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Downtown & Little Italy 12.20.2017

Brittany Kaszas

San Diego Made was started by us, four local creative business owners (Myself, Brittany Kaszas, Brook Dailey, Kristin Dinnis and Sarah Anderson) in 2014. We were all operating our own independent, creative businesses out of a warehouse called UNION in Barrio Logan, and we found ourselves talking in the common space one day about the lack of public visibility of and coming together by the local artist and maker community in San Diego. Read more>>

Gayleen Nichols

English Management Solutions said it best: I received a B.S. degree in Business Management and spent 14 years as a residential and commercial property owner, but with a love for all things girly and a passion to celebrate being a woman, I decided I needed a change in my career. That is when I decided to make a move to San Diego and opened a franchise store called Splash Bath & Body, offering handmade bath and body products. Read more>>

Hassan Mahmood

My business partner (Roy Ledo) and I met while working behind the bar together at La Puerta, near the corner of 4th & Market. We struck a friendship and I introduced him to a business plan I wrote while living in New Jersey, with the hopes of executing it in San Diego. Nearly two years later, that plan had come to fruition as we opened up our first venue, The Lion’s Share, in 2011. Albeit our goal was to have a great cocktail bar with good food, our Chef surpassed our expectations. Read more>>

Jacqueline Coligan

When I created BrickHouse Dance Productions two years ago, it was because I desired to have an outlet where I could express myself through dance. Monetizing my work was never a driving motivator or something I even imagined. We started off very small with just three ladies performing at local dive bars in North Park. It wasn’t long before people started to take notice and offered us paid gigs for festivals, corporate events and private parties. Read more>>

Scott Fowler

I’ve always had a desire to find a career that had meaning. After my own successful experiences with Natural Medicine, and a fair amount of soul searching, I decided to follow my passion in my mid thirties. I learned fairly quickly running my own business that it is important to find a niche that you excel in. For me that has meant integrating Acupuncture, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. This has allowed me to offer a wide variety of natural treatments which so many people are seeking these days. Another key to my success has been staying small. Read more>>

Lance Growth

I was a boxer before college and oneday a mentor of mine said to me, “If you apply to college I will pay for it.” He was frustrated to see young men with talent waste their time. I applied, got in, then pursued my education all the way to law school. After, graduating, then working in city politics (Myrtle Cole, City Council President), and finding a job working with a tax real estate firm, I decided to give back. Read more>>

Chris Martino

basileIE-CM Curatorial is a dual gallery partnership created by designer Paul Basile and artist-curator Chris Martino. Longtime friends and creative collaborators, they opened the space to showcase a top roster of national and regional contemporary artists via rotating monthly, bi-monthly and special exhibitions. Read more>>

Wolf Bielas

Our co-working space is privately owned by six passionate entrepreneurs with life-long experience in investing and real estate. We saw the opportunity to combine our strengths and come together to help local startups grow into successful and influential businesses. In 2016 we opened Downtown Works, a co-working space like no other in San Diego. We drew inspiration from some of the most extraordinary coworking spaces in San Francisco and New York, to bring something new and of the highest quality to the San Diego coworking community. Read more>>

Aaron Chang

I spent 25 years as the Senior Photographer at Surfing magazine specializing in high action water sports photography and exotic travel stories. I traveled globally to over 50 countries and worked for dozens of high profile clients and international publications. In 2008, I opening my first gallery in Solana Beach featuring ocean themed images presented in a ground breaking new presentation process of high resolution photographic prints, face mounted to acrylic. Read more>>

Surinder Singh

My family has been part of the restaurant industry for over 20 years. In junior high, I started working in a restaurant, clean tables and running food. Soon after my parents bought a restaurant “Indian Tandoor” in our neighborhood. After finishing school, I started to help them full time. Everyone knows the restaurant business is not easy and this was not an exception, my family and I worked very hard providing quality food and good service. Read more>>

Steven Picanza

The San Diego Entertainment & Arts Guild (SDEAG) was founded in 2009 as a way to bring together the artistic communities of San Diego as we quickly saw a need to try and create an arts-first organization for the next generation of artists, musicians and creatives. SDEAG was incubated through my original marketing agency, and through the years has grown to become a publisher of the San Diego Poetry Annual, KIDS! Read more>>

Jaime Nacach

Bloominari Team Holiday Party 2015Bloominari is a full service, small business marketing agency that uses a variety of online marketing strategies to enhance businesses’ online image, generate leads and make businesses bloom. We love to help growing businesses and they love our results. Located in San Diego, California, we are a leading bilingual digital marketing company in the area providing business strategy, marketing, content and design solutions for small businesses nearby and throughout the country. Read more>>

Mugsy Mahonney

I’ve always been in the entertainment industry as far as DJing at clubs, which then led to helping with club promotion. When marketing for a club or party, I always had the need for flyer/poster designs and photography work that also correlated with the making of the flyer/posters. After a while I grew tired of outsourcing these services to 3rd party companies because of the outrageous pricing and lack of satisfaction of the final products. Read more>>

Maria Disla

Pure began out pure necessity. I realized that downtown San Diego lacked a spin studio. I also started Pure because I experienced a premature health scare while working at my previous job at a start-up company in New York City. After reevaluating my life and career, and relocating to sunny San Diego, I decided to build an experience based on my philosophies that now pour into every class at Pure. Read  more>>

Mariela Torres

Founded by Mariela Torres. The name came after seeing this quote, “CHIC – creating happiness inspiring confidence” She thought “That’s the sort of movement I’d like to create.” Killem With Chic was brought to life in her hometown of San Diego after a ten year long relationship ended, quitting her corporate job as a lease manger inside Bloomingdales, and the passing of her mother. She was presented with many challenges, which ultimately inspired her to follow her dream. Read more>>

Mary Pappas

The Athens Market opened in 1932 as a small Greek market. In 1963 it was purchased by Mary’s aunt, Veneta , who converted the back portion of the market into a small eatery, serving one meal daily. In October 1974 she needed to sell the restaurant for an extended vacation to Japan to be with her son who was stationed on the Midway which now is a Museum in the Harbor of San Diego. Read more>>

Jaimee Brant

I was working as a clothing designer but always had a flare for teaching art and sewing. Whether it was in my daughter’s classroom, at UCSD to college students and adults, or at UCSD summer camp, I always really connected with my students and loved teaching them. As my daughter grew older, she’s ten now, I noticed there wasn’t a community place for her to do art. Too, there wasn’t a place in all of San Diego to learn sewing and have a open sewing space for children. Read more>>

Bill Magnuson

Founded in 1948, Architects Mosher Drew is noted for its philosophy of Humanistic Design Principles. The firm has produced lasting community landmarks including the SDSU Love Library, the Coronado Bridge, the USD Jenny Craig Pavilion, the Coronado Police Station, and the Palomar College Brubeck Theater. As the longest-standing architecture firm in San Diego, not a week passes by where you don’t see one of Architects Mosher Drew’s buildings. Read more>>

Ari and Alissa Olgun

California Language Academy was founded in July of 2010 by my wife, Alissa Olgun and myself, Ari with the mission of providing personalized, intimate, and engaging language learning services. One day, I asked Alissa what she would really want to do in her life and what she was passionate about. She replied: “I would love to open a language school with personalized lessons.” So, I said: “Ok, let’s do it!”… and that is how it all started. In the beginning classes were held out off our apartment complex’s business center. Read more>>

Morgan Brass

While I am not the owner of Downtown Works, I knew I wanted to work with co-working space while I was spending a year abroad, working with leadership teams in Thailand and street kids in India, (along with traveling to around twenty countries and living in four). I am passionate about creating and building communities, and knew I wanted to do this among business people and intellectuals in San Diego. Read more>>

Rodrigo Iglesias


It’s actually pretty funny and had a life moment so to speak. I was actually doing the 12 miles swim across Lake Tahoe five years ago and the swim takes around 5 hours to do give or take. It was amazing being up there and a lot of time to think. The water was so clear that you could see 50 feet down and there was still snow on the mountains and the water was like glass. The whole time i was thinking to myself that i was in the wrong business and wanted to go back to fitness. Read more>>

James Hickey

I moved to San Diego in the 1980’s from East Coast. Became self-employed at 28 when I bought my first 76 Gas Station at age 28. By the time I was 35, I owned 6 gas stations, 5 in San Diego and 1 in Lake Tahoe. I was in that business for 18 years. In the 2000’s, the industry changed and I started selling them off and was learning marketing along the way. After I got rid of last station in 2008, I turned to Internet Marketing. Read more>>

Isabela O’Meara

My passion for Skincare started around my teen years when I struggled with severe acne on my face. Through out my teen years and early adulthood I had to live with a skin condition that would have a major impact on my self-steem. I consulted with many doctors and estheticians but harsh products and antibiotics had irritating effects on my body. As frustrating as it was, I never gave up. I studied a lot about skin at home and kept trying different things. Read more>>

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