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Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad 11.30.2017

Jussara Souza and Fabiola Sanchez

We met in 2008, and at that time, we discovered that both of us had a passion of making every event at our daughters’ school, every family and friends birthday party, and every tea party, beautiful and memorable. It gave us an incredible sense of satisfaction to combine beauty and harmony at the same time. Read more>>

Kip Hajjar

Kip has been in the car industry since 2003. He had one year left of College but found a home in selling cars. He never went back for his last year of college and worked hard as a salesman. He worked his way up to management then eventually opened 5 Grand Autoland in 2010 with his wife Brooke. Read more>>

Kris Anacleto

Dave and Donny Firth, the main owners and brothers of Booze Brothers began home brewing about 9 years ago in their garage in Vista, CA. 5 years later, they finally opened an official brewery in the business parks of Vista and we’ve been rolling ever since. Read more>

Cynthia and Zenon Issel

Surf-fur is a creator and maker of quality waterproof clothing for waterman of every age. We’re obsessed with producing the perfect clothing to keep people warm and dry as they’re out pursuing their passion for various watersports. Read more>>

Ken Hoelscher

Socal Vows really started as a business back in 2009 when I was asked to cover six weddings for one of the pastors on my staff. Being the lead pastor for Carmel Mountain Church and a pastor since 1990, I had performed many weddings over the years. I did those six weddings to cover for my colleague and it was a blast. Read more>>

Julie Roberts

In 2007, my husband and I both lost our Mothers exactly 30 days apart. At the time, someone we met, mentioned something about making Memory Bears out of their clothing. At that time, I was sewing home decor for an interior designer so I took up the challenge and made 11 memory bears for my husband and his siblings and 4 memory bears for my Dad and my brothers. Read more>>

Meagan Hurst

I studied abroad when I was in college and caught the travel bug hard! My college years is also when I fell in love with practicing yoga. When I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in film production and business entrepreneurship, I was working 60 hour weeks and got burnt out within a year. Read more>>

Sarah Kate Holmes

I have been a hair stylist at my salon, Hébé HEALTHY HAIR BAR in Del Mar, California for over a decade. It has always been my passion to help my clients have healthy, youthful and abundant hair. During my time behind the chair, I kept hearing a reoccurring theme from new clients: they were fed up with their thinning hair and completely frustrated in not knowing how to fix it. Read more>>

Mark Steiner

With 30 years of experience, Mark Steiner is leading the way in the entertainment industry. As GigSalad’s CEO, Mark is responsible for day-to-day operations, in addition to leading the brand’s business and marketing strategy, driving revenue, and maintaining essential relationships with customers and vendors. Read more>>

Lisa Druxman

After the birth of my son in 2001, I felt a deep personal desire to connect with other new moms. Truth be told, I was also looking for a way to not go back to work! I created Stroller Strides that year with the goal of offering all moms an opportunity to get in shape, meet other moms, and have fun while bonding with their babies. Read more>>

Brett Drury

I never expected to be a photographer, even though I grew up around it (my mom is a professional wildlife photographer). I went through the architecture program at the U. of Arizona and 3 years after graduation attended an architectural photography workshop. Read more>>

Niki Bentley

I am the founder and creative leader at PhotoCatz. It seems like just yesterday I was immigrating from South Africa at age 7. After graduating with a BA in Communications from UCSB, I followed in my father’s footsteps in pursuing a fashion career. I learned everything and more from my father Alby Amato, MAD Engine Former CEO. Read more>>

Anthony Moreno and William Meade Jr.

In the fall of 2011, I had the passion to open up a performance training facility. I approached my sister’s husband, my brother in law, about the idea. He has a medical background and at the time I felt that more science and health aspects could be added into the field of performance training. Read more>>

Supreeya Paenseethong

Growing up in Thailand where massage is a part of everyday activities, Supreeya learned massage from family and teachers in her region. With her natural talent and desire to help others, she eventually trained and was certified with honors at “Wat Pho Temple” one of Thailand’s oldest and most renown schools for massage therapy. Read more>>

Tasha Dubreuil Marinier

17 years ago, I started my career in San Diego assisting at one of the top salons in La Jolla, Atelier Aucoin. while living downtown San Diego I surrounded myself with talented, photographers, artists, models, makeup artist and plenty of hair stylist. Read more>>

Jill Thomas

My business started as a near life interest in hypnotherapy and hobby. It turned a business during when the economic downturn had me getting laid off from my sales career 3 times in 1 year. I was the nerd in high school that everyone went to for advise on how to handle their problems. Read more>>

Nathanael Soli

Oceanside Jiu Jitsu was founded in 2009 by Jeff Gorumba, Brendan Guccione and Myself, Nathanael Soli, as a side project of Oceanside Crossfit. The idea behind OJJ was to offer the same high-level training as Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, here in North County San Diego. Read more>>

Julia Kuzmenko and Michael Cutler

Julia was born and raised in Ukraine. Michael was born and raised in Northern California. They met in Ukraine and later began their marriage December 22, 2012 in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It took a year for Michael to immigrate Julia to the USA. In November 2013 her world dramatically changed…. Read more>>

Graeme Fairlie

I started my business career as salesman for a small plastics company in New Zealand where I was born, and worked my way up to be the most successful packaging line salesperson in the country selling sophisticated meat and cheese packaging lines. Read more>>

Alicia Arango

My parents have always worked with flowers, and foliage. It’s been a family business since I can remember. My mom is totally in love with flowers. Growing up though, I never wanted to help with the work. I did however learn a lot from them. Read more>>

Michelle Popp

I have been obsessed with taking pictures ever since I was a little girl, although it wasn’t until 2011 when my dad past away that I began to pursue my passion for photography professionally. My dad was my hero. He believed I could do anything.  Read more>>

James Couzens

The Rockademy was founded in 2011. James Couzens, drum instructor, vocalist and professional musician, began working with the bands that his drum students played in. Due to the success and excitement generated, James conceptualized The Rockademy, a comprehensive approach to band organization and development. Read more>>

Daeson Sanchez-Kuster

7 LEAVES Remedy Cream™, a Releaf Cosmetics, Inc. brand was born when I sought to treat my wife’s pain and discomfort from osteoarthritis and the early stages of rheumatism. Her pain was so severe the doctors only wanted to prescribe heavy pain medications with strong side effects. Read more>>

Christine Ekeroth

I am a family/portrait and humanitarian photographer based in San Diego, California. Whether I’m photographing a family on one of San Diego’s beautiful beaches or serving in a remote village in Haiti, I am devoted to capturing and recording the beauty of this colorful life. Read more>>

Rick Carson

I’ve spent the last 20 years in the corporate world trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. Although I experienced success in the corporate setting, there was always something very unfulfilling for me in that environment. Read more>>

Dana Boyle

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology I embarked on a five year career in the fashion industry in NYC and LA. Then I made the switch to cosmetology and attended rhe Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica. After graduation I assisted the owner of a salon in Beverly Hills and was promoted to hairstylist. Read more>>

Courtney Campbell

Courtney always knew exactly what she wanted out of life when it comes to cosmetology and that was to one day have her own salon where people could come and be who they are and leave feeling even more beautiful than when they first walked in. She graduated from beauty school at the age of 17 and hit the ground running. Read more>>

Tristan Quigley

My career in photography started back in college. I had taken numerous photography classes. At the time, I was wakeboarding for a living and really enjoyed photographing my friends out on the water and action sports in general. Read more>>

Alexander Lash

Together with my (now wife) Christiana Rivers and friend Patrick Mercaldo, we founded Zen Garden Productions in 2014 while studying communications media and film at John Paul the Great Catholic University. The idea was to use our talents in digital media to provide the highest quality video content for mid-size and small business/organizations. Read more>>

Max Weiss

My father loved collecting photography. I liked seeing what he would purchase from famous photographers. I bought my first DSLR in 2009 and had a lot of friend and family support. As I got more into shooting professionally, I upgraded my camera and took classes. Read more>>

Shem Gott

Wow, what a journey it has been! We started 5 years ago when I started making candles as a hobby. The first jars I used were empty baby food jars from my son Abraham (nickname Mr. B). From the beginning we used plant based ingredients and friends and family loved them. Read more>>

Jackie Panebaker

Pine Tree Road Soap grew from a passion for soap making, experimenting + all-out love for making something with my own hands. I opened a small retail shop in Ocean Beach, CA in February 2010, where I made all of my products in small batches every day. Read more>>

Vika Stansky-Hernandez

I have always loved dance and martial arts. I took my first trip to Brazil in 2005, and fell in love with the culture. When I came back to the US, I started training Capoeira, Samba and Afro-Brazilian dance with Mestre Mariano Silva in Santa Barbara. The journey of studying these arts have built my character, inspired me to continuously progress physically, mentally and spiritually and led me to Brazil three more times (so far!). Read more>>

Heidi Emery

The Blue Angels Youth Ski & Snowboard Program was founded in 1992 by ski industry veteran Heidi Thompsen Emery to give children and teenagers an opportunity to experience the sports of snowboarding and skiing. The program caters to all ability levels, first-timers to experts, and provides a safe environment in which youth can ski or snowboard with other snow sports enthusiasts while learning new skills from a professional coach. Read more>>

Zachary Gordon, Wayne Rold, Laura Sanchez, Jamie O’Malley, Joan Balagasay and Andrew Guzman

We start about 3 years ago when a very good friend of mine, Aureau (amazing human), helped me get Ballast started. We have such an awesome community of folks that love to work hard and push towards a life of excellence. After getting out of the Navy beck in 2014, I decided to attend school and trained CrossFit full time with great friends. Read more>>

Cory Clarke

Founder Cory Clarke, has been in the Kitchen Exhaust service industry since 1986, and has been a leader in this field as well as changing the way grease is contained, maintained, and disposed. His focus is effective and efficient green filter exchange for food service establishments. Read more>>

Shelley Sass

I have been transforming interiors since 2000, and have personally had the exciting opportunity of overseeing the building of two of my very own family homes over the last 10 years, one in Australia and the other in San Diego. I have a valued team of trusted and reliable tradespeople that I work with on a continued basis. Read more>>

Jorge Lopez

In 1983, I move back to Mexico to follow my studies at the University of Monterrey Nuevo Leon, in there I was introduce to football. I start playing football to get a scholarship, I did it for a year. After that, I was introduce to Karate which I follow in love, for that day on I dedicated all my time to practice karate and compete in National and Pan Americans Competitions, that was a great experience but my dream was to open a Karate school and help people to change theirs life for better like the Art help me. Read more>>

Celeste Barbier

I have been singing for my entire life. I started in church as a little girl and was quickly the church soloist. We relocated quite a few times before I turned 18 though so I never really became established in the small towns I grew up in. Read more>>

Marci Kawar

My partner Sarah and I met several years ago co-teaching a kids yoga camp. Sarah was a paddler and I had been teaching yoga for many years. After a handful of times playing on the board, we decided to taker others out and share our love for this new found passion. Read more>>

Deborah Zilliox

I am a Nationally Certified and CAMTA Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and BBU Certified Pilates Instructor. During that time, I found my area of interest centered on Health Psychology and decided to continue my education focusing on manual and alternative therapies.  I arrived in California to attend the University of San Diego and graduated with a B.A. in Psychology in 2002. Read more>>

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