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Downtown & Little Italy 01.18.2018

Kristin Shute

Our vineyard was a hobby gone astray. My parents were looking for a place to retire and stumbled upon this property for sale next door to the famous Laja restaurant. Bitten by the wine bug, my father opted to go to UC Davis and planted our vines in 2005. After a series of successful harvests, the vineyard grew to a level that demanded more hands on attention. Read more>>


Lauren Siry

Creating art has always been an important outlet for me. I love that art provides new perspectives on how we relate to the world. It can connect to all fields of science, history, sociology and philosophy, all of which I try to explore in my art practice. Read more>>

Jake Skolnick

Jake Skolnick was born in Glendale California in 1985. He grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles; first Topanga Canyon during elementary school and then Oak Park for middle school and high school. He learned guitar early on from his dad, and later studied privately. Read more>>

Sean Canning

This is a long story.. Basically, I came to San Diego to start a small architecture firm designing modern homes. I became one of the youngest architects in the State of California. As a young architect I found that there was a disconnect between the way architects traditionally communicate w/ their clients + my practice tries to correct this. Read more>>


Serge Chable

Grew up in the restaurant business, Started in the kitchen and paid bills through college. Started Front of house, serving, in 1989 and kept getting betting jobs. I wore my first tux in 1992 and had to learn wine. Moved to Hawaii and got my wine groove on. Read more>>

Dell Kronewitter

I attended college from 1985 to 1999, with a few breaks to ski patrol in Mammoth, earning B.S., M.S, and Ph.D. degrees in math from UC Santa Barbara, Irvine, and San Diego and focusing on engineering and computer science. After finally graduating I began working in the telecom field rather than stay in academia. Read more>>

Priscilla Gomez

My interest in the Arts has always been innate, wanting to somehow capture what I see, the characters in the clouds, a specific sheen of sparkle in the sea, the beauty and grandeur in fleeting moments. I began painting as a child and continued in high school. Read more>>

Elizabeth Washburn

Washburn Fine Art is my life’s professional arts practice that has taken me on many journeys from gallery and museum exhibitions, public and private painting commissions, to community murals working with at risk teenagers and combat veterans from the Iraq and Afghan wars. Read more>>

Josefine Jandinger

The Shout! House was founded in 2004, and we are the only dueling piano bar in San Diego. The key to our success has been providing a consistent product in a fluctuating market. People know that they will always have a good time when they come to The Shout! House. Read more>>

Denis Khorolsky

The idea of HireRush arose back in 2015 when we’ve understood that there are enough services in the US caring for people who want to hire a professional in no minute but so few are interested in providers’ needs. So we decided to make it win-win for both sides and give professional providers fair ample opportunities for their own business development even though they are on tight budget. Read more>>

Vanessa Corrales

As a new business graduate the possibilities were endless I guess and somehow I ended up being part of a team tasked to open the doors of a luxury hotel This is how my career in food and beverage started. I’ve managed catering teams, breweries, restaurants and multi unit coffee roasting companies. Read more>>

Sean Barnes

From housewares to furniture, jewelry to gifts, and luxurious bath and body products and fragrances, L&A is a lifestyle store founded on the principles of exploring the brilliant light and the sensual shadow of love, and eclectic aesthetic visions – from the tried and true, to the new and noteworthy. Read more>>

Kerry Glass

When I was 18 years old I started working at my local college bar (yes, underage.. shhhh!) as a bar back and kept moving up the ranks in the nightclub/bar industry. I was always fascinated and intrigued by the DJs that were coming in and I slowly started to make the transition into DJing. Read more>>

Jason Kuska

The pub crawl / club crawl idea came about while I was working for a hostel in Hollywood, California and organizing nights out for the hostel guests. Each weekend we would offer a “pub crawl” to take our guests out to several bars and nightclubs in one night. Read more>>

Behrooz Farahani

Bandar is a family owned restaurant since 1996. It’s often interesting learning the former careers of restaurant owners and that of Behrooz Farahani and his wife Shokooh Farahani, owners of the downtown San Diego Persian restaurant, Bandar, are no exception. Read more>>

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