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Downtown & Little Italy 01.04.2018

Adisa Zirić, Dmytro Bershadskyy

We started White Gorilla Media at the end of 2008, at the height of the financial crisis. Dmytro always had a passion for design and video and I was pursuing an MBA in Sustainable Management at that time. During our involvement in a cause-based marketing startup in 2005 we both realized that we can create a positive impact through our business while also expressing our creativity, both of which were important to us. Read more>>

Ramez Banoub, Clarissa Tong, Sam Milien

After meeting each other in 2015 while working at the same company. The three of us discussed our future plans for one day leaving the 9-5 work life behind and starting a business. We’ve all had experiences of people coming to us for our talents which led to us working on freelance projects during our free time. Read more>>

Sarah Hernholm

In 2009, I left behind my elementary school teaching days and launched WIT – Whatever It Takes. Convinced that a company could be built to provide youth with the tools and skills needed to become social entrepreneurs and leaders, I set off to create a reality tv show, that turned into a non-profit. (a longer story, for another time. Read more>>


Dwight Colton

I grew up in a very large family. All of the children shared in kitchen chores, peeling potatoes, kneading dough, prepping food and washing dishes so I guess restaurant work has always been in my blood. I started in restaurants bussing tables in Flagstaff AZ when I was 13. Read more>>

Patricia Casey

Throughout her artistic career, Ms. Astorga has undertaken various dance disciplines including classical ballet, tap, modern dance, Folklore Mexicano and Flamenco. She began her training at the early age of 7yrs old at the world renowned school of Amalia Hernandez (Ballet Folklorico de Mexico), for 5 consecutive summers . Read more>>

Julie Martin

Scout Mandolin is a luxury brand that makes custom one of a kind engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewelry. Scout Mandolin is intentionally evocative of past, present and future. ‘Scout’ is the soft, precise search for love manifest in design – the search for who he or she is and what makes him or her unique; ‘Mandolin’ is the allegorical essence of the sweet country melodies that captured Julie’s imagination as a girl growing up in the south. Read more>>


Antonio Aguilera

The entertainment industry is a rollercoaster ride. But we have maintained a strong presence in San Diego. You can get a good idea of what we do and who I am if you visit our websites. Experience and resume sets us apart. We are the first DJ academy in San Diego. Read more>>

Robb Leech and Rich Harpel

We are changing the way people will see transportation in the future!! We have new types of transportation that the other big Ride Share Apps like LYFT & UBER aren’t doing now and not in the future. We also are doing a lot of things for our Drivers and Riders that UBER & LYFT aren’t doing like their own personal financial advisors, vacation conference for drivers and riders with owners, auto loans and personal loans in the future are just the start!! Read more>>

Craig Blaine

I have spent most of my adult life in various aspects of the music business. As a singer-songwriter-performer, and recording engineer/producer, I decided to use my experience to help other musicians and to teach beginners who wanted to learn guitar and voice. Thus, JCB Music was born in 1996, when my wife Jo and I moved to San Diego. Read more>>

Steven Cox

Based in San Diego, Steven Cox started TakeLessons to help his friend, Enrique, find more students for his drum teaching business. The problem Enrique had was that he was really good at teaching, but didn’t have the marketing expertise or time to continuously search and sell new students. Read more>>

Nate Thompson

Wats Good was founded to tap into the creative energies at work in San Diego, and provide a place where everyone can express themselves through the music, dance, visual and flow arts. During the summer of 2017, some friends and I had planned out live DJ events on the beaches of San Diego. Read more>>

Scott Lutwak

After traveling over 100 countries and working overseas 10 years I started The Russian market crashed and the Dot-com era started so I jumped on board and started I wanted to get back in shape but no gym met my standards, so I built the first Fit in 2004. Read more>>

Johnny Castillo

For the past 12 years, I worked in the Hospitality business opening and managing multiple nightclubs such as Side Bar, FLUXX, and F6ix as part of the RMD Group located in downtown San Diego. During my time as a Nightclub Operator, health and fitness always remained an important aspect of my life, In fact, I believe that if it wasn’t for my healthy habits of eating right and exercising consistently, I would have never been as successful as I was in such a stressful industry centered around a lot of unhealthy habits. Read more>>

Sue George was started in 2009 by owner, founder and long time cyclist William Alcorn. Working in the travel industry, Alcorn realized there was a need to help cyclists get their bikes to wherever they wanted to go. Thus, a bicycle shipping service for cyclists, was born. Read more>>

Alex Minaev

I came to America in an early 1995 to the city of brotherly loved called Philadelphia.
Expecting to see NY 5th avenue style skyscrapers and Las Vegas type neon lights I was deeply disappointed by the overall gloomy-grayish winter time appearance of the city and with horror in my eyes and hope for Trump lifestyle in my mind I took on a job as a Cab Driver. Read more>>

Chedid Sawaya, Mike Abdelnour, Oscar Robledo

Oscar’s Salsa is recognized as a great fresh salsa that was introduced over 25 years ago by Oscar Robledo. Oscar acquired his famous salsa from his ancestral family roots from Mexico and developed it to its finest taste that is recognized today throughout San Diego County and the Southwest. Read more>>

Jose Diaz

Currently 1 of the music directors at San Diego HS. However, I am also deployed overseas as a member of the California National Guard. I’ve been a teacher in the school district for over ten years but my current teaching career spans 17 years. The last 4 years has been at San Diego HS trying very hard to rebuild the music program. Read more>>

Laynee Dell Woodward

McKenzie Rae Peck has always been drawn to fashion. Starting at a young age she was sewing and designing dresses for her friends to wear to prom. McKenzie attended fashion school in New York City and had her designs featured during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Read more>>

Michele Neff Hernandez

On August 31st of 2005 my husband, Phillip Hernandez, was struck by a suburban while riding is bicycle. He died of the injuries caused by the accident about one hour after being struck. Phil was 39 years old at the time of his death, and I was 35. I didn’t know any other widowed people who were my age and raising children. Read more>>

John DeBello

Loma has been in business since 2004. Based in San Diego with an operational presence in Washington DC, we provide communications solutions and services for a wide variety of brands and organizations. We’ve produced projects in more than 25 countries, from Algeria to Australia. Read more>>


Amy Caldwell

In 1997, Michael, my then boyfriend, now husband, and I were working in the music business in Hollywood. I was working with a music supervisor that coordinated all of the soundtracks for Oliver Stone’s films. I worked on “Heat, Natural Born Killers, Nixon, Twister and others. Read more>>

Raf Howery

My wife and i loved buying old homes and flipping them in such a way where we kept their original character. Along the process we recognized that the experience of renovating a home is fragmented which made it much harder to execute. We recognized that along the process we needed at a minimum the services of four industries: Real Estate, Lending, Construction and Retail. Read more>>

Milos and Linda Jahudka, Tim Manley, Bobbi Beach

Started in 1999 with the Honey Bee Hive and lots happened between then and now, I will tell you all about it when I meet you. Ohh yes, we will talk about it! Tim Manley, head sushi chef is a master in making sushi, his sushi creations are out of the world. Bobbi Beach draws the people in with her specialty cocktails made with love and passion. Read more>>

Teresa Howes

I was born with a natural interest in health and wellness. I studied nutrition in college and have devoted my entire career to empowering people to make smarter lifestyle decisions to improve their health, happiness and ultimately, reduce lifestyle disease in our country. Read more>>

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