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Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad 04.26.2018

Chris Coté

Chris Coté is a multi-media action sports personality. As a youngster, he surfed professionally, albeit at low, low professional level (c grade at best). Chris worked in the surf industry as a team manager, marketing assistant, blah blah blah. In 1999 he aided in the start of TransWorld SURF Magazine and became Editor In Chief in 2005 or so. Read more>>

Susanna Samaniego-Ward, Elaina Samaniego-Myers

San Diego and Bali’s coveted residential and commercial interior design team, DESIGN 4 CORNERS which is a sister duo lead by San Diego natives, Elaina Myers and Susanna Ward. Splitting time between North County San Diego and Bali Indonesia, the sisters boast a portfolio of award winning designs from beach bungalows in the far east to million dollar estates on the west coast. Read more>>

Aimee Cebulski

A few years ago, I traveled to California’s wine country to celebrate a dear friend’s arrival at the big 4-0. It was a festive and celebratory weekend, complete with endless toasting the fact that age is just a number. On the return voyage home, our group discussed my pending arrival at 40; I was next on the list to join the club. Read more>>

Brady Pesola

I started San Diego School of Survival in 2011 after college when I saw how many hikers went into the San Diego back-country unprepared and where costing the county thousands in rescues. I wanted to start teaching people just the basics in wilderness safety to help prevent injury and even death. Read more>>

Kayla Illies

The start of my journey as a photographer was, all honestly, completely random! My parents asked me one day what I wanted to go to college for and I had to give them an answer. I knew I wanted to have a creative based career and a local college, not-too-far from home, offered a Professional Photography course. So that’s what I chose! Read more>>

Taya Glynn

I started working at The Flower Shop in Encinitas when I was 16 years old. I had just moved to California after my mom had passed away and it’s fair to say I was a bit lost. The women at the shop (Shout out to Amy, Paula & Sarah!) took me in and became my pseudo family. Read more>>

Max Kropczynski

MAK Glass is the name in which I produce all of my glass art under. I started flameworking glass at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo late 2014 where I immediately fell in love with the medium . I worked out of Cal Poly for a year and a half before moving back down to Carlsbad and setting up a home studio. Read more>>

Virginia Norwood

I have had a passion for singing since I was a little girl. I would often make up my own words to songs if I didn’t know them. I was a shy child, so it wasn’t until my senior year in high school, when I forced myself to join the choir, and drama class, that I started my journey as a vocalist. Read more>>

Ron Wilson

I have been entrepreneur for a long time and started my first business in grad school. A classmate and I designed and developed and earwarmer that wrapped around the back of the head. While at first this was an oddity to our other Wharton School classmates, we eventually had almost 20 of them invest, and we ultimately grew a business based in Baltimore, MD that achieved over $5o million is sales at its peak. Read more>>

Katy Helen Kalt|

Growing up, I was always the artsy kid in class. Despite my passion, I didn’t think art could ever realistically be a viable career. So, when it was time to head off to college, I decided to shelf that dream and made the seemingly more practical decision to study Business Management and Spanish. Read more>>

Shari Premo

My passion for photography began with the gift of my first camera. My grandfather “the photography buff” who has traveled the world, had a camera collection like none other, it was draw droppingly amazing! I’m not kidding, picture an entire room floor to ceiling with cameras, lenses, memorabilia, you name it and that was his collection! Read more>>

Brady Willmott

I was raised in a creative family, encouraged by my parents, family members, and teachers to express my creativity. My passion for art was well established by high school, having taking numerous painting and vocational art classes and programs in Vermont and New York, then studying drawing and painting at School of the Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), earning a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. Read more>>

Yessenia BC

I got my Cosmetology and Barber licenses’ as well as my makeup certification in 2013. I went to Bellus Academy for cosmetology and makeup and the Associated Barber college for barbering. I’ve always liked the idea of making people feel good and the longer I stay in this career the more I love it. Read more>>

Gumaro Escarcega

My career as a Main Street professional started in 2006 as a non paid intern with the Vista Village Business Association. I graduated from San Diego State University as a Public Administration major with a minor in Spanish. Read more>>

Justine Nord

I’ve always loved horses. From the time I could talk, it was all about horses. Having moved to San Diego just 4 years ago. I was starting a new life here and wanted to create a job for myself that was fulfilling and allowed me time with my passion…Horses and riding Dressage. Read more>>

Amy Davis

I’m a native San Diegan, and grew up in the Mission Hills area. We lived in a house with great views of the downtown skyline, and I could see from my bedroom the take-offs and landings of the airplanes at Lindberg Field. Read more>>

Alyssa Donyes

Our story started when Dave and Donny Firth, brothers, opened up Booze Brothers Brewing Co. in 2013 alongside Kris Anacleto, general manager and part owner. Pretty immediately, we started getting requests to book our brewery for private events. As it became a more regular occurrence, we realized that there was a real need in our area for a rad venue. Read more>>

Francine Miller

After earning a BA from Syracuse University and spending 36 years in Advertising and Marketing, Francine decided to return to school to learn how to work in animal behavior. She began with a Diploma in Canine Behavior Counseling from the American College of Applied Science (ACAS) and enjoyed the curriculum so much that she went into the Master of Science program in Applied Animal Behavior Counseling. Read more>>

Chris Ahrens

I took an unconvential route to owning a publsihg company. I have no degree, and was never a good student, but I have always looked for good stories, and when I found them I wrote about them. This led to getting lots of writing assignements, becoming a magazine editor, and eventually writting my own books. Read more>>

Bill Sysak

Wild Barrel Brewing Company was opened on September 30th, 2017. It was founded by the 3 friends; Bill Sysak (“Dr.” Bill”), Bill Sobieski, & Chris White and has quickly become one of the premier Craft breweries in San Diego county. “Dr.” Bill is considered one of the foremost craft beer experts in the country with over 40 years experience. Read more>>

Jackie Foster

I began my love for music at a very early age. At the age of 8, I fell in love with musical theater and my aspiration to perform on stage only grew as I became older. I began to expand my vocal techniques by exploring other genres. Read more>>

Brent Humpherys

Our story began in 1967 when Vernal Glenn Humpherys earned his Broker’s license and began representing buyers and sellers in California. His son, Thomas Humpherys earned his Broker’s license in 1976 and Thomas’ wife Sandra followed suit in 1978. Read more>>

Dr. Debbie Novick

Debbie Novick, D.C., a leading expert on Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, practicing for 20+ years, at the renowned Novick Integrated Medicine in Encinitas, CA. Educated and trained at Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA, Dr. Debbie has continued her post-graduate studies in functional and integrative medicine, specializing in women’s health care, with emphasis on lifestyle, and dietary changes. Read more>>

Steve Denyes

I’ve been making music for kids and families in San Diego and beyond for just over fourteen years. I started it with my friend, Brendan Kremer when his kids and my nieces and nephews were little. Those kids are going off to college soon but we’re still at it. Read more>>

Melania DaSilva-Deaver

Melania is an innovative makeup artist from San Diego, California with over 15 years’ experience, working on projects all over the world. Melania provides exceptional make-up artistry for those clients who desire a professional artist to make their project look its best. Read more>>

Shana Lipner Grover

I’ve always been a nature oriented person and grew up in Michigan going camping. I moved to Oregon in my early twenties dove into herbal medicine and botany/ecology courses. I completed three herbal apprenticeships with the third one being a field program, the Columbines School of Botanical Studies. Read more>>

Lela Ramirez

For most of my 33 years, I have always needed to be creative in one way or another. It all started with just a coloring book and crayons! From there I got into drawing, painting, lettering and even dance! I was the girl asked to hand letter the school awards back in 6th grade. Read more>>


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