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Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad 01.18.2018

Carol Yeh-Garner

I became interested in natural alternatives for health when I took natural birthing classes for my first child over 14 years ago. I had been using my homemade essential oil blend made from oils from the health food store to help our family stay healthy. But I was still searching for something that really worked. Read more>>

Susan Harris

I’ve loved and ridden horses since I was four. When I was nine I decided that when I grew up, I would have White Horse Ranch. As an adult, I watched exactly one polo match and decided I had to learn to play polo. The next thing I knew, I had a bunch of polo ponies to support by teaching math and selling Real Estate. Read more>>

Shannon Bledsoe

I’ve always been passionate about reproductive health and equity. I started my career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in a small village in Cameroon, where I spent time in my friends’ kitchens talking about work, family, the lack of knowledge about or access to contraception, and the hardship of yet another unexpected pregnancy. Read more>>

Su Kraus, Hank Kraus

Hank and Su began Moosa Creek Nursery in 2004 on land adjacent to their house in rural Valley Center. Hank had always had a desire to farm or have a plant nursery but his talent for solving business challenges had taken him down a different road. He had a successful career as a business manager. Read more>>

Gary Hanick

NatureMaker was founded in 1983 by naturalist/sculptor, Bennett Abrams and Gary Hanick. My role was primarily sales and marketing. Bennett was the artist/visionary. We started this venture in the mountain hamlet of Idyllwild. The national forest was our inspiration in the first consideration of handcrafting trees as an art form. Read more>>

Gabriel Wheeler

Naked Cafe opened its 1st. location September, 2002 in beautiful Solana Beach. As a breakfast & lunch cafe we constructed our menu & concept as an alternative to home cooking. Every sauce & dressing recipe is prepared from ingredients everyone has in their own pantry & home garden. Read more>>

Roxanne Fraga

I was a stay at home mom making jewelry for myself and my friends. I guess my husband noticed that I was spending more time making jewelry for my friends than myself, and unbeknownst to me, he came across a vacant store one day. Read more>>

Zach Smith

Culture was started by a couple of guys that enjoyed home brewing so much they decided to take it to the next level. Many of the beers we brew are still based on the same recipes the owners came up with at the very beginning.  Our brewers are also given a lot of room to experiment and they’re always coming up with amazing new brews. Read more>>

Brian Graddon

In 2008 Brian, a San Diego Firefighter and Paramedic, began teaching CPR and First Aid classes locally. He soon after became a distributor for Philips AED’s at the prodding of his friend Tom, a Philips AED manager who needed a rep in the San Diego area. Read more>>

Nitin Jain, Deepti Jain

Anokiwave started in 1999 as a design service company. Within two years it catapulted as a premier boutique design house doing cutting-edge ICs designs for satellite communication, automotive radar, A&D, wireless and other communication markets. Read more>>

Andrea Meyer

Pregnancy is a time for celebration, expansion, and empowerment! Ocean Midwives, Inc. is a full scope midwifery practice with a love for service & community. We understand the sameness and individuality of a woman’s life cycles. We offer education, clinical care & emotional support to better serve clients and their families. Read more>>

Diane “Sunny” Goodwin

I have been a teacher since before I turned twenty-one years old and have been a Demonstration Teacher for teachers who want to come to my classroom to learn how to be better teachers. I taught in Northern CA, Virginia, Minnesota, and Texas (following my husband around the country), eventually coming back to CA to teach in Oceanside. Read more>>

Daniel Guy

Arcana opened in October 2012 as the 73rd brewery in San Diego County at the time, and has been brewing non-stop since! Like many of the startup breweries that have opened in the past five or ten years, it all started with home brewing and the dream of running a real brewery someday. Read more>>

Charles Koll

Charles Koll was born in South Africa and moved to Del Mar, a coastal community just 20 minutes north of downtown San Diego, when he was five years old. He grew up surfing and dirt biking along the coast, making him a passionate advocate for nature early on. Read more>>

Elizabeth Fried

After completing graduate school, I was invited to join Nationwide Financial Services because they were interested in my research, so I began in their administrative services division. Subsequently I became involved in Human Resources and was promoted to the Compensation Manager. Read more>>

Cheryl Tall

Cheryl Tall received her M.F.A in 1995 with a major in Ceramics and Fine Art from the University of Miami, and a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of Central Florida. She has been working in clay for 30 years, and teaches workshops in her unique technique of coil building large sculptures in sections. She also teaches classes in pottery, sculpture and hand-building, beginner to advanced, in her Downtown Leucadia Studio. Read more>>

Audrey Sarquilla

Audrey is an incurable optimist. Her goal in life is to inspire others to share their unique talents and gifts so that they live life filled with passion and purpose. As the founder of White Peacock Yoga School and Studio, she shares the teachings of traditional yoga practices in a relevant, modern way. Read more>>

Steven Winters

I founded Gemini Finance Corp. in 2012, as a way to provide unique financing solutions to local high growth companies and entrepreneurs. In general, we provide secured business loans to growing companies to help them through cash crunches, like a seasonal inventory build-up or to fulfill a large purchase order. Read more>>

Doron Malka

After I received my MBA from San Diego State University, I worked at some of San Diego’s largest marketing agencies. It was a valuable learning experience, but I became discouraged by the models that were enforced in these agencies. They were driven by agency-revenue mindsets and weren’t always placing their clients’ first. Read more>>

Christine Hoffman-Hicks

After working for one of the worlds largest technical staffing firms for close to 9 years, I felt that the industry had lost focus on the very people we serve – our candidates. A staffing firms role is to find satisfying and rewarding careers for people and at the same time provide support and solve complex problems for our clients. Read more>>

George Muller

Wedge & Lever began as a friendship between three Creative Directors at one of the world’s largest media groups. In 2013, we decided it was time for a new challenge and left the stability of our corporate jobs. We quickly took on a few projects and realized that our backgrounds in media had placed us at the intersection of brand development, content, and entertainment. Read more>>

Nikki Lopez

My journey to own a boutique production company is seemingly non-linear, however every experience I’ve had up until now has lead me to this point. I studied Political Science and Psychology in college. While I did take a few production courses, I was not in film school, or did I realize the direction my career would go. Read more>>

Reiko Spivak

After I moved to San Diego from Connecticut with my family 5 years ago, I wanted to teach choreography dance class again. I started with a very small class and the classes gradually grew. I saw everyone make progress with their moves and become a dance lovers community. Read more>>

Jaimie Gobert

10 interior design trends for 2018. By Jaimie Gobert and Linda Ryberg, Brookfield Residential. Do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest tapping on bright kitchens and velvety master suites? If you’re ready to dress your home for the new year, read on for our 2018 interior design forecast. Read more>>

Tarek Elansary

Graduated in 1998 with a doctorate degree in Pharmacy. Worked for the next 8 years for different companies. Moved from place to place frustrated with the lack of time allowed for patient care, and was told instead to focus only on increasing volume. The level of customer service and patient care was quite bad and was consistent with their business model. Read more>>

Paul Chasan

I have been a plastic surgeon in private practice for the last 24 years. I wanted to be able to give my patients the best experience possible. Besides performing exemplary surgery, this would include a convenient location, knees of parking, a full service plastic surgery office that was warm and comforting to the patient, and ability to keep patient’s overnight. Read more>>

Cathlyn Choi

As a kid, I’ve always been fascinated by my dad who was a self-made businessman and spoke 5 languages fluently. He was my idol and I wanted to be like him when I grew up. Thanks to my dad, I am fluent in Korean and English. Read more>>

Daniel “DJ Danny” Torres

The business began with a Father and his passion for music. The Dad began introducing his children to the art of a Disc Jockey (DJ) and the fundamentals of becoming a Master of Ceremonies (MC). One particular son of three became as passionate as his father, if not more, to becoming the next DJ/MC in the family to use The Metric System name. Read more>>

Christina Goodison

I was pre-med and had some health issues myself that western medicine wasn’t helping. At that point I looked at alternative medicine and ended up in an acupuncturist’s office. Within 3 months I’d never felt better, avoided a radiation treatment and got off all my medications. Read more>>

Allie Moreno

I’m a poet. In most cases, my career path leads to teaching, writing, and/or working a separate “day job” in order to get by. With an MFA in creative writing, I was headed toward that path, as an adjunct instructor at Palomar College. In the middle of the semester, I got a call from HP for a role as a web copywriter. Read more>>

Clark Quick

My name is Clark Quick Jr. (CJ) and I started out life after high school as an aerial navigator in the US Marines. Most of my time was spent overseas in Okinawa and many other countries in the West Pacific. Subsequent to five years of active duty service, I was out of the Marines and living in New Zealand where I learned to skydive. Read more>>

Stan Lieberman

I spent most of my career in the aerospace industry, first as an engineer, then in various levels of engineering management. I also worked in the communication and automation fields and started my own business with some friends. Even though I worked 16-hour days, the business did not turn out to be successful. Read more>>

Shawna Kenny

The outdoors has always been inspirational to me, and I’ve gotten to take full advantage of it growing up here in San Diego. I always loved sports, but what really interested me was the outdoor activities like: surfing, skateboarding, surfing, and hiking. Read more>>

Stephanie Sibley

Stephanie Sibley launched her career as a food artisan when she began making hand-crafted mudpies in her family’s garden at age 4. These days she uses her culinary skills to create all-natural preserves, jellies, chutneys, butters, curds, dips and spreads. Read more>>

Brett Goudy

I started off out of college as an ABA (applied behavior analysis) therapist, or a behavior therapist for children and young adults on the autism spectrum. In this work I learned how to teach a multitude of skills from personal hygiene to tying their shoes, I learned how to break down tasks into easy to replicate steps in order to teach beneficial behaviors from general life skills to how to play games and sports. Read more>>

Kelly Stokes Brown

Growing up on the east coast, I had a wealth of stories running in my mind and took up writing at a young age to “make sense” of the world around me. My love of writing is only superseded by my love of travel. I’ve been to over 12 different countries on 5 different continents and lived in 5 different states in U.S. Read more>>

Dr. Michelle Sandler, Dr. Wanda Kauffman

We have been a mother-daughter dental practice for many years. We decided to relocate from Boston to be close to family. We always felt a strong connection to San Diego. Once the decision to move was made, we sold our Massachusetts practice in 2008. Read more>>

Carolyn Grant

The Museum of Making Music was developed by the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) to honor and celebrate its centennial (1901-2001). The museum opened its doors to members of NAMM in 1998, and subsequently opened to the public in 2000. Read more>>

Eileen Gaffen

I started my career as a journalist, writing and producing television newscasts and special segments, for CBS in San Diego. Nearly a decade later, I took the risk to venture out on my own as a publicist and video producer forming Steres Gaffen Media. It was thrilling to have my own business and hard work to grow it. Read more>>

Christy George

I have counseled people in different settings for nearly nine years. I started my professional journey working with adults in crisis, with severe mental illness, and complex drug, alcohol and behavioral addictions. Afterward, I worked in seven schools within a public school district treating high needs, children, teens and their families. Read more>>

Kent Krizik

In September 2013 the partners came together to launch a business that addressed a very specific niche that we determined was under-served. The restoration and maintenance of metal surfaces.From scratched stainless steel refrigerators and sinks to architectural elements, elevators and sculptures – we brought together unique backgrounds that allowed us to set up the sales, marketing and service aspects of the business and quickly established a reputation as experts in a rarefied segment. Read more>>

Denise Clifton

When I was 23 years old, I took a job working for a small independent chain of pet stores, called Pet Nutrition Center. The first day of training my world was turned upside down and I was forever changed. The owner of the company taught me how to read food labels and the definitions of each ingredient according to pet food standards. Read more>>

Chris Herman

While growing up in Southern California, I had an uncle that I looked up to who was a dentist. He demonstrated a enjoyment for his job, he was a skilled professional, he had great work ethics, and was able to make dramatic differences in people’s lives. Read more>>

Scott Gressitt

I started Gressitt Studios in 1989 in a building on the corner of E Street and the railroad tracks in old Encinitas. Gressit Studios was the holding company for a number of business ventures. The base operation of the company designs and builds custom woodwork. Read more>>

Rick Hohn

More Than a Watchmaker is the autobiography of Rick Hohn, an amazingly accomplished man who was diagnosed at age two with cerebral palsy, which affects all four of his limbs and restricts his speech. The doctor who was diagnosing him told his parents that despite his severe disabilities he would be able to do anything, but make a watch. Read more>>

Kevin Moses

Growing up as a skinny kid I always had trouble gaining weight and building muscle. At the age of 18 years old, I was going through some personal problems and I needed a positive outlet. A friend of mine asked me if I wanted to start working out, and the rest is history. Read more>>

Chris Lawrence

I started working in the hearing aid industry 27 years ago. I started building hearing aids when I was nineteen as I put myself through college. After 15 years of building, repairing, and training others on how to program and fix hearing aids, I decided to work directly with the hearing impaired. Read more>>

Bud Martin

Professional Full-Time Musician since 14 yrs. Signed with Lone Star Records at 21 yrs and released a single that charted in various regions of the Us and Canada. Transitioned into producing and the role of recording engineer at 29 and established Fate and Friends Recording Studio in San Marcos, CA. Read  more>>

Danielle Erbe, Gabriel Erbe

Gabriel and I met at Nordstrom in the mid 90’s and were married in 1998. We have two boys, Gabriel age 15 and Jacob age 11. We loved helping people and wanted to start something of our own. Gabriel and I met at Nordstrom in the mid 90’s and were married in 1998. We have two boys, Gabriel age 15 and Jacob age 11. We loved helping people and wanted to start something of our own. Read more>>

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