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Downtown & Little Italy 11.3.2017

Jenna Funk

I grew up on a farm just outside of Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada. I was never good in school and new that I was not university material…I somehow graduated not knowing my 6, 7 or 8 times tables and to this day truly believing that of should be spelt “uv.” Read more>>

Brent Christensen

I moved my family from California to Alpine, Utah in 2000. The novelty of cold winters sparked my curiosity. We started by making backyard snow forts, igloos and ice rinks. One winter, I experimented with spraying running water onto a wood frame to create an ice structure. Read more>>

Lisa Liken

I was introduced to lash artistry by a good friend. She thought I may have a natural talent for it and urged me to try practicing to find out if I liked it. I quickly realized that I enjoyed it and made the decision to go to school to get licensed for aesthetics all-the-while perfecting my craft. Shortly after graduating and earning my license, I opened Studio Jolie in downtown! Read more>>

Mindy Mellenbruch

I come from a family of artists. My Mom, Dad, two brothers and I, are all entrepreneurs in creative fields. I guess when you grow up watching your parents work from home, doing what they love, it’s hard to imagine it any other way. Read more>>

Lisa and Darius Miller

Uncork, Sip Back and Relax! That is the motto at Koi Zen Cellars Craft Winery. We are a hidden gem in a business park in Carmel Mountain Ranch near Rancho Bernardo. After years in high stress corporate environment and a stress related serious health scare husband and wife Darius and Lisa Miller decided to follow their passion for wine and the concept for Koi Zen Cellars was born. Read more>>

David Ptak

We started back in 2012 with the idea that the current casino rental companies were using old beat up tables and offering less than professional service and that if we could provide tables and equipment that looked just like the stuff in the casino and staff up with dealers that were professional both in their skills and their manner with clients that we could be compete. Read more>>

Fred Long

Fred’s Playland began a little over fifteen years ago. I found that I was surrounded by a lot of friends who didn’t really like to do much. I’m a person who Embraces life and wants to experience as much as possible. Read more>>

Justin Renfro

A couple years ago, I was bored and looking for a new hobby. I was living up in San Francisco working for a tech non-profit and things were going well — I was just looking to expand beyond the meeting up with friends at a bar routine. Read more>>

Jenna Bao

I have always enjoyed making art since childhood, and later received formal training with an emphasis in painting. I traveled frequently when I was young, and was fascinated with the world through bright eyes. The kaleidoscopic vision made me want to capture every bit of sublime from these encounters and nuances I couldn’t readily explain through words. Read more>>

Tim Rongley

I obtained my Bachelors of Arts and Communications from California State University- San Marcos. I had a few jobs as Marketing coordinator and client service specialist. After a few years, I became Marketing Manager at Gemaire Distributors, where I worked for almost 7 years, I then continued my career as a Marketing manager with Xerox for 3 years. Read more>>

Dr. Caroline Bui

My story is quite simple. Through 20+ years of playing soccer, I’ve broken my arm, rolled my ankles over two dozen times, fractured my femur, had two knee operations (ACL and meniscus), and acquired a few concussions along the way. Read more>>

Jessica Holbert

Philip Schutt has been sailing his whole life and had wanted to start his own sailing tour company since he arrived in San Diego in 2006. Acquiring his ideal boat was no easy task- he found Liberty on Lake Michigan in 2014 and had her hauled over the Rockies directly to a boat yard. Read more>>

Richard Ortiz

Growing up my mom would take me with her to work and put me in front of the TV. The most memorable shows were the cooking shows. My dad was a chef in Mexico before he met my mother and did most of the holiday cooking at home. It was delicious and everyone praised him for making such great food. Read more>>

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