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Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad 11.3.2017

Chrissy Weir

I’ve always had a passion for cooking, baking and all things food. Growing up in a big family, there was plenty of opportunity to help in the kitchen. When it was time to choose college, I had a desire to attend culinary school over 4-year university, but I’ll never forget the words from a chef at the restaurant where I was a server at for a couple years; he told me if wanted go to culinary school to become a chef I would most likely have to give up my future nights & weekends, and time with my future family. Read more>>

Shawna Campbell

Ever since I can remember I wanted to own my own business and four years ago I had a vision and now I’m living in it. I have always had a passion for the beauty industry, I was always searching for new ideas and the latest trends. After having laser hair removal only to find out years later that the hair was coming back I went on a mission to find something truly permanent and I did. Read more>>

Ashley Strong Smith

I am the oh-so grateful photographer and owner of Ashley Strong Photography! I’m a very curious soul, capturing the breaths of Mother Nature with my lens. Maneuvering, adventuring, exploring, discovering, capturing and ultimately creating. Read more>>

Andrea Reeves

In 2001, my husband Greg gave me an SLR (single Lenz reflex) camera for Christmas, Photography has always been my “gift” but growing up in Brazil it was not a realistic profession, not one I could make a living out of. Read more>>

Michael Christmas

When I was a young boy, my dream was to become a professional photographer. While in the High School camera club I won all the competitions and imagined myself someday working for a national newspaper, dashing off to the airport to photograph a famous movie star. Read more>>

Weston Boucher

Since age 13, I’ve been drawn to create in whatever format I have the opportunity to be a part of. I’ve left myself open to the freedom of different chapters by way of the various professions that I’ve pursued. Read more>>

Karen Molina

I studied Art and graduated with an MFA degree from the Academy of Art, San Francisco. I worked as a digital artist in the video game industry for over a decade, crafting virtual characters, worlds, and concept art. Read more>>

Theresa Bryan

After spending what was supposed to be only a year or so in Baja, Mexico trying to figure out what to do with my life after the full time wife- kids thing, I returned four years later with a surf board under one arm and a brand new outlook on life and attitude. Read more>>

Shlomit Azolay

My love story started when I was 14 years old. Ialways used to play with my friends hair in my house, blow dry and style. As we get older I started doing hair color as well. When I was 16, I started working in a retail store and slowly own retail stores got to fashion show and was doing complete styling, clothing and hair. Read more>>

Jackie Ellis

I come from a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners, so it was only natural for me to follow their footsteps. I’ve been enamored by the beauty industry since I can remember, and once I was “old enough” to experiment with hair and makeup in high school, I quickly discovered I had a natural ability to transform myself and others. Read more>>

Christina Dossola

I graduated from Palomar Institute of Cosmetology in San Marcos in 2001. It was there that I completely fell in love with hair color and how much it can transform someone. Not just how they look but how they feel about themselves as well. Read more>>

Travis and Kelly Esquibel

After working in the water delivery service for many years, people would often jokingly ask if I was there to deliver them Beer. This is what planted the seed of what consumers really wanted… BEER! Read more>>

Krissy Greenhouse and Melanie Ham

Melanie and I met while working at Del Mar Workout. She’s been in the Fitness Industry for many years, teaching aerobic and body conditioning classes as well as personal training. I began my personal training career in 2005. I taught Silver Sneakers and Gravity classes at DMW, but my main focus was on personal training. Read more>>

Camille Hastings

I have been in music since I was young child starting at the piano and have never stopped. After graduating Berklee College of Music I began teaching. I have taught 6 month olds to 83 year olds for the past 25 years. Read more>>

Rebecca Bates and Ashley Reichert

We were working together for the previous owner of the salon, who was not in the beauty industry. Business was slow but we saw the great potential the salon had. We had been thinking how great it would be to own our salon one day as a family. Little did we know, he would be putting the salon up for sale the next month. Read more>>

Frankie Belmain

I was searching the Internet for help in growing my eyelashes. I found some products with simple ingredients so i thought I would try to make it myself. I made my first batch and had some good results. I posted my experience on Facebook and friends wanted me to make them some too. Read more>>

Shannon Henry

Studio Carré Photographie came to life in 2008 and is actually a family name. Although the company is approaching its 10th year, I was working previously as a photographer…formerly with an agency as well as on my own. Since my childhood, the arts in many forms has always intrigued me. Read more>>

Dr. Gregory McElroy

Practicing 25 years. I have run multiple practices for large dental corporations. I also have owned 3 different private offices. Including my present office, Smiles by Design. Have practiced in Encinitas for 14 years. My practice has doubled in size over the past 4 years. Read more>>

Clay Sellers

I was on Facebook and one of my friends posted an awesome video of these guys playing “Bubble Soccer”. It looked like so much fun! I started to Googling bubble soccer and ran across Knockerball USA. When I found out I could start this as a business and, at the time, would be the first person in San Diego, I was all in. Read more>>

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