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Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad 10.26.2017

Aamir Khan

It began with a family wedding in 2008. My wife and I were both amateur enthusiasts so we took pictures as our contribution to the festivities. It was a lot of fun and the photos were really well received. Some friends asked us how much we would charge to do their wedding. We had no idea, “does $250 sound reasonable?”. Read more>>

Desiree Fortin

Growing up, I always loved taking pictures. I always wanted to capture the moment and have something to document the memory. My passion for photography continued to grow. I started pursing my passion as a career right after I graduated college. I continue to grow and learn as time goes by and I wouldn’t trade this passion to capture moments for anything. Read more>>

Randi Kreckman

Photography found me, really, and I’m so glad it did. There is this old photograph, my parents on the beach where my dad loved to surf. Neither of them are looking directly at the camera, they’re just interacting. It’s not simply a photo that says, “This is what they looked like.” It is a photo that says, “This is who they are. This is how they were before you were born.” It was taken in October of ’79 so it’s completely faded, but I have it framed in my home. Read more>>

Joe Decker

Gut Check Fitness was founded in 2006 in San Diego by Joe and his wife, Nicole. They started an affiliate program in 2013, fulfilling their dream of bringing their one-of-a-kind outdoor fitness company to cities around the world. He is recognized as “The Worlds Fittest Man,” an ultra-endurance power athlete, renowned fitness trainer, and syndicated columnist who has helped thousands of women, men, kids and seniors get into shape and lose weight. Read more>>

Cassandra Estifanos

I ran a photo prop business for several years knitting newborn outfits for photographers. I had decided to invest in a nice camera so that I could take better photos of the items I was selling, while learning how to use the camera, I quickly fell in love with photography. It amazed me how something so technical could create such beauty. Read more>>

Myong and Kim Hong

It was year 2002 in San Diego, California and I was a game tester for a big video game company. Few of my friends and I were always passionate about film. We finally decided to make some purchases on computers, cameras and gears and make a small business and start shooting film. We were young and didn’t have much guidance so to make extra money we started shooting weddings. Read more>>

Israel Stone

With 99% of the world unpaved, the roads we take are seldom smooth. How we overcome these struggles defines who we are. There is an undeniable passion and dedication from the top down that makes Mad Media unique. The most recent challenge would be the saturation of media companies in this industry willing to do the same work for less. Read more>>

Mark Evenchik

I was in the party and event rental industry for over 20 years in Tucson, Arizona. After getting married and moving to San Diego, Ca. I came upon the opportunity to purchase a small party jumper company. I then transformed it to one of the premier party and event rental companies in San Diego. We have grown from our garage to over 5,000 sq. foot warehouse in Escondido, with 3 trucks, serving all of San Diego County. Read more>>

Colleen Flaherty

This is the same cycle women experience in their journey to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. There’s very little in terms of preparing the body and mind for pregnancy, how to reduce risk of aches during, how to have a natural, uncomplicated birth, heal properly and appropriately postpartum, then get back to the athleticism needed to be a fully functioning, healthy mother! Read more>>

Mike Confer

My love for fitness started as a senior in high school. Until that point I had played several different sports but nothing really stuck. It wasn’t until 9/11 that year, after deciding to enlist in the Marine Corps, that I had any real reason to workout. Read more>>

Ginger Rabe

I fell in love with photography when I was 9 the day my dad handed me my first Polaroid camera. He acquired the camera because he bought my mom a new washer and dryer and that was the gift that came with it. I happened to be with my dad and he looked down at me and said here. I immediately started taking pictures of everything when we got home. Read more>>

Emilie LaSota

I have always been interested in hair and makeup, as a young girl (3 or so) my great-grandfather would pay me a quarter to “do his hair” and I always got my great-grandmothers makeup samples. As I got older I would have my girlfriends over to practice on…over and over. Read more>>

Sophia Ludyjan

I opened the Shanti Kitti Yoga studio in an effort to combine my love of cats and passion for yoga. Inspired by my own cat Alyssa (who actually loved whipped cream more than yoga or anything else), I always admired the way Alyssa would luxuriate in a deep peaceful stretch and fully enjoy the present moment, with no thought given to her whip cream belly or any other worries. As Eckart Tolle says, “I have met many Zen masters, all of them have been cats. Read more>>

Andrea Maida

I arrived in California in 2004. One year earlier, I finished up my first Pilates training program in Washington, DC with Excel Pilates. It was my intention to work as an employee at a Pilates studio in San Diego just like I had at Excel. However, when I started working at a local studio in Solana Beach, all the instructors were independent contractors working for themselves. Suddenly I had my own business. Read more>>

Monica Seif

I’m an engineer who fell in love with photography since elementary school. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree, I decided to self study photography. Later on, I moved from NC to beautiful San Diego, CA with my family to start a new life as a full-time photographer. Read more>>

Jessie Strazzeri

I was in eighth grade when my best friend and I took a photography class together. I never saw it becoming a very significant part of my life, but it stuck with me over the years and was always something I could turn to when I was bored, struggling with anxiety, or felt inspired! Read more>>

Melissa Reinke

I started in the wedding industry 9 years ago (2008) working at one of the top rental companies (Abbey Party Rents) in San Diego. It was from this job that I learned the importance of being a good vendor and building good vendor relationships. I was doing sales and event coordination for Abbey’s and I had one client in particular who was doing a home wedding at her grandparent’s estate in Del Mar. Read more>>

Tim Barnes

It really started with my first trip to Baja as an adult about six years ago. A good friend of mine who I surf with every morning was always either going or coming from Baja – truly living like a local. I did not grow up visiting Mexico with family and friends and I was intrigued by how easy it was for him to shoot down there for lunch or a surf and get back to San Diego in such a short period of time. I volunteered to buy gas and dinner if he would take me down there to “show me the way.” Read more>>

Jim Cline

I had decided I wanted to pursue a career in travel photography. I was starting to sell my images for publication in books, magazines, CD covers, calendars, newspapers, annual reports. I realized that I knew certain areas really well, and would be able to bring groups of photo-enthusiasts on trips planned for photography. Read more>>

Sarah McGarry

Once I arrived, I don’t know how to speak English and had my son with me. 3 days after, I figured out I was pregnant and because of that I had to put my dreams of pursuing a career on hold. Back home, I got my degree in Business Administration but couldn’t use it here. Read more>>

Jason Segal

My Dad gave me a camera when I was 10. I started photographing everything I saw. Then, documenting and editing videos. Soon I began creating videos for Small Businesses and weddings. Now, I work full time as a freelance filmmaker. I handle business transactions, write/direct/shoot/edit/sound design and score my projects. Read more>>

Cassandra Moran

It was about 4 years ago, right after I graduated from cosmetology school, when I got a job that turned into my dream career. I met Riley through a co-worker who knew she needed some help with her growing business. Over the years working next to Riley help to shape me into the artist I have become. I worked hard and stayed focused on perfecting my styling technique and by business and people skills. Read more>>


Deena Von Yokes

I was lucky enough to know my calling at a young age. While kids my age were going through the motions of their summer jobs, I was in my mother’s salon, excited and engaged in the art of beauty and style. I wasted no time in learning the ins and outs of running a business, knowing that my life’s path was already well underway. Read more>>

Beth Jeffrey

When I was about 12 years old, I got my first Polaroid camera and it turned into a passion and gift I never knew I had. Next thing you know I’d be taking a film and photography class in college along with my other degree. I traveled across country and took pictures all over. Read more>>


A.J. Robinson

I started The Factory Fastpitch Club in 2013 with a vision of creating an elite travel organization in San Diego that would be able to compete with the bigger more successful clubs in Orange County and Los Angeles that were taking some of San Diego’s top talent away from our city. The overall climate in our sport at that time was that you needed to play on certain teams from those areas to be seen and recruited by top colleges. Read more>>

Juan Velasco and Anastasia Kabitskaya

Their Story begins as any newlywed couple: being happy and living every day the very best they could. If you would have asked them back when they first met in Colorado in 2005; that they would be living the “California Dream as Entrepreneurs, they would have said “Only in Our Dreams”. However, as they say dreams do come true and there is no better than San Diego to live your dream. Read more>>

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