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Downtown & Little Italy 04.05.2018

Shelby Owens

You can say I did a little bit of everything before finding my passion. After growing up with parents that enjoyed to throw an amazing party, I would have to say that is kind of what instilled my dream of becoming an event planner. Once I graduated I attended QC Event School and received my certificate as an International Event and Wedding Planner. Read more>>

Matthew Shapiro

While attending University of San Diego (2009-2013) for both a law degree (JD) and a masters in business (MBA), I began a clerkship at a local law firm (The Law Offices of Michael Cindrich) specializing in cannabis law. After passing the bar exam, the firm hired me on as their first full time associate attorney. Read more>>

Jessica Winne, Garrett Winne

Pony Land is a family owned and operated business in Southern San Diego county that was founded by Dan Winne and is now run by his son Garrett and wife Jessica. Garrett and Jessica are lifelong horse people who met at the ranch in 2001 when Jessica was given her first horse. Read more>>

Shadrach Vaughn

I grew up just outside of Los Angeles in West Covina, Ca, Growing up both of my parents were entrepreneurs and loved what they did for a living. I always enjoyed hearing about their days and the problems they had to solve. My Dad always told me; make sure you love what you do. Read more>>

Oscar Medina

A native San Diegan, I spent most of my childhood living in La Jolla, where I attended Stella Maris, a local parochial school and later, La Jolla High. La Jolla is undeniably beautiful, but it’s not foremost in people’s minds when they think of San Diego’s urban neighborhoods. Read more>>

Pauly De Bartolo

DBRDS was formed as a partnership between Pauly De Bartolo & Ivan Rimanic, both having relocated from Sydney, Australia in 2005. We were invited to the US by an Australian architecture & development company looking to start an international office, our role being to lead conceptual design & entitlement process for projects in several US states. Read more>>

Zulma Del Carmen Portillo

I was in born and raised in Argentina. I was raised by a single mom and I have one sister who’s younger than I. I went to school for accounting and started working for a travel agency as an accountant. Eventually, I learned more about the business and became a travel agent with them. Read more>>

Tammuz Dubnov

I was born in Jerusalem, Israel, and moved to San Diego at the age of 8. I attended the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts where I majored in dance and graduated a few years early. I’m also a member of Mensa and an award winning circus performer and dancer. Read more>>

Paul Barnett

As the “new kid” in the 8th grade I didn’t have a a lot of friends so I picked up my dad’s 35mm camera and so began my career as a photographer. Still in high school, I’d walk the streets of San Francisco taking shots of the people I saw. Read more>>

Krista Sena

I started out over 10 years ago having intimate Turquoise jewelry gatherings for my friends. They would ask me to bring back treasures from my home state of New Mexico. Many of these friends continue to purchase from us today. They are collectors, like me. Read more>>

Angela Leavitt

From 2007-2010, I worked as the head of marketing for a fast-growing startup in the B2B telecom industry — hosted VoIP / Unified Communications to be exact. And even though I had a decent budget which allowed me to outsource work to various contractors and agencies, I frequently found myself…well…wanting to pull all my hair out. Read more>>

Brandi Kirschbaum

I got started with the shop in 2015 after leaving my corporate job as a risk analyst. I’ve always had a love for Coffee and having a coffee shop was my dream so I finally took that leap of faith and opened one. I took a lot of time studying coffee and obtaining as much knowledge as I could prior to opening. Read more>>

Uyen Tran

I started working at San Diego Public library in high school and never thought I would end up working in a library full time. Why and how did I ended up becoming a librarian? I was always interested in technology so I never thought I would end up being a librarian, but then I was inspired by my manager to go to library school because at that time, libraries are starting to offer ebooks and becoming more digital. Read more>>

Chris Mahlberg

EntoBento started as a group of strangers at a Startup Weekend at the library downtown. What is a Startup Weekend? It is a competition where participants pitch business ideas, and then form teams to see who can develop and validate their concept over 48 hours. Read more>>

Cindy Greaver

Mrs. G’s began over 20 years ago at a Christmas party when I first tasted homemade jalapeno jelly. Having more time than money for gifts, I began making jalapeno and habanero jellies every year for friends and family, mostly supplied by peppers from my vegetable garden. Read more>>

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