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Del Mar, Encinitas & Carlsbad 12.20.2017

Jason Phan

LIVV was created while in Naturopathic medical school in San Diego CA. The struggle of creating a business while in medical school was REAL. I, Jason Phan, have never really studied business or even knew where to start. I started doing some research and just knew I needed a good name and a business plan. “How to write a business plan” – Google is the best right? So I started writing down my ideas, my vision, my strategies in creating the lifestyle brand and medical clinic I have always wanted. Read more>>

Cindy Cruz

Leaping Lotus is an amazingly fun place to shop in North County San Diego. From the moment we opened our doors, in November of 2000, the magic began for our awe-inspiring marketplace on Cedros Avenue. Leaping Lotus is located downstairs in our 21,000 sq. ft. building, with the executive office suites, “Work Local”, located upstairs, “Madeleine French Café & Bakery” is nestled on the south side of our building, with “Chicweed Garden & Patio” located in our front parking lot area. Read more>>

Karen Sulger

I first had acupuncture when I was 22 years old for facial rejuvenation treatments. I was doing runway modeling and my friends were doing it for wrinkles. I had a good impression of acupuncture but did not know the full range of what it worked with. Later on in life, I was trying unsuccessfully to get pregnant. I ended up seeing an acupuncturist and was pregnant within 5 months. I was also so inspired by her on my first treatment that I decided to become an acupuncturist. Read more>>

Catherine Jantzi

We wanted to create an affordable space where people could heal and get better. Community started coming in, they enjoyed the low-cost, high quality treatments. Now we do almost 1,000 treatments a month. We just opened a second location in Ocean Beach. There are always challenges opening a new business, but our passion to help people has helped us through those difficulties that come. Read more>>

Christopher Meister Gronau

I started off filming movies with my friends in Las Vegas when I was in middle school about 15 years ago. I decided I wanted to pursue a career in making videos for a living so I went to Film School at UNLV. There I got my Bachelors in Fine Arts in Film and started my own company. I built up my camera gear and editing skills and really focused on producing videos for companies that created value for their brand. Read more>>

Zubin Patrawala

Moved from the East Coast in 2006 to San Diego. Started working at a local Civil Engineering company and was laid off during the low of the downturn. Looked for additional work with other firms that were going through the same process with their own employees. Decided to start an Engineering company that was different from the typical model. One that leaned forward in its thinking, not just having engineers that think about solving a specific task, but blurring the line between engineering and art and architecture. Read more>>

Gregg Visintainer

Always doodled in middle school and high school. I use to hide different items inside the artwork such as pictures or words that would relate to what was going around me. Doodling was my way to pass time in class and I enjoyed it. College wasn’t for me and never went to art school. I didn’t think much about art until I was 24 and decided to see where it could go. In 2007 I decided to start selling my artwork at local farmers markets and events throughout San Diego, I haven’t stop since. My style is hand drawn, pen and ink, with hidden pictures and words that relate to each theme. Read more>>

Virginia Morrison

Our Brewmaster, Co-Founder, and my husband, Marty, has been brewing professionally for 20 years – before it was cool. He worked for a corporate brewery for 17 years, but for many of those years, he yearned to be independent and do the craft his own way. Therefore, when we met, after continual persuading from myself and our other business partner and Co-Founder, Curtis, Second Chance was formed in 2013. However, it took two years of “blood, sweat, and tears” to raise capital and construct our beloved Brewery and Taproom. Read more>>

Lisa Blake

I decided to take a break from working in the health field and opened a bridal salon. I loved the creativity and beauty of every unique wedding. My business was booming and the work got to be very stressful and demanding. As much as I loved my bridal business, the daily stress and pressures of running my own business caught up with me. My sleep was very erratic and I would wake with heart palpitations in the morning. Read more>>

Michelle Saul

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and I graduated from UCLA with my degree in Dance Therapy. I worked in LA as a dancer, and in 1977, I attended my first Transformational Education seminar. It was a huge “wake up” call for me, and I set an intention of becoming a Personal Growth Facilitator. In 1979, I met my husband Michael, who lived in Southern Oregon and ran his own company, Sundance Expeditions, a white-water rafting and kayak school. Read more>>

Dr. Tom Keller

I am a specialist in pediatric dentistry. I have been practicing in Encinitas since 2000. I started my practice from scratch and built up a very loyal patient base over the years. I started out working one day a week in my practice while associating with San Diego Pediatric Dental Group down in Sorrento Valley. After about 3 years I built up my practice enough to stop working as an associate and be full time on my own. I was previously located on Encinitas Blvd at El Camino Real. Read more>>

Tara Kester

Growing up, I always wanted to be an interior designer. I also had to pay for college. So I did my foundation art classes at a state school (Grand Valley State University in Michigan) with the plan of moving on to a more expensive art school my sophomore year. This state school didn’t have an interior design program, but it did have a rock climbing wall (yes, I had my priorities straight). And it had an impressive, very competitive graphic design program (~15% acceptance rate). Read more>>

Michael Stanclift

As I was preparing to apply to medical school, I became more and more aware of our failing medical system. It seemed to me that medical providers were ignoring the causes of disease. Instead it looked like many doctors were covering symptoms, but their patients weren’t really getting healthier. I wanted to become a doctor that would make positive changes, and assist my patients to take less medication, not more. Read more>>

Lindsey McPherson

Ever since I was little, I have loved animals and have been drawn to them. Before I got my first dog I found a well-used 4 foot leash on the ground somewhere. I picked it up and brought it home with me. I would walk around the yard carrying it, imagining what it would be like to have a dog at the other end.  I was always asked if I wanted to be a veterinarian when I grew up, and I knew that I did not want to do that! I wanted to be the person they were excited to see. I just didn’t know exactly how that would come to be. Read more>>

Shailesh Kadakia

Roots of Matrix Writers & Publishers began in September 2001, when the idea was sprung in Founder Mr. Kadakia’s mind that present theories developed by pioneer physicists lack explanation about origin of light and cause of forces of gravity to its entirety. A serious effort began after business entity Matrix Writers & Publishers was formed in Upstate New York Rochester, Year 2009. Read more>>

Jay Rostami

DermaFashion was established in March 2011. We initially started as a small office inside a beauty salon in Scripps Ranch, but the business kept growing bigger and we decided to build a luxurious medical spa with nine treatment rooms in Scripps Ranch Market Place shopping center. Today, we have over 7000 clients who visit us several times per year. We help our clients to highlight their natural beauty and achieve their best look, whether they are concerned about fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, sun spots, age marks, acne scars, spider veins, or they just like to have a beautiful and flawless skin. Read more>>

Jacques Domercq

I have always loved glass and when the opportunity arose, I chose to start my own service business making glass invisible again. It turns out not only do I love cleaning glass but I genuinely love connecting with people whether they be new clients or long time clients I now call friends. Starting your own business is never easy. There’s always a new thing to learn or a new way to grow. If you’re not learning something new you’re probably losing something important. Read more>>

Myrna Steinbaum

I started as a Phlebotomist in 1989 before the state licensure was out for the position. My first job as a phlebotomist was at Palomar Medical Center and through the years I would witness elderly people coming in for blood draws at all hours of the day, they would come through our outpatient laboratory or the emergency room. Those that came to our outpatient lab would always be accompanied by someone and those that came in through the emergency room would come by ambulance and as soon as the Dr. would check their blood results they would then send the patient home via ambulance, I started thinking “THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY”. Read more>>

Susan Fernandez

Nearly forty years ago, I took my first Swedish and shiatsu massage course. I was in my last year of college, finishing my degree in Psychology. I remember “out of the blue” it was recommended to me to take this course, saying “You’d be good at it!” So, after finishing my degree, I went to work for a physical therapist. It was there that I discovered, I have a natural ability to see where there are areas of imbalance in a person (and now animals). This ability has woven a path, threading itself in different ways throughout my career. Read more>>

Michele Arnold

My story is simple. We can’t always understand why we become interested in one thing, and not another. That is how is was with me. I found the human body fascinating, and I wanted to understand how it worked. My best subjects in school were the sciences. It just made sense that I would study biology in college. During college I accumulated books, and articles related to herbalism, aromatherapy, and nutrition. I found myself drawn to herbal shops, and natural health stores. Read more>>

DeLinda Forsythe

It wasn’t that I had set out to help people build environments that they love. After all, my education was as a Dance major from UC Irvine. My first career was dance, theatre and acting. For 8 years, I worked in dance. When I injured myself in my late 20s, I realized I had to change my career. My initial passions – developed in the arts – led me to seek a way to make people’s lives better. I found this in commercial furniture, which like most of the arts helps people to make their world more harmonious and in-touch with their inner condition. A friend had a contact, so that was my inroad into the industry. Read more>>

Elaine Manfredi

I’ve been in many different fields from HR, to Employee Benefits, to Telecommunications and Customer Service in the past until a devastating layoff. It was then that I realized I wanted to do hair. That was almost 16 years ago. I started in a small private salon and from there I went to a high end spa and then booth rental in Florida. When I moved to California, for a short time (about 8 months) I worked in the corporate world again until I realized that I simply could not stare at a computer 8 hours a day any longer and I returned to the cosmetology field. Read more>>

Michael Vandor

In 1995, after 15 years in the community management industry – including 10 as president and minority owner of a community management company – I felt burned out and in need of change. Without a fall back plan, I resigned, cashed out my stock, and took a gamble on myself and perhaps fate. My first step was to address a bucket list item – writing and marketing a novel. ‘Line of Succession – The Price of Power’ (sold on Amazon) was the result. Read more>>

Elaine Gallagher

I’ve always had a passion and curiosity about homes, and decided to create a real estate team in 1990. That was one of the worst market years as homes were depreciating, but it gave me skills that I appreciate today. No one really had a team then, but I wanted to give clients more personal VIP attention. It was my goal to be #1 in the State of California which we achieved in 1994 and 1995. Read more>>

Nick and Chris Zoch

Our home is in Vista, CA. We enjoy living close to the beach and sipping fine wine while sharing our ideas with great friends. However, it was the wine country in southern Oregon that inspired us to become creative with recycled woods and start Upcycled Creations. We are both retired. We work out of our home where we have built a workshop on our property. Read more>>

Jeff Norton

After a lengthy career with Hewlett-Packard, I wanted to find a proven business with products and services that would resonate with my home town San Diego. Health & Fitness was the perfect match. We’re all on our own wellness journey and mine included 9 marathons, 10+ half marathons and a countless number of 5K and 10K races. As I aged, however, my body was less receptive to the long runs and pounding on my feet and joints. So now as an adult I’m much more interested in HIIT workouts and weight lifting. Read more>>

Athena Haritatos

Adopt A Christmas Tree has been running in San Diego for 10 seasons now. We save hundreds of trees from being cut down each season while still giving San Diegans an eco-friendly way of having a living tree for Christmas. Millions of trees are cut down in the name of Christmas each year so that people can enjoy the fresh smell and feeling of a real tree. Read more>>

Jill Kinney

Jill Kinney is considered an industry leader in the world of health and fitness and earned her title as “America’s Number One Female Entrepreneur.” Jill received a Distinguished Service Award from the International Health Racquet and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) and has been inducted into the Wellness Revolution Hall of Fame. As the Founder of Club One, she built her fitness club dream into a $95 million dollar business with over 2,500 employees and 100 clubs throughout the US. Read more>>

Perry Sexton

After medical school at Loma Linda, in southern California, I trained in emergency medicine at Yale and then completed a residency in Family Medicine at University of Pennsylvania and then worked in a large HMO for a few years. The HMO was a good example of cookie cutter medicine that was very good at delivering stardardized treatment to a large number of people, but didn’t allow enough time to get to know the patients well and teach them how to care for themselves better. Read more>>

Axel R Cojulun

After living in Sweden and going back to Guatemala when I am originally from worked at the Volvo Importer as Import and Export Parts Manager and Inventory using Swedish to create a close relation with the Volvo Factory in Gothemburg Sweden, working in Parts brought me close to the needs the Technicians had when repairing Volvo cars. I always been a curious type of guy and this woke up my curiosity and decided to take Technical training to understand how cars work. Read more>>

Craig Libuse

Life turns out to be pretty good after all. You start with whatever basic talent you are blessed with, but a lot depends on who you meet along the way. I feel I’ve been very lucky in that regard. After receiving a degree in Industrial Design from UCLA in 1968 and spending four years in the U.S. Air Force, I started and ran a one-man graphic arts studio in San Marcos from 1973 to 1996. One of my first clients was Joe Martin, the owner of a tool company called Sherline Products Inc. that was located in the same industrial park as my shop. Read more>>

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