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Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad 11.16.2017

Courtney Tibbets

I planned by own wedding in 2007 and hired a wedding coordinator. After the wedding, I thought it was something I could do and decided to explore it more in 2008. The business snowballed while doing “day of coordination” and we are now based in both San Diego and Palm Springs and provide month of coordination, partial planning and full service planning for brides and grooms who desire a great party and guest experience. Read more>>

Sarah Joy Schmidt

After graduating with a degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute-San Diego, I found my first design client on Craigslist. I did everything from choosing paint colors to space planning. I even painted their home myself! Read more>>

Michelle Harvey

I started in real estate over 18 years ago and worked for 2 large, well-known brokerages. After realizing that I couldn’t quite fit in with the way I envisioned my business goals, I started to create and design my own real estate brokerage. Read more>>

Boaz Roberts

I grew up in an eclectic homeschool family and was fortunate to have parents that strongly valued the arts, the ocean, and personal expression. Myself and my two older sisters all began studying classical and fiddle Violin at a very young age. I began reading music when I was 3-4 and at age 13 I composed my first written Cadenza for a Mozart Violin Concerto. Read more>>

Brenda Hicks

I have always loved food service and especially the interaction with the public since I started my first job at the age of 19, 37 years ago.I was front room manager and server at the Daily News Café in Carlsbad being a single mother raising two beautiful daughters. Read more>>

Jason Sintetos

Originally Greg Sintetos, my father took ownership of Oceanside Paddleboard in 2015, formerly owned by George Hood. It quickly lived up to the “family business” expectations, as it routinely took the help of many family members to fulfill the paddle boarding demand. Read more>>


Patricia Coleman

I have always loved weddings! In 2002 while vacationing in Maui, I witnessed several beach weddings and knew at that moment that I wanted to be an officiant. I did my research, composed multiple wedding ceremonies and additional ideas to personalize them, created a website and was excited about my new career. Read more>>

Keilani Hontucan

It all started when I used to watch my grandmother cut her friends’ hair and do her own perms in the kitchen. I was curious and thought it was really cool that my grandmother could cut and style hair. When I was in high school, all the other kids knew what prestigious college they wanted to go to and I knew that I wanted to do hair. Read more>>

Ryan Hartegan

I have and still currently work in the surf industry. There are many parallels in both climbing and surfing. Said best by Yvon Chouinard, climber, and founder of Patagonia and Bob McTavish, Australian surfing legend, “I’m after the cleanest line on the steepest part of the face”, I couldn’t have said it better myself and this quote really resonated with me. Read more>>

Andy Kaghaz

Started the business in 2002 with no experience in the field. Understood what was that customer were looking for, honesty, integrity and quality auto repair. Today we have built our family business to a level where customers have faith in us and know that we do the right thing to give them an excellent customer experience every time they get their vehicle serviced with us. Read more>>

Jennifer Moyer

Most of my cherished memories stem from food, art and the garden. My grandmother’s farm outside of Baltimore MD was the backdrop to most of those memories. In the summer months, there was a produce garden full of carrots, asparagus and rhubarb, fields of corn and string beans, fruit tree groves, grape vines and berry brambles. Read more>>

Maricel Balanza

My journey to become a massage therapist and Reiki master started with being an artist. I have always been fascinated with the human figure that I usually sketched portraits and live models. When I was studying Graphic Design at CSU Fullerton, my favorite class was an elective class called life drawing. Read more>>

Lizz Parker

Chef Lizz Parker is a San Diego native who discovered the passion for cooking over 25 years ago when she began cooking with her family in El Slavador, then proceeded to work in the restaurant industry the last few decades. Lizz Parker, a Culinary Institute of America (CIA) graduate from Hyde Park, New York continued to hone her skills with Top Chefs in NYC . Read more>>

Diana Benedek

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and over the years found out that I was not only allergic to gluten, but I was also intolerant to corn, soy and pretty much all grains except for rice and I only felt better once I removed all ingredients from my diet. Read more>>

Cathi Mangione and David Moyer

My wife Cathi and I have always been a team. So the best way to talk about our business is through both of our eyes. Both of our families have always been involved with music. We both come from musical families. Read more>>

Kimberly Rivas

A Wedding and Event Flower Company was created by florist Kimberly Rivas. Kim has been in the floral industry since the age of 16 years old. She has taught flower design classes through out the state of California and has designed destination weddings from Seattle, WA to Louisville, KY. Read more>>

Eric Raftery

I have worked as a professional musician for over twenty five years. After earning a scholarship and Bachelor of Arts in Music from Northeastern Illinois University in 1998, I began traveling both nationally and internationally, singing and playing piano in a myriad of venues. Read more>>

Lindsay Curtis

Having moved 5 times in 4 years, one of which was Transatlantic, we were on the move again! And I thought there had to be a better, more eco-friendly way of moving. And as Oprah says – I had my light bulb moment!! Why not rent out clean & sanitized eco-friendly moving boxes? Read more>>

Amanda and Chris Yunker

Luvie Creations is a family owned and operated entertainment company headquartered in San Diego, Ca. We were established in 2017 with the goal of bringing a unique, fun and economical event idea to our local community. How we came up with the name Luvie Creations is a neat story. Read more>>

Patricia Luti Telles

I was born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil. After getting my Bachelor Degree, I came to San Diego to learn English and met my Dutch husband, who was also a foreigner student. After traveling between Brazil and The Netherlands for a while, I moved to the The Netherlands and fast forward, learned Dutch, got a job, got married, got a house and 3 kids! Read more>>

Teresa Webb

We are a boutique-style rental company located in Murrieta in the heart of Southern California. I, Teresa, am the face of our rental business and my amazing husband Randy is my catch all, mover, builder and idea supporter. Read more>>

Brian Shuff

I began playing guitar at the age of 7, and this is where I instantly fell in love with the instrument. I loved the tones and sounds I was able to make with the guitar. This prompted me to start playing and performing with various bands and musicians throughout middle school and high school. Read more>>

Gardenia and Julian Isorena

It all started out when my kids, when they were little, wanted their birthday parties to be different and more interesting and fun. My insatiable love for arts and crafts steered me towards face painting. Around nine years ago, after a few brush strokes on paper, I decided to project my designs onto my kids’ faces at their birthday party. Read more>>


Andrea De Marino

I began taking pole dancing classes at a studio in 2010. I started performing at showcases and then teaching. I wanted to expand the pole community in San Diego and opened Darkside in July 2015. I have a Masters Degree in Health Sciences and a strong background in healthcare and fitness and enjoy lots of types of fitness. Read more>>

Ruth Soleymani

When working in the corporate world, I spent my lunch breaks at my house taking my dog for his noon time walk. In San Diego, I didn’t know anyone who could walk my dog for me. Read more>>

Jamie Hellems

Dynamis Crossfit was founded in 2012 by Marcus Dedina. Through a love of helping people reach their fitness and wellness goals, Dynamis’ intent was to provide a safe, fun, clean, egoless environment. Read more>>

Nikita Mhatre

Queen Threading has been started as a simple dream just couple of years ago in Mira mesa. a vision to provide our community with affordable skin care, quality products, and the opportunity to help people live life more like an Queen. My passion is to educate people about threading & Heena. the authentic eastern beauty secret for the modern world. Read more>>

Rachel Jacobson

I always new I had a purpose to help people be the best versions of themselves. I received my masters from Lesley University in Art Therapy where I built a strong foundation in psychological care for my clients. During my masters program I completed my personal trainer certification (NASM CPT). Read more>>

Brie Marie

I originally got started in the fashion industry when I was in highschool. I modeled which took me to Europe to pursue a life out there. When it came down to it I realized that truly wasn’t what I wanted. Read more>>

William Zakrajshek

Back in 2006 I decided to move from South Dakota to San Diego to pursue my dreams. I started at Numbers night club in July 2006, making that my first Pride experience ever. Being from Minnesota & going to college in South Dakota, my knowledge of the LGBTQ+ community was very limited. Read more>>

Lucas Maddox

I started my business after a number of factors came into play. I had recently ended my enlistment in the U.S. military and I was looking for a full time position that offered reasonable pay and decent benefits. After taking an internship at a local engineering firm, I quickly realised that the civilian workforce was just as inefficient as a government position. Read more>>

Rana Kennedy

20 plus years ago, I was an avid Yogi, yoga practitioner who was learning to surf with a passion. I loved doing both, a lot, but one day pulled my arm from the shoulder while aggressively paddling for a wave. I soon came to find that I had torn my shoulder labrum, which many surfers and baseball players do as well. Read more>>

Chelsea Heard

My company came about when I was at my worst. I had just graduated from high school (Mt. Carmel High School) in 2016 in the hopes of attending art school. However, when that didn’t happen due to finances, I took it to heart. Honestly it felt as if I had fallen into a deep hole without any way of getting out. Read more>>

Phillip Bradbury II

I started in the garage door business about 10 years ago as a tech training for a medium size company. I instantly enjoyed this kind of work as I like fixing things and interacting with customers. I learned quite a bit over the next four years working for this company.  Read more>>

Anthony Pinder

My Barber journey began at 12 years old, as a kid I always liked being clean cut, but I had issues with maintaining it. so I asked my dad could I use his hair clippers so I could cut my own hair that started my journey at first a lot of trial and error by Jr high all my peers took notice and wanted me as their barber. Read more>>

Tonya and Walter Turner

I began my career in 1983. Before opening Che Bangs Salon, I worked in 3 different types of salons. Hourly (haircuts only). Commission ( sit all day and hope for a client. No client no pay) Booth rental (same premis as commission except at the end of the month you owe the owner money). Read more>>

Brandon Siebert

I grew up playing ice hockey and played throughout college, while attending ASU I joined the boxing team and started to learn the art of fighting. Upon graduation I got into Martial Arts and from there realized it was a passion of mine and started to become an instructor. Read more>>

Zeta and Elmer Esmile

We started the business in 2014. We are a family owned company. We primarily focused on Farmer’s markets and catering. After a month we were able to hook up with most of the craft breweries and wineries. and 2 years later, October 16, we opened up our first location in Poway. Read more>>

Stephanie Marsh

If you had met me growing up as a kid in Colorado, you would have never guessed that one day I would become a bridal hairstylist. I was a free-spirited tomboy through and through. In fact, my hair was always a hot mess! Read more>>

Leslie Seifert, Cathy Kohler and Mikelle Lindsey

The name they cannot claim. Its creation was the brainchild of Natalie Dean, an avid gardener who worked at Descanso Gardens in La Canada for over 20 years. Her daughter Leslie Seifert in San Diego, with her passion for all things green, worked helping others to re-create their gardens with the expertise learned from her mother.  Read more>>

Chico Goff

Green Oak Ranch has a long history of helping people. The 140 acre valley first served as the home of the Kumeyaay and Luiseno Indian tribes, In the late, 1800’s the Butterfield Overland Stage Coach stopped in the in the lush oak field valley. Read more>>

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