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Downtown & Little Italy 10.19.2017

Renata Lubowiecka

Renata began her career as a hairdresser in Poland at the age of 15. The basic formal professional training took three years. After school, she started work in a small hair salon in her hometown city Gdynia. With the passing time and the acquisition of professional experiences, Renata started to work for larger and more reputable hairdressing salons. Read more>>

Nicole Martin

I actually started when I worked for lululemon in San Francisco in 2005. This was when the company was on the newer side and Cow Hollow loved its Scuba Hoodies & Groove pants and I did too. To boot, the company paid for me to go to Pilates and wear their clothes to class; brilliant marketing on their part. Read more>>

Pam Davis

I’ve been a photographer FOREVER. I started taking photos and designing albums when I was a little kid and then morphed into the volunteer PTA photographer for my son’s school, the Marching Band photographer, etc. Then about ten years ago, on the urging of friends, I took a leap and opened my own business and Savoring The Sweet Life Photography was born! (ta-DAAAA!) Read more>>

Melissa Biador

I started my photography business seven years ago. How I began my venture was photographing family, friends and then weddings. What I love most about what I do is being a part of something authentic, real and just being a part of something the people I work with to cherish forever. Read more>>

Navid Hannanvash

I began my education at the University of Michigan as an athletic trainer. Upon leaving I spent some time doing consulting with multiple professional sports before I attended the University of Southern California to obtain my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. I moved to San Diego to work at a practice for several years with a primary role in practice development. Read more>>

Sonny Zizzo

Our story started a little over 3 years ago. The vision and goal were quite simple, get back to doing great hair in a creative space. A space that was a bit of a hybrid shop combining my respect for the barbering and the love for styling. A place where everyone is welcomed, appreciated, and loved. A team that is friendly, talented, and excited about their craft. Read more>>

Freddy Macdonald

I started photography in high school, learning how to process negatives and develop prints in the darkroom. It was a creative outlet and a way for me and my friends to capture our skateboarding adventures together. Later in life I came back to photography again in digital format. Read more>>

Bill Lazar

I started Lazar’s Early Music in my home, as a side business, in 1994. I was a research molecular biologist and protein biochemist for many years. I ordered a bunch of instruments for some friends and myself from a maker in Germany. He asked me if I wanted to be a distributor for his instruments in the U.S. I said, “Sure.” Read more>>


Kirsten Jensen

When I was young, I was living in LA and my father would bring me on movie sets and I always hung out watching the makeup artist. When I got to middle school, I couldn’t I loved making movies and acting but I had stage fright. So o started working behind the scenes in my drama class doing makeup. Read more>>

McAndy Duclos

At the age of 12, McAndy “Tony” Duclos found out that his dad had a Sony camcorder. Tony would then go around making goofy videos for his family when he discovered a passion for filmmaking. Throughout high school, Tony went around campus producing monthly vlogs of what goes around campus. Read more>>

Taylor Solorzano

Since a I was a little girl, I’ve always taken an interest in hair & makeup. I was queen of the butterfly clips in elementary (I would wear like 40 clips in my hair every day to school), and I started to sneak my Grandma’s eyeliner & mascara in the fifth grade. After finishing high school, I attended Cosmetology school in Hesperia, California. It was soon after I realized my passion was make-up artistry, and immediately dove right in. Read more>>

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