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Downtown & Little Italy 11.16.2017

Andi Buescher

Well, it all started when I found myself painfully unhappy working a job in television, where I had always wanted to be. I felt stuck in the brutal monotony of the corporate world, making decent money but completely unfulfilled. To break out of the soul sucking labor, I decided to take a few classes at a community college. Read more>>

Per Larson

Movement Rx combines physical and massage therapy, human performance, and self-care education through 1-on-1 visits, workshops, and online programs. Like many innovative companies, we got our start out of frustration with the status quo. In our case, it was exasperation with the limited patient gains and utter lack of real customer service found in traditional high-volume physical therapy and chiropractic clinics. Read more>>

Ryan Hughes

After working as a Financial Advisor for Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Charles Schwab in Los Angeles, I decided that I needed to become an expert in finance to truly service my clients. I went to UCLA Anderson in Fall 2011 to complete my MBA program where I focused on quantitative finance. Read more>>

Nikki Incandela

I spent most of my life not liking photos of myself. There just wasn’t a light and beauty that I felt in my heart that was ever mirrored back in any photo. In fact, in high school, I decided to stop trying to like photos of myself and take the hardship out and declared that I needed to be ok never seeing a great photo of myself and that was to be my new expectation! Read more>>

Terryl Gavre

I was always, always in love the restaurant business – the smell of the kitchen, the clanking of the pots and pans, the sound of the silverware gently hitting the plate and the hushed voices in the dining rooms. I always wanted a restaurant. Read more>>

Jay Buys

Visceral was co-founded in 2006 in Washington DC. My business partner and I (and two future team members) met while working at a large public relations agency. Agency life is extremely demanding and while we enjoyed our colleagues, the work itself was often very unfulfilling. Read more>>

Kyle Corbett

As a child I always had a fascination with Sailboats and the fact that human could move across the entire globe by natural power. I started out by traveling and developed a love of tourism after visiting roughly 15 different countries and working/living among a few different cultures. Read more>>

Mirna Bautista

We started in July 2016, talking with my Husband the possibility to start a new catering business. At that moment was difficult to plan it, but we push our self to plan it and created. We had the help of Omar and Dallanny Medina. They give guided us with experience on this business. Read more>>

David Skelley

I had been working in the restaurant business for many years but had always wanted to own my own business like my father did. I have a background in the fine arts and found I was attracted to the shapes and colors of the mid-20th century. Read more>>

Eric Addison

In 2003, I was working for a video production company/rental house here in San Diego. I was laid off, and in trying to figure out my next move, I decided to start my own video production company. It’s something I’d wanted to do since graduating from film school, and figured this was as good a time as any. Read more>>

Dori Salois

Our site specific theatre has produced theatre projects in a variety of settings in addition to the traditional spaces in town. A few years ago we took over a 3,000 square foot building in Belmont Park and brought Antenna down from San Francisco to create Artery a walk though piece where you are the character stealing diamonds, climbing through windows and experiencing your own death scene which ran 7 days a week for three months in the summer. Read more>>

Scott McGaugh

I started volunteering in 1996 to help bring the USS Midway to San Diego to become a museum. I owned a PR agency at the time and as a San Diego native, I thought the concept of a museum/tribute to the Navy was a great idea. After all, San Diego is the birthplace naval aviation, original home of TOPGUN and today is one of the largest Navy homeports in the world. Read more>>

Vanessa Nicole

I am a master diamond setter who designs custom engagement rings for clients worldwide. I began as an apprentice to a Russian master jeweler after graduating from U. of Michigan. I started setting diamonds wholesale for jewelry stores, then transitioned to retail after my YouTube videos transformed the company. Read more>>

Eric Martinez

My ex brother in law introduced me to the business because he owned his own Home Inspection business. As soon as I got to taste the business and the industry, I immediately envisioned on how I can make it better and different from the rest. That is exactly what I set myself up to do and with perfect timing, good luck, and great mentoring I was able to accomplish just that. Read more>>

Susan Briggs

In 2010, a friend of mine had just found out her nephew had Leukemia, a type of blood cancer. So, I convinced her to train with me for a half marathon with a running club called “Team in Training” since they help raise money and awareness for Leukemia. Read more>>

Anthony Bollotta

My foray into the live events world began upon receiving a degree in Musical Theatre from Syracuse University. I simply didn’t feel ready for New York City upon graduating (where most theatre majors end up) so I moved back to Miami where I eventually began performing with a group called, wait for it… ZANADU! Read more>>

Darwin Vasay

I started my business about 1year and 1 month ago. I was working at another spa in San Diego when I decided to open up my own practice. I felt that I my talent and my time was more precious than to be stuck in a corparate company with lots of rules and unbalanced incentives. Read more>>

Jennifer Bleakley and Jesse Zmuda

Both of us are from different cities in Pennsylvania and landed separately in San Diego. Jennifer has a background in event management and I own a restaurant on the east coast. A few years ago, we were each going through transitions in our lives and met at a local floral design class. Read more>>

Michelle Aftimos

I met David Egan the previous owner of the building where Lucky Ds is located. He had won a liquor license and was going to open a bar on the ground floor and thought having a hostel above the bar would provide a more suitable clientele than his current SRO hotel guests. Read more>>

Brian Kelly

I am a one man company specializing in the creation of presentational renderings for use in event proposals for destination management companies. Based in San Diego, I whip up sketches for clients such as Hello Las Vegas (and its sister branches in Florida, Arizona, Texas and DC), 360 Destination Group nationwide, Sky Events in LA and several event producers here in San Diego. Read more>>

Ginger Carter

I am in the hospital and have been diagnosed with another Auto-Immune Disorder/Disease. The Docs diagnosed me with Leukemia, but then changed it to “other A.I”. A nurse looks at my chart, noticed that I am a Nutritionist and quietly asks me if I have heard about a nutritional product called Juice Plus. Read more>>

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