to spontaneously express themselves but we grown ups somehow lost that birthright in the process of growing up. In 1981 I purchased an abandoned parcel of land in Old Encinitas and started developing an art therapy retreat center to make the dream a reality. Read more>>

Nick Wallace

I started Nick’s Picks, my 501C3 in 2012 at age 12, the same year I received my life saving liver transplant. After a childhood in and out of hospitals, I became a master at entertaining myself. Nick’s Picks is dedicated to delivering fun filled backpacks to isolated, seriously ill, hospitalized youths. Read more>>

Rusty Friesen

My dad taught me how to surf when I was about 4 or 5 years old in Carlsbad. I’ve had a passion for wave riding and the ocean ever since. I started an online and retail surf/bodyboard shop in OC with my buddy in 2005. I started giving surf lessons through the surf shop in 2006. Read more>>

Clara Sanchez, Ernie Sanchez

We moved from Hollywood to San Diego in 1979 where Ernie worked installing solar systems and shortly started his own solar installation company. Years later, the tax credit ended and the solar industry dried up. He decided to go back to something he grew up doing, so he decided to start a Plotke Plumbing here in Encinitas. Read more>>

Dr. Mark Stern

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York in an underprivileged community and endured great hardships, both socially and financially, to reach where I’m today. I attended Brooklyn Technical High School which is the only engineering high school in North America. Read more>>

Dr. Bettina Experton

As a physician trained in Public Health, former State of California Public Health officer, health economist and health care Informaticist, I founded my company Humetrix to develop and offer health information technology solutions to tackle our big healthcare system challenges. Read more>>

Jess Moore

I grew up in San Diego County going to elementary school in Leucadia and high school in Fallbrook. I went to San Jose State for my undergrad in Humanities. In 1995 there were few of jobs available for new graduates. It was worse if you had a degree in Humanities. Read more>>

Robyn Dahlson

In 1986, my family moved to San Diego to manage and operate a flower farm. Growing up I was surrounded by the best of what Mother Nature had to offer and quickly became inspired by flowers in their most natural state. My first job was sweeping floors for a wholesale florist in Carlsbad and learning sustainability and seasonibility of flowers. Read more>>

Chris Casey

My name is Chris Casey. I am 51 years old, grew up in Baltimore, and have lived in Encinitas since 2013. I have been in “FinTech” (Financial Technology) since I graduated from college in 1987. I lucked into FinTech via a college internship at a local broker dealer firm where I was the only guy in the office that knew how to assemble complex spreadsheets. Read more>>

April King

I have been administering all types of anesthesia for 20 years in the hospital and ambulatory care arenas. A third of my cases require deeper stages of sedation verses general anesthesia. As a patient is sedated the airway easily becomes occluded making it tough to breathe. Read more>>

Robin Elliott

I saw some dogs herding sheep at the Del Mar Fai in a competition.. I was there showing cattle, hogs and goats as a 4-H kid. This hooked me instantly! Being grandchild of 2 cattle ranchers, who knew a well bred and trained dog could be so much fun and actual help! I was working as a vet tech/manager when I got my first Border Collie. Read more>>

Lorna Riley

I’ve been an international professional speaker and trainer, presenting keynotes, training sessions, and workshops for corporate events, employee development, and business entrepreneurs for over 30 years. After a request in 2008 to train 4,000 employees in Customer Service, Sales, and Leadership skills, I was advised, “You’re just going to have to put your stuff on-line.” Read more>>

Cheryl Whitten

I have been interested in the relationship between our mind, body and spirit since the 1980’s. I became a certified Shiatsu technician in 1987 where I learned how our body responds to our conditions and reveals the areas that need to be cleared. I continued research between the link of how our thoughts and patterns of behavior manifest in our physical and emotional state of being. Read more>>

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